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    Friday, 1 April 2016

    Masvingo City Council impounds unregistered bicycles


    – The City of Masvingo is on a blitz to impound all unregistered bicycles and pushcarts, this has been confirmed by Mayor Hubert Fidze.
    Fidze told The Mirror in a telephone interview that there was a by-law that allowed the City Council to impound any unregistered bicycles and pushcarts. These two means of transport are required to pay $10 for it to be registered.
    Council vehicles could be seen full of impounded vehicles on Monday morning last week as cyclists had their bicycles impounded on their way to work. Residents however, complained that the bylaw was unfair. They argued that bicycles and pushcarts should not pay registration fees since they don't damage roads. A council employee who declined to be named for fear of victimization told The Mirror that municipal police officers were under instruction to impound any unregistered bicycles and pushcarts.
    "The operation is taking place since there is a bylaw which permits us to do so and it is the duty of the City Council to enforce bylaws," said Fidze.
    Alex Munatsi, a cyclist complained against the operation saying that a bicycle does not cause any harm to the road like trucks and buses hence there was no need for cyclists to pay such a fee.
    "The operation should stop because bicycles do not cause any damage to the roads and I am actually hearing of such a bylaw for the first time", said Munatsi.
    Pushcarts operators are also not happy with the operation saying that they cannot afford such an amount since the economy is not performing well.
    "I can't afford to pay such an amount because sometimes it takes me 2 weeks to raise $10," said one the operators.local news

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