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    Saturday, 9 July 2016

    MP Mhere builds schools in Masvingo Central


    – The Member of Parliament for Masvingo Central, Edmond Mhere has embarked on a programme where he is helping with construction of buildings at disadvantaged schools in his constituency and has been renovating others.
    He is building two clinics in the area and is paying fees for orphans.
    He took The Mirror on a tour of the projects last week where members of the community expressed gratitude at the support that they are receiving from the Member of Parliament.
    Zhou Primary School which is in Chief Mapanzure in Mushawasha Resettlement Area in Ward 20 had all classroom blocks built from pole and dagga. The teachers' houses are also in the same predicament and some of the teachers are staying in the neighbouring community.
    Zhou has 300 pupils and five teachers.
    Having realised the pathetic situation that both students and teachers found themselves in, Mhere donated building material including for the roof and the community came together and moulded brings and Zhou is now a stark difference of itself with a modern block now dominating the skyline.
    Mhere said he is already in the process of building a second block at the school and the foundation has been dug out.
    The Mirror realised that even after the improvements made by Mhere still more needs to be done as ECD pupils are all learning in pole and grass huts and these pupils don't come to school when it's cold.
    Mhere has also opened a new secondary school called Chevanhu and this is after realising the plight of students from Chief Shumba's area in Ward 18 who walked 12 km to the nearest school.
    He again donated building material to the school and members of the community came together to mould bricks and provide labour and this saw the successful construction and completion of another modern block.
    Chevanhu Secondary School which is still to be registered and has 6 teachers and 61 students.
    This school is still to be registered by the Ministry as the requirement is that a school can only be registered when it has at least two blocks. The students from Chevanhu are sitting for their examinations at other schools since their school has no external examinations centre.
    Chevanhu also does not have water since there is no borehole. Pupils are bringing five litres of water to school every day.
    Chevanhu Secondary School head, Kudzayai Tarisai said the contribution made by the MP had made dramatic improvement to the welfare of both teachers and pupils at the school.
    "We want to thank our honourable MP for the donation. His contribution has seen a dramatic improvement in our conditions in the school.
    "In this cold winter, pupils are attending lessons outside and under trees. The classroom that he has built has dramatically alleviated our situation," said Tarisai.
    He also said the school's five teachers were staying in one house that has four bedrooms and a kitchen.
    "In addition; there is also an accommodation problem at the school. All the school's five teachers are currently living in one F14 house. Among the staff there are four graduates who are sacrificing their comfort for the community and the country's investment in children," said Tarisai.
    Mhere has also extended his hand and constructed toilets at Chevanhu Secondary School in Ward 18 under Chief Shumba and Zhou Primary School in Ward 20 under Chief Mapanzure.
    In ward 17 at Mapakomhere Secondary School, Mhere also donated roofing material for an 'A' Level block to the tune of R10 000, painting of 'A' Level block. He also paid exam fees and school fees for orphans Courage Nyoka, Ruth Moyo and then scholarships for them to go to the Midlands State University.
    The process to build two clinics, one in Ward 20 and another in ward 18 has started with the community having already moulded the bricks.
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