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    Thursday, 14 July 2016

    Overwhelming numbers heed stay away call

    As workers flex muscle...

    6 arrested in Masvingo, bus stoned in Checheche


    SOUTHERN REGION – The call for workers to stay away from work by various organisations has received overwhelming response in Masvingo and all towns in the southern part of the country, according to a survey carried out by Mirror reporters.
    Business came to a standstill in all cities and towns on Wednesday with schools, courts and hospitals either completely shut down or civil servants milling around at the workplaces for the purposes of attendance audits.
    Except for Checheche where a Harare-bound bus is said to have been stoned, the situation was peaceful throughout.
    Masvingo CBD was virtually shut down and empty with only three supermarkets open. These supermarkets were later closed before their normal time and all banks except two were closed.
    There was a total absence of commuter buses on the roads to the extent that even those who wanted to get to work eventually gave up.
    Almost all schools in Mucheke, which is Masvingo's biggest and oldest suburb were closed with just the head and a few members of staff milling around. All shops in Muchecke were shut while half the shops in Rujeko were open.
    Some schools were completely closed with no one in sight.
    In Rujeko all schools were open while in Rhodhene and Eastvale all schools except one were closed.
    Masvingo Magistrates Court was virtually empty and there were no trials going on in all the courtrooms at the time that The Mirror visited.
    In Chiredzi all shops at the rank were closed and there were serious problems with transport to other cities particularly Harare as most buses did not travel.
    Ngundu Business Centre was completely shut down.
    In Chivhu there was low activity at the Chivhu General Hospital in the morning, almost all primary schools had sent children back home while some secondary schools were closed while others were open.
    About 50 percent of shops in Chivhu were closed.
    In Gweru at least three-quarters of the shops were closed while all schools were open, transport was low but was increasing towards the end of the day on Wednesday.
    In Zvishavane, all shops except three supermarkets in the CBD were closed while kombis were off the roads completely. Some schools were closed while others were open but for those that were open, the teachers were not in classes.
    A lawyer for the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, Collins Maboke confirmed that there were six people who were arrested in Mucheke and charged for public violence although the cause of their arrests was that they were taking pictures.
    The arrested six are Kwangwari, John Gondo, Amos Ndinetsa, Godwin Masiya, Frank Makweza and Last Mugabazi and they were likely to spend a night in the cells before their bail applications were to be heard  the next day.Top story News
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