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    Friday, 22 July 2016

    130 drivers pass through Junior Driving School every month

    • Only school that offers Class 1 driving lessons


    Junior Driving School which is arguably the biggest in Masvingo has 130 drivers passing through its ranks to get drivers' licenses every month.
    "Every month about 130 drivers get their licenses at the VID through our school, be it Class 1, 2 or 4 because of our large fleet of cars and competitiveness in the business," said the soft spoken owner of Junior Driving School, Noah Marima in a wide ranging interview with The Mirror.
    Considering that the school started with only one car in 2013 and only offering Class 4 drivers' lessons it is quite a remarkable achievement by the three year old company where Lovemore Chisema, the Gutu District administrator was the first person to acquire a driving license through Junior.
    "When we started clients were very sceptical to register with us because they doubted the competence and patience of our instructors as you know people by nature view new things with suspicion, but with time things started working out," added Marima.
    In 2014 the school added more vehicles and started offering lessons for class 2 drivers as well.
    Junior Driving School also offers oral lessons to those who intend to get provisional drivers' licenses.
    The driving school has not been spurred the economic crisis prevailing in the country as it has gone to introduce payment plans for its loyal customers for their employees and union members to acquire licenses.
    "As compared to 2014 and 2015, this year has been very difficult because business is very low hence the introduction of payment plans to our loyal clients like ZEWU," said Marima.
    Meanwhile, the driving school has purchased a state of the art Yutong bus and is now offering Class 1 lessons to its clients.
    "After having been inundated with customers for Class 1 driver's license we decided to buy a bus from China with the assistance of a local bank and we are the only company in the province offering this facility, we will cover all other neighbouring provinces without Class 1 vehicles," said the proprietor.
    Ironically Marima was the first person to get a Class 1 driver's license with the new bus.
    More than half of the school's instructors are holders of Class 1 licenses as a result there will be no vacuum in terms of trainers for the new bus.
    "Our instructors are highly trained and this is exhibited by the results we produce from our school, we also intend to offer refresher courses to all those who passed through our school for free as a way of reducing carnage on the roads and giving back to the society," he said.
    Marima also told The Mirror that he ventured into driving school business because he had realised the recklessness on the roads as a result he felt he could fill in the gap by offering quality training to drivers to be competent on the roads.
    For one to acquire a Class 1 license one should be 25 years old and having a Class 4 or 2 license for at least five years, a medical certificate and valid defensive driving certificate.
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