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    Friday, 8 April 2016

    Kasukuwere bans travel at Msv council


    – The Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing, Saviour Kasukuwere who seems increasingly irritated by bad governance at Masvingo City Council has tightened screws on the local authority and banned all travel by officials.
    A letter exclusively held by The Mirror also shows that Kasukuwere has banned all capital and other 'unnecessary' expenditure at the local authority unless there is a written approval from the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry.
    Kasukuwere express more agitation against Town Clerk Adolf Gusha who continues to defy Cabinet directive by not reducing his high salary.
    The ban will remain in place until Masvingo City produces a 'professional and feasible budget' for the year 2016, according to the letter.
    The letter was written to the Mayor, Hubert Fidze on March 10, 2016 and copied to the Provincial Administrator, Felix Chikovo. He accuses the Council of defying a Cabinet directive and of duping Government into believing that the local authority had rationalised the salary of the town clerk in 2015 when in fact it hadn't.
    He said that efforts to have the rationalisation implemented have not been heeded.
    He then demanded that Council write a report to him explaining why it had not rationalised Gusha's salary and the report was supposed to be handed to him by end of March 2016.
    The letter also notes that the employment costs to service delivery ratio  of 30:70 directed to all local authorities in the last few years has still not been complied with. Masvingo residents have always complained against managerial salaries at the City Council which are too way above market rates.
    Kasukuwere also accuses Council of failing to submit Gusha's performance contract and warned council not to abandon the performance appraisal programme.
    Council has, according to Kasukuwere also been running three separate ZB accounts and all of them are named "Main" and he questioned the rationale behind the move.
    The letter complains against a budget for cash-in-lieu of leave despite the difficult economic situation. Kasukuwere ordered that council officials then go on leave rather than be paid cash and stay on at work.
      "In view of the fact that your council has defied the Cabinet directive on the rationalisation of the salary of the Town Clerk and not adhered to the approved budget for 2015 where the salary was presented as rationalised, I will require a separate report as to why Masvingo City has behaved in this manner and what action it has taken to correct the same.
    "Until your budget is approved I am placing a moratorium on all travel by your council and its officials. I am also prohibiting any unnecessary expenditure or capital purchases without written approval from the Permanent Secretary until this exercise is completed," said Kasukuwere.
    He also bemoaned the care that Masvingo City Council give to its assets. He said council which has more than 40 trucks currently held by the messenger of court should be more proactive in terms of care of its assets.
    He also bemoaned the rise in shortfalls of remittances to the statutory bodies.local news
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