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    Friday, 22 July 2016

    Chivhu vendors sue each other over right to sell Mirror


    ‑ That The Mirror is the best selling paper in the region is not in doubt.
    However, that vendors can drag each other to court over rights to exclusively sell the paper speaks volumes about the newspaper's content, popularity and central place in the market.
     Two Chivhu vendors Lazarus Muzira and Rosemary Muzambi who are selling The Mirror have clashed over the right to exclusively sell The Mirror and have been having verbal and sometimes physical exchanges over  selling points.
    Efforts by Mirror management to settle the matter in the interest of both parties failed as one of the vendors insisted on sole agency of the paper.
    Police intervened on a numerous occasions to make peace between the two vendors.
    "I fend for my family from this paper and I want to be left in peace and as the sole agent of the paper," said one of the vendors.
    The 'war' has been so ugly that sometimes the vendors would go and tear Mirror banners from each other's stand or snatch away a whole bunch of the papers in a bid to frustrate each other to quit.
    What is revealing is that both vendors sell other national titles but they have no acrimony over them.
    Mirror Chivhu bureau chief Ellen Mlambo said the company is still trying to resolve the matter but one of the vendors has gone to court to seek a peace order and the right to be the sole agent.
    She said the matter was going to be heard at Chivhu Magistrate court this Friday.
    "One of the vendors rushed to court but I am sure we will still find an amicable solution," said Mlambo.
    The Mirror is selling out in Chivhu and the circulation department has been forced to increase the number of copies almost every week for some time now because the newspaper is selling out within a day.
    The Mirror has also seen similar phenomenal sales in Chiredzi, Gutu and suburbs of Masvingo like Rhodhene, Eastvale and Mucheke where copies are running out in a day.
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