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    Friday, 22 July 2016

    The Future of Irrigation: Moneymaker manual pumps

    ZIMBABWE largely depends on agriculture to sustain the economy. Most of the smallholder farmers are in rural and resettlement in dry regions of Zimbabwe. In these areas, the smallholder farmers are continuously subjected to negative effects of climate change and variations, mainly in the form of prolonged droughts, suppressed and poorly distributed rainfall, resulting in them attaining low and poor quality yields. Water availability has since been reduced and this calls for farmers to find ways to lessen the effects of climate change to get high yields in the face of failing rain fed agriculture in Zimbabwe. There are many solutions towards improving agriculture and yields in Zimbabwe, including rehabilitation of our country's existing irrigation schemes and embracing alternative irrigation technologies such as manual irrigation pumps.
    We introduce to you the MoneyMaker Max Pump and the MoneyMaker Hip Pump. The MoneyMaker Max Pump is a foot-powered treadle pump. It has a high flow rate and can pump 60 litres of water per minute and irrigate up to 2 acres of land a day. The MoneyMaker Hip Pump is a lighter, lower cost pump that can pump 40 litres a minute and can irrigate 1.25 acres of land a day. A combination of MoneyMaker pumps and drip irrigation utilises the little water we have whilst still maintaining a successful business.
    For horticulturalists, homeowners, livestock growers, and builders using labour intensive means to get water to their projects, the use of MoneyMaker pumps will lessen this burden. One can irrigate with the pumps alone, thus a good technology for women who do most of domestic work in rural areas.
    MoneyMaker manual irrigation pumps are designed to draw water from various water sources such as shallow wells, streams, rivers, canals and dams. These environmentally friendly pumps have many uses which include:
    Watering seed beds
    Irrigating crops easily and quickly
    Watering vegetable gardens year round
    Supplementary irrigation
    Household and livestock water needs
    Filling up tanks
    Building projects

    MoneyMaker manual irrigation pumps are portable, efficient, strong, durable and easy to operate, and are extremely cost-effective. With many benefits, these pumps contribute significantly to sustainable development to alleviate poverty and generate wealth thereby uplifting the livelihoods of the poor rural masses. Other benefits of using these manual irrigation pumps are:
    No electricity is needed to operate them
    No petrol, diesel or oil needed
    Easy to set-up, use and maintain with no tools
    Long lasting with durable steel construction
    Can power up to 5 sprinklers
    Comes with pipes & spare parts

    A MoneyMaker manual irrigation pump is an investment into the future of your family or businesses that will see your income grow. Use a MoneyMaker pump today to improve your family's livelihood.agriculture news
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