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    Sunday, 17 April 2016

    Beitbridge prosecutor absconds disciplinary hearing


    - Beitbridge area prosecutor Forbes Muchiwande Sithole (pictured right) has failed to attend a disciplinary hearing arranged by his employer where he is facing charges of misconduct.
    Sithole who has been appearing at the Beitbridge Magistrate Court facing charges of assault, kidnap and attempted murder, after he allegedly went about beating people he suspected of having broken and stolen from his house, was brought to the internal hearing just a day after appearing before the court facing facing criminal charges.
    Although The Mirror could not get the exact charges being laid against Sithole in the internal hearing it is understood that one of the charges is abuse of office.
    The Mirror is reliably informed that Sithole initially attended the hearing but later absconded which meant that the rest of the hearing proceeded in his absence. As a result Sithole missed an opportunity to cross examine several witnesses that gave evidence against him, said sources.
    One of the witnesses allegedly assaulted by Sithole told the hearing that the accused had demanded a bribe of $1 500 from him.
    Innocent Moyo, a witness, said he told the panel how Sithole, from his office, had demanded $1 500 when he (Moyo) and Gabriel Choruwa went to his office to ask for the later to release goods and a passport he had confiscated from the complainants.
    About five officials drawn from the Prosecutor General's office in Bulawayo and the Harare head office constituted the panel of the hearing chaired by a lady who refused to disclose anything to The Mirror.
    "We cannot speak to you, it's an internal matter, who even told you we are here," said the lady without disclosing her identity or the charges Sithole faces.
    "The hearing has gone ahead without him. All witnesses have given their evidence and he forfeited his chance to cross-examine them," said an official close to the hearing.
    In the court hearing, Sithole's case was heard by special magistrate and other officers of the court brought from outside Beitbridge. Masvingo Regional Magistrate Collet Ncube heard the case.
    The State case is that some suspects broke into Sithole's house and Sithole allegedly took the law into his own hands and went to investigate the case, apprehended the suspects and severely assaulted and kidnapped one of them.
    Sithole is disputing the charges.
    Those allegedly assaulted by Sithole are Clement Moyo, a blind man, Knowledge Mike and Gabriel Choruwa.
    More than seven witnesses including, Moyo and his mother Juliet Toma, Mike, Choruwa, Innocent Moyo, Inspector Success Chigudu and Detective Constable Ruramisai Tauya testified in the high-profile hearing.
    Sithole claims that he was framed.crime news

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