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    Saturday, 23 April 2016

    Dulivhadzimu Stadium sub-standard: PSL


    - Border Strikers FC supporters will have to wait a little more before watching their team play at home because Dulivhadzimu Stadium in Beitbridge does not meet the minimum FIFA requirements, the Premier Soccer League (PSL) has said.
    PSL chief executive Kennedy Ndebele told The Mirror in a telephone interview that there are some improvements that are still needed at the stadium including increasing the sitting capacity before the stadium gets the nod.
    "We are guided by new FIFA club licencing rules which dictate the requirements of stadiums where teams should play," he said.
    He said an inspection that was recently conducted established that Dulivhadzimu did not have several required facilities including adequate toilets and ablution facilities for both the public and officials.
    A report made out to Border Strikers dated April 8, 2016 and signed by PSL competitions manager and chief executive officer Elisha Mandirevo and Kennedy Ndebele respectively which The Mirror is in possession of says the stadium passed in only 11 of the 29 requirements.
    "There are no media stands, internet facilities, a public address system and a scoreboard," says the report by the PSL grounds committee which visited Beitbridge on April 8, this year.
    The grounds committee passed the field of play as "grassed and in satisfactory condition" but condemned the drainage system. Some areas of the pitch were too close to the perimeter wall.
    There was need to improve shower rooms for both officials and players and the anti-doping and first aid room lack equipment. There are no female dressing rooms.
    Ndebele said he spoke to council officials who understood the requirements and said they were working on the recommendations.
    PSL was also concerned about the height of the perimeter wall and in response council has invited businessmen to erect advertising billboards on top of the walls.
    "We will not ask for rentals on those billboards for this year but we will apply going rates from next year onwards," Beitbridge Town secretary Loud Ramagkapola recently told a residents' meeting called to ask for donations to build the stadium.
    Ndebele explained why improvements were now required after the now defunct former premiership clubs Underhill and Tripple B from Beitbridge used the ground then in an even worse state.
    "Things have changed, FIFA now asks for modern improvements including stands for cameras for television crews," he said.
    He said Border Strikers was given an option to look for an alternative Stadium in the event the home ground failed to pass.
    Beitbridge which is yet to score a premiership goal or register a win this weekend travels to the Lowveld for a date with Triangle FC.
    The Saul Chaminuka-coached team has promised fireworks following the successful application of work permits of its three foreign players to be unveiled this weekend.sport news

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