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    Saturday, 2 April 2016

    Man finds wife bedding friend in toilet


    - A Beitbridge man rushing home to answer nature's call had the shock of his life to find his wife making out with his housemate and family friend in the toilet of their rented lodgings in the HaMbedzi area of Dulivhadzimo.
    Mike Siwela (33) who is self-employed confirmed what he had always suspected but had never had proof. The two families rent a room each.
    "I rushed to the toilet first before going into my room and knocked then my wife came out. When I got in the toilet there was friend and housemate Douglas Tarusenga tucking in his manhood and closing his zip," said Siwela admitting he was heart-broken.
    He said Tarusenga, popularly known as Sinner or (John) Cena, and his wife had no shame to do it in broad daylight. He caught them at 3pm.
    "I locked the two lovers in my room just opposite Tarusenga's room and went to call my mother in law who lives across from us," he said.
    After a brief meeting with his wife's relatives an emotional Siwela knocked his friend-turned-enemy on the head inflicting a shallow cut.
    He then tried to stab himself with a knife but was overpowered by his in-laws and the new enemy. At 3am when everyone thought it was over he left home threatening to take his life.
    "I am past that now, I have been counseled and will work for my child, I love my son," he said calling the three-year-old boy for The Mirror reporter to see.
    He was hurt that there was no criminal charge for adultery but said he would pursue a civil suit against his friend since he had paid lobola.
    "Police referred me to the civil court," he said.local news

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