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    Sunday, 5 June 2016



    Unity, understanding seemed to be among them
    Everything was done willful with a passion
    Hopes of crossing over to the greener pastures
    Smiles that denoted a family.
    He never knew what had changed behind the scenes
    They were filled with jealous for his excellence
    Truly they joined a Masochism sect
    Hypocrisy made up almost half of their villainous minds
    At the highest level of the climax, betrayal moved in shadows.
    He only knew he was once high when he was feeling low
    Trust shattered like a glass smashed on the ground
    Staring at an empty ceiling waiting for the arrival of Armageddon
    Life became sour
    The only thought that troubled him was to halt all his life activities
    Friends, brothers deft the dire of his entire career.
    His soul began to feel weary, feeble of commitment
    A chum`s betrayal was excruciating also disheartening
    Living an industrious life full of commitment having a tenacious of arrival
    The train still seemed to be in rail though waves were present
    He became frantic of what could happen next.
    At the last second, betrayal clouted with a heavy fist
    The strike could not be clogged, it penetrated in a deft
    The train was out of rail, the other half continued
    A moment of turpitude of the treason was unbearable
    He was left in turmoil, higgledy-piggledy state
    He was betrayed by his own, the ones he trusted most
    Time and tide wait for no man, it was lost forever
    His career, passion for Science collapsed like the walls of Jericho.

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