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    Friday, 20 May 2016

    Police impound drugs delivery vehicle

    65 patients compromised as...


    – A Police officer at a roadblock in Mucheke in Masvingo on Monday impounded and detained a motor-cycle delivering drugs to homes of 65 patients with chronic diseases and seriously compromised the health of some of them because of the ensuing delay.
    An officer only identified as Mapoka impounded the motor-cycle over a $20 fine which arose from faded letters on the third number plate.
    One asthamatic patient Melody Matara developed serious complications when her drugs were delayed and an Emras ambulance had to rush her to hospital for emergency medical attention.
    Premier Services Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) accountant, Pardon Mzembi confirmed the incident to The Mirror and said the effects of the cop's action on the patients could have turned disastrous.
    PSMAS has since written a letter to Chikato Police Station complaining about the incident.
    The motor-cycle was on a chronic drugs supply which Premier Services Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) carries out in Masvingo and the surrounding areas every Monday and Thursday.
    Masvingo Police spokesperson, Charity Mazula said she had not yet received the report.
    Mzembi said Mapoka impounded the motorcycle for the third number plate whose letters had faded and declared that it was just as good as it had no number plate.
    It was explained to the cop that the motor-cycle belonged to PSMAS and was on delivery of drugs to patients with chronic illnesses. He was further told that some of the patients had already run out of drugs and any delay in delivery would compromise their health.
    However Mapoka insisted that he would not release the motor-cycle until its driver paid $20 fine. A supervisor from PSMAS then rushed to the scene where he assured the Police office that there was no cash at the office because of the cash crunch but will be getting it before midday.
    Mapoka would not budge. The PSMAS supervisor then suggested to him that the driver leave the motorcycle and use a different one from the workplace and continue with the deliveries.
    It was then that he allegedly took away the driver's licence and the keys of the motor-cyle and impounded the vehicle.
    The motor-cycle was only released two hours later after it was detained from 8am.
    Many patients failed to get their deliveries as a result.
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