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    Friday, 20 May 2016

    War vets ban ‘Pamberi naGrace’ slogan


    War veterans from Chiredzi are holding meetings around the district where they are telling party supporters to stop chanting the Pamberi na Grace Mugabe slogan that has become the norm at Zanu PF rallies.
    The veterans of the liberation struggle have been holding feedback meetings in which they are giving feedback to party members on the outcome of their recent meeting with President Mugabe.
    At a meeting held at Mutirikwi School in Triangle on Saturday last week, the war veterans said one of the agreements which they entered into with Mugabe is that the Pamberi naGrace Mugabe slogan which has been chanted at party rallies since the First Lady stormed into politics at the Party Congress in 2014 should go as it is the tradition of Zanu PF to chant the name of the party leader in their slogans only.
    However, the war veterans clashed with Chiredzi West MP Darlington Chiwa at the meeting who argued that the former members of the military force of the party had no right to teach supporters about slogans since the slogans came and were approved by the party's Central Committee.
    Robin Hove, an executive member of the Zimbabwe Liberation War Veterans Association (Chiredzi District) said war veterans were there to teach people the direction of the party as they were the custodians of it. He said it was not allowed to chant slogans for individuals other than the president and people should not say "Pamberi naAmai Mugabe" but "Pamberi neWomen`s League" or the party as other slogans will be aligned to factions.
    "Since the formation of the party or even during the time of the war, we never chanted slogans in favour of other people other than the president. Many people are lost and it is within our mandate to teach them. Amai Mugabe is a leader of women, he does not deserve a slogan and we are using feedback meetings to tell people what we discussed when we met the President and that was one of our resolutions which is to address the issue of slogans," said Hove.
    Chiwa interjected and said he did not want to see people from his constituency being abused by people fighting factional wars. He told the meeting that there was nothing wrong with saying "Pamberi naAmai Mugabe since she is the wife of the president and secretary of women`s league".
    "I get concerned when I see people aligned to factions wanting to abuse people from my constituency. Cde Killer Makuni and others told supporters that they should not chant "Pamberi naAmai Mugabe" slogan since she is nothing in Zanu PF and I said why. There is nothing wrong with chanting Amai's name because she is the wife of the President, the head of the women's league and the our mother," said Chiwa.Top story

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