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    Friday, 22 July 2016

    Koala Park opens abattoir in Chiredzi


    – The director of Veterinary Services in the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr Josphat Nyika has officially opened an $800 000 abattoir built by Koala Park in Chiredzi.
    The abattoir which is located at Chiredzi industrial site and has capacity to handle 18 600 cattle per year was built and completed in June 2015.
    Koala Park director, William Swan told The Mirror that he was pushed into constructing the abattoir in Chiredzi because the district has one of the largest herds of cattle in the country.
    Slaughtered beasts are sold to Harare, Bulawayo and other local markets.
    He said the abattoir and the feedlots employ over 100 workers and more than 18 600 cattle were slaughtered during the course of last year.
    Speaking at the official opening Dr Nyika said the construction of the abattoir had helped Government in many different ways. He said it helped bring development to rural establishments as well as complement Government efforts in the control of animal diseases which are spread through movement of live cattle since cattle will be marketed, fed and slaughtered in the areas of origins.
    He also said the abattoir had also created jobs since many locals were employed by the new venture.
    "Projects like this do complement government in many ways, it`s a good ZimAsset vehicle in bringing rural development to the communities surrounding such establishments. It complements Government efforts in controlling animal diseases and pests specifically foot and mouth disease which is spread by movement of live cattle. In projects of this nature, cattle are marketed, fed and slaughtered in the areas of origins so there will be no need for physical movement of cattle from one area to the other which is the normal mode of transmission of diseases.
    "So such establishments would ensure that only safe products are marketed across the country, across the borders or even internationally. That is the significance of such projects. Rural development in-terms of job creation and payment of levies which will be paid to local authorities rather than taking them to towns," said Dr Nyika.
    Swan however, said despite the current shortage of cash to pay farmers the business is sustainable at the moment since load shading has reduced and availability of raw materials which they use to make their own stock feed.
    "We are quite grateful to cattle farmers and all other stakeholders for their support towards our investment which we created with the aim of increasing competition as well as fulfilling the desires of ZimAsset. The only challenge we are facing at the moment is cash to pay cattle producers but the business is a bit sustainable at the moment since electricity is available, raw materials which we use to make our own stock feed is also available as well as good quality cattle which local farmers are bringing to our abattoir. This abattoir was built in three months and have since slaughtered 18 600 cattle in the year which shows sustainability achieved through great support from all stakeholders in the district" said Swan.
    The construction of an abattoir in Chiredzi has helped Government in the control of the spread of foot and mouth disease as well as the creation of employment.
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