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    Sunday, 17 July 2016

    Chief Charumbira ‘banned’ in Nemanwa

    Masvingo Rural DA accused of siding with Charumbira


    - Nemamwa chieftainship committee, a group of people selected to choose the next substantive Chief Nemanwa has banned Chiefs' Council president, Chief Fortune Charumbira from attending its meetings.
    In a terse but sharp letter to Masvingo Rural district administrator Makepeace  Muzenda, the Nemamwa Chieftainship Committee said Charumbira was interfering in the internal matters of the clan and they would not tolerate him.
    One of the committee members Bothwell Mushayi accused Charumbira of trying to destroy their chieftainship as he has a tendency of refusing the leader of their choice and installing his bootlickers.
    The committee, in its letter to the DA dated June 19, 2016, also accuses the DA siding with Charumbira.
    The letter signed by 21 members of the committee accuses Muzenda of refusing to appoint a transitional headman (Sarapavana) recommended by the Committee after the death of the last substantive headman because Muzenda wanted Charumbira to handpick a person of his own choice.
    "Your letter of invitation to the selection meeting of substantive Headman Nemamwa on July 3, 2016 at Chirichoga Secondary School has been taken into consideration by this committee.
    "When our headman passed on, we selected Paul Mavhima for the Sarapavana which you rejected to approve and personally told this committee that you are not the choice of Chief Charumbira,
     "When you are coming to the selection meeting please we do not accept the presence of Chief Charumbira in totality for that deliberation. Please we advise your office to come by itself for the sake of progress," reads the letter.
     "I think we have showed through  tangible documents that we are not under Chief Charumbira but if is because of the Traditional  Leadership Act that you say we are under his chieftainship, then this statutory instrument does not apply to Nemamwa chieftainship and Charumbira because we are different and mega (sic) to his chiefdom," reads the letter.
    "The DA and Chief Charumbira refused to recognise a leader of our choice and they installed their bootlickers.  In 2012 we had chosen Muchekechi Kwashiri to be our headman, instead Chief Charumbira chose Pasi Masoreka but he passed away,
    "We  then chose Paul Mavhima for the Sarapavana, but  we know that Charumbira wants Wilson Vengesa to be the substantive headman Nemamwa," said Mushayi. 
    Nemamwa chieftainship has four houses that are eligible for the headman position and these are Chirichoga, Zangariko, Masango and Haruvoni.
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