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    Sunday, 17 April 2016

    Of human lawlessness on the streets of Chibhoraniland

    ​WE humans often talk of the "traffic jungle" implying the chaos that sometimes characterises our streets and open roads.
    By putting in the word "jungle" we want to describe a scenario of chaos and lawlessness. We want to say that on our streets and open roads there are no rules like what happens in the jungle. For us the jungle is a place where there is no law, it is a place where lawless wild animals, reptiles and insects mercilessly and greedily devour each other.
    We want to see ourselves as 'not wild' but rather lawful and civilised human beings. Although we are animals we don't want to call ourselves animals because that is degrading. Man, you are going to hit me really hard if I were to call you 'animal'. But wouldn't hitting me be typical animal-like?
    People of Chibhoraniland, the truth of the matter is that there is complete lawfulness in the jungle.
    The Creator who made the jungle and whatever is in there put in certain laws and regulations that have to be followed. All the wild animals, reptiles, insects, birds, fish and vegetation are strictly and faithfully following the rules and regulations they were given by their Creator.
    There is completely nothing wrong, unjust and lawless about a lion eating a zebra or a zebra eating grass or a snake swallowing the eggs of a bird. This is how the Creator said it should be. Please don't ask me why because I was not there when he did the creation.
    The undeniable truth of the matter, however, gentlemen, ladies and young children is that it is actually in our hearts, families, cities, villages, communities and countries where there is lawlessness. Behold the overflowing houses of incarceration, behold the violence in the homes, behold the rampant corruption, behold the spreading terrorism, behold the increasing child abuse, behold the increasing thievery, the list of lawlessness is endless.
    The self-proclaimed lawful human beings were given their own laws and regulations by the Creator and since they are said to be smarter than the rest of the animals they go on to make their own laws and regulations. But unfortunately even smart as they are they continue to dismally fail to follow the laws and regulations they were given by the Creator including those that they make for themselves.
    Let me give you a typical example. Humans were smart enough to make motor vehicles and made laws and regulations that have to be followed when someone is driving on the open roads and streets, but behold the human lawlessness on the streets and open roads.
    Of particular interest is the lawlessness that you can behold on the streets of this tiny city of Masvingo. We are today witnessing kombis and these tiny ex-Japanese pirate taxis parking right inside intersections or lanes to load or off-load passengers.
    If you hoot or reprimand the usually young driver you will be looked at as a fool or receive a fake apology. Traffic is blocked, people's lives are put in danger and there is no regard for other road users.
    The situation is chaotic as these money-driven lawless drivers ignore the laws and regulations of the road.
    To make matters worse all this happens under the noses of law enforcers and it will not be surprising to see a police officer in uniform sitting quietly in the front seat of a Vitz parked in the intersection.
    As if that is not enough you will also see the law enforcers mounting roadblocks at junctions and intersections thereby causing more chaos and accidents. Wogoshaiwa kuti zvinhu zvacho zvinombofamba sei. The lawlessness perpetrated by supposedly intelligent humans continues unabated as if that is actually the law. We the passengers also take part in the lawlessness as we will voluntarily go on to get into that Honda Fit parked in the intersection or in the middle of the road.
    Try to overtake and a door will suddenly open right in front of you as a passenger gets out of the little vehicle.
    Hey, talk of lawlessness and lawfulness. There is complete lawfulness in the jungle were people think there is lawlessness.
    There is a frightening presence of lawlessness among intelligent humans who are supposed to practice lawfulness. Behold the chaos and lawlessness happening on the streets and roads of Masvingo. Go to other Chibhoraniland towns and cities and the story won't be very different.opinion
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