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    Friday, 6 May 2016

    Chivhu’s famous film producer to produce another movie


    - Famous film producer, Leonard Chibamu, is working on another Shona movie entitled the Village Secrets (Hamamaoko) that will be released by mid-year.
    Chibamu (34) is the writer, director and producer of the film.
    Chibhamu said like any other film, The Village Secrets provides both education and entertainment to the public. The film will present modern and traditional society set ups.
    He said, "The main aim of the film is to show how promiscuous acts can harm the society's culture and beliefs. The Village Secrets is a film that shows the impacts of Christian and traditional values to the community. The film articulates the hidden secrets such as immorality in both traditions and how such secrets can affect a community negatively."
    The Village Secrets features Jimmy Mudereri and Rumbidazi Mapfumo, characters in the film, Dead End. The rest of the actors and actresses in the film are from the Chivhu community, mostly from Manyene. Pupils from Marondamashanu Primary and Secondary Schools also take part in the film.
    Tendai Nhira one of the actress in the film said Chibamu's initiative has a positive impact in the society.
    She said, "This will benefit the Chivhu community and viewers as it provides entertainment and education. It has also provided employment for us." 
    Nhira also said acting has become a platform for everyone in the Manyene community to   showcase their artistic talents.
    He said, "I did a lot of research before starting the production so that I could come up with the best film. Knowing that financial problems could be the major obstacle in the production of our film, we started some projects to cut production costs."
    He also said throughout the production of his films, he has nurtured his team to be self- reliant and stop depending on donor funding, to maintain independence in relaying messages and implementation of ideas.
    He is optimistic that his project will this time around win a NAMA award. Chibamu was born in Manyene in Chief  Nyoka's area.entertainment news

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