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    Saturday, 23 April 2016

    Parents accuse Beitbridge Police of protecting ‘sex maniac’


    - Some parents who allege that their underage children were abused by a customs clearing agent have accused Beitbridge Police of protecting the accused and failing to arrest him despite numerous reports made.
    Rayson Tsvangirai Rushwaya (pictured right) who is in his late 20s' is alleged to have impregnated six underage school girls and some of them attend Vhembe High School in Beitbridge.
    The allegations are that the underage children were unlawfully detained and seduced into sexual activities by Rushwaya. Reports were made and even appropriate sections of the law given to the Police to arrest him but nothing happened.
     The Provincial Education Director for Mat South, Tumisang Thabe said the matter would be dealt with at the opening of schools next term.
     Parents are demanding that Rushwaya be charged for kidnapping or unlawful detention as defined in section 93 (b)(ii) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act [Chapter 9:23] which police were provided with a month ago but had not acted.
    Matabeleland South Police Spokesperson, assistant inspector Nkosinathi Sibanda told The Mirror last week that his office had not received a report about Rushwaya.
      "I have also checked with the Provincial Victim Friendly Unit Office, they are not aware of that report," he said in an interview.
    However, a parent who spoke to The Mirror on condition of anonymity said she made a report against Rushwaya on March 9, 2016 but she has not received any feedback from the Police.
    "I reported to the Police Victim Friendly Unit on March 9 this year but to date nothing has been done," said the woman whose 17-year-old niece has dropped out of St Mary's Secondary School allegedly because she is pregnant with Rushwaya's child.
      She further alleged that Rushwaya assaulted her niece when he no longer wanted her.
      "Hitting someone is an offence unless our Police at Beitbridge need to be retrained on that," she charged adding that when she asked the investigating officer identified as (Vonai) Mudzengerere, she was told that the dockets would be taken to court one at a time.
      Another woman, a nurse, whose 17-year-old child Rushwaya had allegedly been staying with against her parents' will said a charge of marrying a child below the age of 18 was brought against the accused but this fell away after it was realized that there were no supporting statutes to pin down Rushwaya.
    However, when that failed she was advised of section 93 (b) (ii) which could be used against Rushwaya and she took the same to the Police but again, according to her nothing happened.
      The section makes it an offence for anyone to detain or keep a child, depriving the child's lawful custodian control over the same child. The law applies to all children below 18 who at law are deemed unable to decide independently.
      "I gave that section to Beitbridge Urban Police Station Officer in Charge (Godwin) Mutanga but a month later nothing happened. The culprit is driving up and down Beitbridge and even near the Police station," said the mother.
      Investigations by the Mirror revealed the docket was also being handled by Mudzengerere, a constable from the Victim Friendly Unit.
      "I don't know anything about that case, who gave you my number," Mudzengerere who escorted Tsvangirai to court on March 10 this year said in an interview.
      Rushwaya, whose story was broken by The Mirror almost a month ago, is accused of preying on young girls between 14 and 17 years old.local news

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