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    Saturday, 23 April 2016

    Desperation for jobs – 30 Chiredzi women abused

    Morris Bishi
    Chiredzi Bureau

    Chiredzi – Some 30 desperate women from Chiredzi were conned and others sexually abused after they were promised jobs by two men who said they were recruiting workers for World Vision, a well known humanitarian non-governmental organisation.

    The incident epitomises the level of desperation for jobs in the country and what women are now prepared to do in order to get employment.

    The 30 women, some married and six men swamped Chiredzi Police Station last week to make reports against the two men after they realised that they were being taken for a ride.

    The women were mainly recruited from Tshovani Suburb in Chiredzi and made to pay $10 joining fee each. They reported at an open ground for three weeks where they took Bible lessons and were given tests that would enable them to qualify for recruitment. They were allegedly told that they would be deployed in various areas once recruited.

    Many others were asked for sexual favours so that they could easily make it into the organisation. Women who spoke to The Mirror said they visited the accused's places of residents privately in order to extent sexual favours.

    The suspects, Tawanda Dhliwayo (31) of Chiredzi and Louis Mushati (34) of Ngwaru Village Chief Ndanga, Zaka appeared before Chiredzi Resident Magistrate Constance Mutandwa last Wednesday facing fraud charges.

    The suspects are said to have benefited little financially as the scheme was probably put together in order to abuse and gain sexual favours from the women.

    The State led by Gladmore Gwara told the court that on different days in the month of March 2016 Dhliwayo and Mushati approached the job seekers and convinced them that they worked for World Vision and their mission was to recruit and train workers who will be posted to various places.

    The victims continued to report for the trainings for more than three weeks until the trio was caught and arrested.

    The two were not asked to plead to the charges and were given $100 bail each and their case was postponed to April 19, 2016.

    One of the female job-seekers who talked to The Mirror on condition of anonymity said most of the women including her were sexually abused by the men but it is difficult to press charges since there was consent as many visited the conmen` homes separately.local news


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