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    Saturday, 9 July 2016

    Prophet Makomichi goes to court


    - Self styled Prophet Isaac Makomichi and his compatriot Antony Yobe who allegedly ran away from a home in Chirumanzi where they were accused of planting a goblin are claiming that they were attacked by the family and they have gone to court to claim damages.
    Although Makomichi is the one who was driving the Nissan X-trail they used on the day, it is Makomichi's compatriot Yobe who is claiming the damages.
    Makomichi is now a witness in the case.
    Makomichi is a prophet whose popularity was growing phenomenally in Masvingo with claims that he was raising the dead and on one occasion there was a gust of wind and he rose to heaven while his compatriots watched.
    He placed a lot of adverts in The Mirror claiming the miracles.
    According to a Police document in the hands of The Mirror, Yobe is claiming that Trust Chembezi, the father of the child that the prophet had gone to exorcise in Chirumanzi damaged the windscreen of the Nissan X-trail that was being driven by Makomichi.
    He claims that the vehicle which he says is his was damaged using stones and the damage is also on the left rear light and rear left door.
    In a second charge, Yobe claims that Chembezi struck him with a stone once in the back.
    The incident happened at Muzembi Village in Chirumanzu where Makomichi had gone to perform his work.
    However, both Makomichi and Yobe failed to attend the first day of the court that was scheduled for last week although the accused brought his witnesses.
    The matter arose after Chembezi allegedly paid $450 to Makomichi to exorcise his rural home after his child had fallen ill.
    The two went together to Chembezi's place but differences arose after Makomichi allegedly tried to plant a goblin in one of the rooms where rituals were being performed.
    Chembezi demanded that Makomichi surrender the 'fake' goblin but Makomichi wanted to run away with it allegedly leading to a chase that saw Chembezi grabbing the goblin from Makomichi.
    Allegations are that Makomichi drove away at high speed and into the night resulting in him getting lost in the fields.
    Makomichi confirmed the incident in an interview with The Mirror.
    It is understood that Chembezi is planning to claim a counter lawsuit where he is demanding his $450 back
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