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    Saturday, 2 April 2016

    ‘We need pragmatism Mr Mavhaire’

    For some, leading people is a passion, for others it is a sign of power and yet for others it is getting heard more than others.
    After reading an article in which Cde Dzikamai Mavhaire send his apologies for having been part and parcel of Zanu PF, I am bound to have two thoughts; either he is genuine or he is just shedding crocodile tears.
    By the way Mavhaire is a true politician.
    Personally I give Mavhaire 51 percent credits for having made the apology because this is not the first time that he had said Mugabe must go. He once said that and he burnt his fingers and worse, no one in Zanu PF was at that time ready to follow him.
    However, for the rest of his comrades, it might just be a bandwagon because these people have never publicly rebuked Mugabe. They only did so after being fired and chucked out of the party's gravy train.
    Why should one realise that he/she was taken for a ride after being fired. Is it not because now they totally realise that these people had no respect for them in the first place and they never had a permanent position for them in their scheme of things.
    Anyway enough of that, people who are genuinely remorseful would pour their hearts out. Mavhaire should tell us who plotted the killings of voters, who implemented the plan and who did the actually killing and raping during the elections.
    The name of these angels of death are definitely there somewhere.
    We also want Mavhaire to tell us how they rigged the elections. Having done that we want ZPF to tell us its ideology.
    Its not enough to apologise. We need to hear Zanu PF's constitutional and institutional weaknesses and what reforms and remedies can be applied. Maybe l am a skeptic, but keep on talking, l think one day you will say something intelligent.
    Please allow me to quote from my late favorite American president, Richard Nixon, on his televised resignation on 9 August 1974, about the Watergate Towers Scandal, ''l have never been a quitter, l fought for what l believed in."
    l am sorry if l am offending anyone, but gone are the days of senile dementia. Don't seek detente by praising the MDC T, that simply exposes your limitations.
    And let me remind you once again, that you can't be proponents of democracy and a viable economy when you failed to implement that when you had 35 years to do that in Zanu PF.
    Who is fooling who? Keep on trying, chembere yekwa Chivi yakabika mabwe ikamwa muto wani. Zvinhu zviedzwa izvi!
    ZPF must have a clear mission statement, vision, objectives and tangible sought after results. It's high time African politics graduate from the mode of reprisals, persecutions, genocides, animosity, tensions, self aggrandisement, patronage and nepotism.
    'Kana ZPF zvaita musatikanganwe'.
    - Aaron Gono, Gutu Village
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