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    Sunday, 10 April 2016

    Families clash over Chief Makore’s two burial places


    – Different families entitled to the Chief Makore Chieftainship have clashed over two different graves prepared for Shonhe Muzenda (90) the immediate past chief who died a few months ago.
    It is understood that Muzenda was buried in the Mbambamano Hills in Chihambakwe in Gutu as per the Makore culture but another grave was dug at his homestead where Nyaradzo Funeral Services buried an empty coffin in the presence of all mourners.
    The Mbambano Hills burial where Muzenda was just rapped in blankets and buried happened at night and was carried out by close family members, according to sources.
     However, Marufu Mugore who is popularly known by his Chimurenga name Choto Chemangwanani and a heir to the throne said it was not proper for the Chief to have two different burial places.
    Phineas Makore, an immediate past acting Chief Makore who is from the Risipambi Family said his family was also not told of what happened and is still looking for answers.
    The current acting Chief Makore, Jestia Muzenda said he was not going to comment on the matter.
    "It is not everyone's business to know where the chief was buried. This is the business of close family members only," he said.
    Masvingo Provincial Administrator said Government did not interfere in the burial methods of chiefs. He said it was a family business.
    Nyaradzo Funeral Spokesperson, Kudzai Mpungwana said her organisation does not comment on client issues to press.
    Another family member Jepson Makore from the Mazando Family also argued that the burial of the late Chief Makore in the Mbambamano Hills was not proper as all Makore chiefs were buried in the Masvitsi Hills.
    Marufu said it was prudent for the Chief to be buried in secret in the presence of all families that lay claim to the throne.
    He argued that there was no need for second burial but a funeral where mourners just gathered and console each other.
    Mugore belongs to the Mugore family while the late Chief Makore belonged to the Chihambakwe family. Makore died on December 30, 2015 and was buried on January 5, 2016.
    Mugore said his family was not advised of the chief's death until the information became public.
    There are four other families that lay claim to the Makore chieftainship and these are Risipambi, Mugore, Mazando and Chihambakwe.
    "We were surprised with what our counterparts did on the death of Chief Makore. We were never told when he died but were just informed to come to the funeral on the day which was known to everyone else in the country.
    "Our major concern is that we were not informed of the exact place where he was buried. People from Nyaradzo came and dug a grave for the chief and even the coffin was placed inside the grave and it was closed the way it is done when anyone else dies. So what happened to the curve where the chief is supposed to be buried? However, it is also said that the coffin was empty, so we want them to tell us exactly what happened to the late Chief Makore," said Mugore.
     "I am also looking for answers on what happened to the late Chief Makore. I also bet that from the Chihambakwe family less than 5 people know where he was buried," said Makore.
    Jepson Makore said that he did not attend the funeral but sources told him that the late Chief Makore was buried in Mbambamano Hills in Chihambakwe not in Masvitsi Hills where he was supposed to be buried.local news

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