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    Wednesday, 25 May 2016


    From Nyagari in Chirumanzi district Midlands Province to any school in Masvingo district specialises in ECD the school is near Mvuma town just 10km along Gweru road with taped water; 0772782651.
    From Mberengwa East teaching Shona and Geography, school with electricity,water and good transport system to any school in Seke, Marondera, Wedza, Kadoma or Chegutu; 0778083983.
    From Batanayi Primary school to any school in Chivi, Mberengw and Zvishavane; 0776453826; 0713315566.
    From Magudu Secondary, Masvingo district, electrified, tapped water and good road network to any school in Chivi South or Central; 0776932857; 0772029401.
    From Sinami Primary 30km along Zvishavane Gweru road to any school in Shurugwi, Gweru or Masvingo; 0775127216.
    From Kuwadzana 7 Primary in Harare to any school in Masvingo Province preferably Chivi and Msvingo urban; 0774299561.
    From Kyle Primary in Triangle to any school with good facilities in Masvingo urban; 0718728413.
    From Mandhloro Primary in Zaka 6km from Nyika road to any school in Zaka North, Chivi North or Masvingo district;0775499609.
    From Nyahombe Primary in Chivi South to any school in Masvingo district at the following schools ; Gozho; Shumbayaonda; Musingarambwi; Chibaya; Mukonde; Gunikuni or Mukonde; 0775045836.
    From Magudu Secondary, Masvingo district, electrified, tapped water and good road network to any school in Chivi South or Central, 0776932857; 0775029401.
    From Gwariro Primary in Bikita to any primary school in Masvingo or Gutu district; 0774056431.
    From Harava Primary, Zaka North, 50m from Mutonhori High, tapped water, solar and T road junction to any school in Masvingo district; 0715958030; 0776454605.
    From Raffingora to any school in Magunje; 0773605471.
    From Batanayi Primar
    From Harava primary, Zaka North 50m from Mutonhori High with tapped water, solar, zesa to any school in Masvingo district, 0715958030, 0776454605.
    From Tshankwa Primary 14km from Plumtree teaching special class with good accommodation, zesa, transport and tapped water to any school; 0772851106.
    From from Filabusi teaching Religious Education to any school in Masvingo Province; 0773895484; 0712594838.
    From Magunje in Mashonaland West Province to any school in Manicaland; 0771239677.
    From Madenyika Secondary in Mberengwa teaching English and Geography up to O Level with water, zesa, close to shops, has WiFi to any school along Zvishavane /Gweru/ Masvingo roads; 0712687541.
    From Karoi peri urban to any school in Chiredzi; 0782724535; 0773947687.
    From Chinyanganya School in Zimuto area about 40km from town to any school in Morgenster area, Bondolfi area, Mashava area or any school within the district in the same radius; 0774538259.
    From Masvingo Province Gutu South district to any place in the Midlands Province, a good Roman Catholic school, zesa teaching Maths and Science; 0713882802; 0712695774.
    From Vinga Primary school with zesa in Mwenezi to any school in Zaka, Bikita, Gutu, Chivi, Masvingo and Chiredzi; 0774097918.
    From Batanayi Primary at Bhasera Growth Pointto any school in Gutu South along Masvingo road, Mberengwa, Zvishavane, Chivi, along Zvishavane road; 0776453826; 0713315566.
    From Gurajena Primary in Zimuto 45km from town in Masvingo district, good water supply, and Zesa to schools like Morgenster, Nemamwa, Nemazuwa, Charumbira, Nyanda or nearer home; 0734153672; 0772594921.
    From Uzeze Primary in Masvingo district to any school in peri urban; 0775364015; 0773552055.
    From a peri urban school in Mt Darwin with Zesa along highway to any schoolin Zaka or Gutu district; 0777347068.
    From Mapungwana primary in Chipinge Manicaland province to any school in Masvingo province ECD teacher; 0772806807.
    From Mupata Primary in Gutu to any school in Zaka from Roy area along the road; 0771108752.
    From Mavende Primary in Chivi 200m from highway and 80km from Masvingo to any school in peri urban or within the radius of 80km from road, Zimuto Mashate; 0773550746.
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