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    Monday, 11 July 2016

    Another Mkoba pupil kidnapped, tortured


    – A 14-year-old form two pupil was allegedly kidnapped last Friday, bundled into a Noah vehicle and driven to Gwenhoro Dam where he was tortured by being made to touch live wires at a Zesa substation.
    The mother of the boy who says she is a teacher confirmed the story to The Mirror.
    The pupil is now admitted at Gweru General Hospital according to the mother. It is barely two weeks after Blessed Maringwe (4) of Mkoba went missing and a body suspected to be his was found last week.
    Police spokesperson, Ethel Mukwende said that she did not have details of the case when contacted for comment on Wednesday afternoon.
    The mother said she sent her son to withdraw money from CBZ with his brother.
    "My son was kidnapped on Friday morning after l had sent him and his brother to withdraw my pay at CBZ.
    "He says he was fiddling on his phone when two men suddenly pushed him into a Noah, blindfolded him and took off. He is not sure how they drove to Gwenhoro Dam but they stopped at a ZESA power Station when they opened his face and showed him three private parts, bottles with blood and told him to co-operate or else his manhood would be cut off," said the mother
    She also said that after showing him the private parts they ordered him to touch live wires on the Zesa transformers.
    "They ordered him to touch the transformer, he did as he was ordered and electrocuted but he was luck because power tripped off and the kidnappers fled fearing that Zesa engineers would come to check. He says he is not sure of what really took place after he was electrocuted but a man took him to the main road," said the mother.
    All this time l was trying to call his number and it was switched off l even went to Police to report him as a missing person but they said you can only report after 48 hours despite the fact that I was reporting about a minor.
    "At around 3pm someone called my number saying your son has been electrocuted at Gwenhoro but was alive.
    "I rushed back to the Police and the officers communicated with the person but they said they had no fuel to attend to the scene.
    "l looked for money and the officers called for a car and I suspect it belonged to one of them. l paid them but on our way the person called me again and said that we should not come to the scene since my son had been taken by a Zesa vehicle to hospital," said the mother.
    She also said that the officers insisted going to the scene despite the fact that his son was no longer there.
    On arrival at the scene they made a u-turn back to town and to Central where the officers told the mother to go and look for her son.
    "I was so shocked when we arrived at Central and the officers told me to go and look for my son despite the fact that I had paid for the car plus l was in shock without money. So l pleaded with them until they helped me locate him. When we located my son l was with the officers but they never asked for a statement or anything to try and find the kidnappers," said the mother
    She said the officer had not come back since Friday. They only came to the hospital on Monday, she alleged.
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