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    Friday, 20 May 2016

    Horror as Zaka man kills 3 children in cold blood

    • Mission to revenge snatched wife goes awry


    ZAKA – A villager who wanted to revenge for the  alleged  infidelity  of  his  wife  went  to  the wrong man's place on Monday night and used an  axe  to  kill  Ernest  Dzinoruma's  three  children in cold blood.
    The  murdered  children  are  Leticia  Dzinoruma  (8),  Margret  Dzinoruma  (4),  and Anesu Dzinoruma  (2).  This  means  that  Dzinoruma and  his  wife  have  in  one  swoop  lost  all  their children.
    All the three were hit once or twice each with an axe in their heads.The incident which happened at Zimhungu Village, Chief Ndanga's area has left the whole
    of Zaka District in a state of shock. Police have arrested  Munyaradzi  Kudzidzivara  (39)  of Chief Chikwanda's area in Gutu over the murders.
    Efforts  to  get  a  comment  from  the  Police were fruitless but Chief Ndanga who was at the home of the bereaved when The Mirror called him confirmed the incident.
    "It  is  horrendous,  we  are  all  very  shocked. Three  minors  were  killed  in  their  sleep  last night  by  this  man  who  says  he  wanted  to  revenge  on  a  man  who  has  beentaking his wife. The accused however, concedes that he was directed to the wrong place," said Chief Ndanga.
    Police, however, believe that the man is insane.
    Sources told The Mirror that Dzinoruma (32) and his wife Angela Kwangwari (30) were asleep with their three children when Dzinoruma woke up and went outside the hut to relieve himself.  It was while there that he noticed noticed Kudzizvara Gonhovi Village in Chief Chikwanda in an ambush.
    Dzinoruma tried to chase Kudzizvara but instead he was the one who later ran away. He called out for assistance from neighbours after Kudzizvara became violent. Kudzizvara stormed into the hut where Kwangawari and the three children were sleeping and grabbed an axe and struck Kwangware on the left hand.
    Dzinoruma followed into the hut trying to rescue his family but failed as Kudzizvara also charged towards him and that is when Kwangware locked the door from outside leaving the children inside but that did not deter Kudzizvara as he destroyed the door using the axe and gained entry.
    As he got inside the house Kudzizvara struck Leticia Dzinoruma (8) with an axe twice on the head. He also struck Margret Dzinoruma (4) on the head and Anesu Dzinoruma (2) twice with an axe on the head and the three died on the spot. He left the axe on the head of Anesu who he dragged for about 50 metres away from the hut.
    Dzinoruma teamed up with relatives and managed to apprehend Kudzizvara. Kwangwari is admitted at Ndanga Hospital.
    "I interrogated the man and asked him why he commited this heinous act and he told me that there is a man who was being unfaithful with his wife but people wrongly directed him. He said it was a matter of mistaken identity since he wanted to kill the family of that man and later kill himself," said Chief Ndanga.
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