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    Saturday, 25 June 2016

    Undertaker infects sex worker with STI

    YOU read it for yourself in the papers this week, life insurance business posted big profits in the last reporting period, while others are crying others will be smiling all the way to the bank, so is life and life assurance.
    Hakuna muti unoera sanhu kuna HOTH even in the mortuary you find him there, ehe muzvitunha anenge arimo pamunoshereketa naana shereketo
    Nomatter what.
    NemuMawere HOTH anotevera even if it is next to the remand Prison haatye anenge aripo zvokwadi zve naMai Dhefidhefi kudai.
    Even if you beat her lights out in front of all the whores at Ritz Night Club he will be there and the truth will outer, surezve chero kuMawere tosvitsana.
    I am sure you know the person I am talking about.
    This guy who is into burying our loved ones (MTSRIP) at this funeral assurance company that was the First to be established, hamenoo who is in the habit of taking whores to the mortuary and play hide the sausage game and in the process when he is climaxing he removes the plastic sheathe pretending it burst and goes mupostori knowing very well that he has Gonorrhoea.
    But Nommatter what this big whore would have none of it although she was paid a cool $20 for a quickie she later discovered that she contracted STI and she had to fork out part of the 20 bucks for guchu and 7 injections from the backyard clinic as a result remaining with nothing from her services.
    This infuriated the bulk lady of the night and she has now barred our Mr Undertaker from the First one to hire any woman of loose morals as long as she is around as she demands that she needs more money for treatment so either her or none.
    Fortunately enough our undertaker is a boxer and mai nhiya vangu was butchered on Wednesday in the wee hours causing the closure of the club earlier than usual time.
    Ayewa bamboo vangu Mudhlazhezha mai vakatakwa zvesure kudhakwa kukapera vachikunguruka kubva muclub semunhu ari paMawere. Asi muface usadaro, you infect her with Gonorrhoea wapedza womuchaya futi, baba vangu Dube iwee, double tragedy chaiyo.
    But HOTH has it on good authority that a docket has been opened for you uchenjere kuenda kuMawere.
    Ladies of the night are a brave lot, how can you have it in the mortuary, zvitunha zvakakutarisa iwe waka … iii amana have respect for other people's loved ones amana.
    Nommatter what even if you are Deaf muzvitunha bodo tsvo ndaramba nechando ichi unopona here?
    Kovarisei cde detective.
    Before I go let me tell you that HOTH has spread his tentacles to include Beitbrdge, Gweru, Shurugwi, Mberengwa, Chivhu and
    Mvuma, tichashanya manjeso kumaVhenda uko don't worry vachadzikama havo tavuyako.
    Till next week makuhwa ngaatsve.gossip

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