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    Sunday, 5 June 2016

    Government clarifies delay in the appointment of Chief Neromwe


    CHIREDZI – The appointment of the resuscitated Neromwe chieftainship has been delayed because of procedure irregularities.
    Masvingo Provincial Administrator Felix Chikovo said there was no change of heart in the installation of the chief as many people in the public were beginning to think. He said there was just a delay in the installation because of some imperfections in the procedure.
    He said according to the new constitution members of chiefs` council should be included when making consultations on who should be appointed substantive chief and added that lack of resources is delaying that process which should however, be taken soon.
    Chikovo also said the creation of a new Ministry, the Rural Development, Preservation and Promotion of Culture and Heritage which now oversees chieftainships will not affect the Neromwe issue since the staff who oversees its creation are still in the ministry.
    "There was a commission which recommended and the ministry approved the creation of Neromwe chieftainship in Chiredzi District. Two Ccnsultations were held by Chiredzi District Administrator Clara Muzenda to choose a candidate but we later realised that the current constitutional provisions were not put into consideration during those meetings in which members of chiefs` council were supposed to be included.
    "We have since been given the members by the chiefs` council and we now await resources to continue with the process," said Chikovo.
    Commenting on Chiredzi chiefs who challenge the creation of Neromwe chieftainship, Chikovo said it is normal to have challenges in all situations but proper procedure was followed in which all stakeholders were consulted and involved in the process.
    He said all neighbouring chiefs were shown their boundaries with the new chiefdom.
    Even without the Government delay there is also another hitch where the Romwes' are not agreed on who of the two families that are entitled to the throne, the Kurera and Zihuyo should take on the chieftainship first.
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