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    Saturday, 30 July 2016

    Chief Serima forced to return 5 cattle he impounded


    – Governance issues surrounding traditional leadership came to the fore once again when Chief Serima, born Vengai Rushwaya, was forced to return five herds of cattle he impounded from a man staying in Matizha Village.
    Clemence Mhazo confirmed to The Mirror that the Chief's aides impounded five herds of cattle from his homestead over a case involving his worker, Zivanai Mandizvidza.
    Mandizvidza was dragged to court by Kenny Chiriga who demanded lobola for his daughter Tendai Chiriga who had since separated from Mandizvidza in 2014.
    Chief Serima granted lobola of five cattle and then sent seven aides including his brother Onai Rushwaya, Manyatwa, Chareva Gondo and Noel Mukonza who allegedly threatened violence as they collected the cattle.
    The aides drove away the cattle from the employer's homestead despite being told that the cattle did not belong to the accused. They then handed over all the cattle to the complainant, Chiriga who stays in the same village.
    Persistent efforts by Mhazo who works in Bulawayo to engage Chief Serima and Chiriga over the cattle were fruitless as the Chief allegedly said he had nothing to do with the matter although he was the one who sent his aides. Chiriga in turn argued that the cattle were handed over to him by the chief's aide.
    Mhazo then had to report the case to Gutu Magistrate case for the return of the cattle.
    It was when Chiriga and the Chief got wind of the fact that the matter was now with the courts that they returned all the five cattle.
    "I did not understand why the Chief impounded my cattle when I am not even the accused in the case. The accused is my worker. I suffered a lot of inconvenience and emotional stress over that case.
    "What made it worse is that the chief did not reverse his action even after being told that the cattle had nothing to do with the accused," said Mhazo.
    Chief Serima could not be reached for comment and neither was Chiriga up to the time of going to Press.
    Sources told The Mirror that villagers were fade up with Chief Serima's rule which has seen people getting unfair judgments and other rulings meant to squeeze money from the villagers.local news

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