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    Friday, 6 May 2016

    Chief Makore bans Tsvangirai rallies in Gutu South


    – Jestia Muzenda who is acting Chief Makore has warned his subjects who attend MDC T rallies that they would face dire consequences following a successful rally addressed by Morgan Tsvangirai at Mang'a Business Centre in Ward 27 last Saturday.
    Muzenda who is acting for two years after the death of his 90-year-old father Shonhe Muzenda ordered all kraal heads in Ward 27 A and B and Ward 28 to a meeting on Tuesday this week where he instructed them to surrender the list of names of all those who attended Tsvangirai's rally.
    He said Tsvangirai will not be allowed to hold any meetings in Gutu South again because he held his last meeting without the Chief's permission.
    However, according to the law, holding of rallies is not sanctioned by traditional chiefs but by the Police.
    The chief's message send cold shivers down the people's spines as Gutu South is still smarting from a violent election in 2008 where hundreds were raped, tortured and some including teachers and particularly at Rumizha school were murdered.
    Although the culprits are known, they are still to be arrested for their crimes.
    Muzenda also threatened to fire Jefrey Tangemhare who is the only MDC-T councillor in Gutu District but Tangemhare hit back and told The Mirror in an interview that he can only be fired by those who elected him and not the chief.
    He warned the Chief against taking the law into his own hands.
    Several youth and other Zanu PF leaders who spoke one after another at the meeting promised to unleash violence against those who are carrying out MDC-T activities in the area. They warned them to prepare for violence which is as fierce as that witnessed in 2008.
    The irony of the threats which were made in front of two Central Intelligence Officers from the President's Office in Gutu is that Government is in the midst of establishing a Peace and Reconciliation Commission that will see to it that all those involved in political violence will be prosecuted. The chief is also violating Zimbabwe's Constitution by dabbling in politics as traditional leaders are supposed to be apolitical.
    Muzenda said that he was going to strip all none Zanu PF kraal heads in his kingdom of their positions and replace them with Zanu PF activists.
    He said there was no meeting that was going to be held in his area, whether political, memorial, wedding or funeral without the presence of Zanu PF spies whom he mentioned by names.
    "You will not hold any meetings including funerals, memorials or weddings in the absence of the following people that I am going to give you. In Ward 27, you must ensure that at least one of these three Newman Marevesa, Noster Muzenda or Solomon Chindanya is present. In Ward 28 you must ensure that at least one of the three; Raviro Chapfuwa, Jephiter Mazambani or Robson Musasa is present.
    This instruction by the chief is again a violation of the constitutional right to freedom of association. It is an unlawful instruction, said an analyst.
    "If you hold any meeting without one of them; your kraal head will be automatically dismissed. There will be no hearing. You must know that there are people who tell me what is happening in your areas and one of them is Patrick Magombedze," said Muzenda.
    One of the ZANU PF members at the meeting said MDC T members have invited guns and knives for themselves by attending Tsvangirai's rally.Another party member who said he was the Zanu PF chairman for Dovurwi said, "the bushes are animals but this time the bushes will be for people. Only Zanu PF members will stay in the homes. You have applied for violence and you are going to get it. You will stay in the mountains; you have applied for it and be warned."
    The Mirror reporter who attended the meeting was accused by Muzenda of lying in the newspaper. He however, asked the gathering to allow the reporter to do his work as "he is only trying to earn a living".local news
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