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    Friday, 22 July 2016

    Businessman forces wife to resign after discovering affair with another teacher

    HOTH had a hectic one in the last two weeks! The absence is therefore explained.
    Ko did you hear, Mai Bees resigned? Oh yes VaMancube resigned this Tuesday at exactly 1230pm. She tendered her resignation before Zaka Rinopisa High School head as her hubby pointed a gun at her!
    I once told you Mwenewazvo not to become another Chinjekure, look at the shame that you have brought to the whole mukanya clan! Leave that trait to Vana Chihera and their so called clients. Kkkkkkkk!
    Heee usandibvunza ndezvekubasa, heeee mamessage evamwe vatinosevenza navo, hee he is just a male teacher in the same department, Mwenewazvo usadaro.
    So there is this businessman at Njerere Growth Point or is it Njere Hapana Growth Point, Ooops Hoth slips! Actually this businessman is into selling meat, gochi-gochi baba! He is a butcherman.
    Call the man Koda. Asi Koda?
    Didn't I warn you that you were overambitious? Why should a butcherman marry a teacher with a four year-degree newe zvako unoswera wakazara ropa. Shoko dzangu mbereka!
    KUDA zvinhu!
    Koda married this teacher at Zaka Rinopisa High School. Ehezve Mai Bees. Koda runs a family butchery, oh yes this SMART Butchery. Varozvi vakapera nenda.
    The wife is Hoth's sister; oh yes on account of the same clan? Makadiiko Mwenewazvo and by the way did you know that one First Lady is also Hoth's sister, she is a Mwenewazvo. Iyeyezve wekutaurisa uyu!
    Last week Koda decided to fiddle around with his wife's cellphone. Chisi chako usabata, chipani chemumwe hachina ndima kkkkkkk!
    He fell on his back! 20 long messages of intimacy and French kisses kkkkkk! Hokoyo ne Stay Away!
    He summoned his wife to confess but nothing would come out. After some claps and punches the wife said the Babamunini Francis stayed in Masvingo. They made their way there but passed through Zaka Rinopisa High to tell the head that there was a storm in the family.
    Oh yes a big storm! And the wife would be away for a day or more!
    But as they did so, the culprit who is also a teacher at Zaka Rinopisa so the two together and got worried, very worried actually. He then sent a message to the lover's cellphone and said, "asi chabvondoka zvamuri mese?"
    He made one mistake. He did not know who held the phone! Koda had the phone!
    Pakaita chapwititi!
    You mean you don't know this economics teacher called Happyless! He realised his mistake there and there and he sneaked out of the school yard pronto! He vanished into thin air.
    Ko moti inhema here?
    He has not been seen in the school again. Ko endayika munoona paZaka Rinopisa High kuti hapana Economics teacher asipo here.
    Yakadiiko Svina nhai Happyless?
    And as he did so Mai Bees also sneaked, kkkkkk, pesverere necorner yetoilet, nyengu mumaGum ari paseri pechikoro, godi muna Chiredzi Highway, ngori mulift hezvoo Bindura kuna Sisi.
    Koda was left clutching straws and on Monday he got wind that the wife was in Bindura. He brought her back but because he loves him even more....ehezve zvekubvutidzana zvinonaka, he took her back to Zano Rinopisa School and ordered her to resign.
    Ke-ke-ke the resignation letter and forms filled and signed.
    She did resign but ummmmm that is what we call resigning under duress. Be careful Koda there is a technicality against you there. She has resigned and she is home now!
    But the juicy part is that things were happening everywhere; in the classrooms and staff room. The pupils were just sent to go and water the garden and Kkkkkkk ngoma ngairire vakomana! Yotorira! The drum beating was as hard as possible. Wegona chitova!
    Happless has disappeared for good!
    Is Officer Chademana still there in Gweru? Kkkkk kunoTafadzwa nenyaya. Do you still remember the time of Murambatsvina? We cant say we were Happy More about that era Kwaaa!

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