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    Friday, 8 April 2016

    HIV positive Masvingo teacher is a true heroine


    - She has positively lived with HIV and Aids for 21 years and now she is a champion in the awareness campaigns against the pandemic.
    She has suffered immense paranoia and mental torture after her husband deserted her for being HIV- positive and eventually volunteered to bare it all to the media and public about her status.
    While others choose to conceal their HIV status so as to avoid possible stigmatisation by the community, Grace Maposhere Chabuka (pictured above), a teacher at a private College in Rujeko Suburb of Masvingo, could be rated among the world's heroines for openly testifying her positive HIV status.
    Chabuka has been on foreign missions in Germany and Namibia where she buoyed the courage and hope of people living with HIV.  She has, to date lived with HIV for over 21 years.
    She told The Mirror that she failed to secure a Master's Degree Scholarship outside the country on medical grounds.
    "The road has not been easy for me.  I have had a traumatic experience in my life", she said.
    Chabuka granted The Mirror the interview on the sidelines of a media meeting on HIV prevention held at Macheke lodges and Conference Centre. National Aids Council Director of Operations Raymond Yekeye described Chabuka as one of the courageous Zimbabwean women in the fight to make the HIV scourge a "non-secret".
    Immense paranoia and mental torture eventually gripped her as her close friends shunned her for testing HIV- positive.
    "I don't hesitate to tell both the public about my HIV-status. My ordeal provides lessons for many and it also prove that being HIV positive does not necessarily mean the end of life.
    Chabuka tested HIV-positive in 1994 when she was at her tender age.
     In 1998, Chabuka who was doing a degree in education at Africa University in Mutare, got impregnated and gave birth to an HIV- positive baby boy who ultimately died of the pandemic.local news

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