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    Thursday, 10 March 2016

    Zvishavane man looses house to neighbour after death rumours

    Elizabeth Mashiri
    Zvishavane Bureau

    – A Zvishavane man, Saviours Nkala has allegedly lost his house to a neighbour who took it over after hearing that Nkala who had been battling with an illness for a long time was dead.
    Distraught Nkala shared his agony with The Mirror last week and produced council papers that proved that stand number 2014 in Makwasha, Zvishavane is in his name. He also produced water bills for the house that are all in his name.
    Nkala went further to produce documents that showed the battles he had fought in court in order to win back his house.
    Despite all these, Nkala is staying in a small shanty house in town with his family while his place is occupied by other people.
    Nkala says he bought stand number 2014 in Makwasha sometime in 1998 when stands were sold by Runde Rural District Council and he developed it up to window level.
     "I bought stand number 2014 sometime in 1998 for $14000 Zimbabwean dollars. I then moved to Chiredzi on work. l did not abandon my stand  but I developed it to window level before falling ill in 2004.
    "Rumour spread that I was dead, my neighbour who is now deceased took over to develop my house which was at window level.
    "I came back to Zvishavane in 2008 and found out that the house had been completed by my neighbour. I asked him to leave my property but because he was clever he sold the house.
    When l went back to check there was a new owner claiming to have bought the house and he showed me agreements of sale with an affidavit stamped by a lawyer but the person who had sold the house had died.
    "When I told the new owner the issue behind the house he also sold it and I think about four or so people bought this house but now a lady called Fadzai Senga is claiming ownership of the house as she has selling agreements and affidavits but without title deeds," said Nkala
    "The problem is the lady does not stay in Zvishavane but she is collecting rent from tenants and I have gone to court but to no avail," said Nkala
    Nkala said since 2014 he has taken Senga twice to court, he won the case but the last time he lost the case and was ordered to do a session of change of name and he appealed to High court and the outcome is not yet there.
    "I am very worried l have been a squatter for a long time I won this case twice but the messenger of court did not evict anyone now the case is at High Court since 2014.  Zvishavane Town Council provided the courts with documents that stand number 2014 is mine but it's very unfair that some people are just taking advantage of money to disadvantage me of what is mine," said Nkala.local news

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