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    Thursday, 17 March 2016

    Woman splashes naked small house pics on whatsapp


    – A leopard does not change its spots, so goes a popular African saying.
    Tamisai Katini Zivanai (35) (in pictures), the chairperson of vendors at Chitima Flea Market who was allegedly caught red-handed by her husband with a boyfriend in April last year has hit social media headlines in Masvingo again.
    This time her nude pictures have gone viral on whatsapp and social media platforms. Sources said that a Masvingo woman who The Mirror could not establish, discovered the nude pictures in her husband's phone and is now trying to fix Zivanai by exposing the pictures to the public.
    There are allegations that the pictures were taken by the boyfriend when they were having nice time. Zivanai is seen in one picture standing in torn red underpants and in another she is completely naked and has her legs apart for the camera.
    The Mirror contacted Zivanai and she confirmed that the pictures were indeed hers. She said that the pictures were taken by her auntie because she wanted to send them to her boyfriend.
    "My auntie took the pictures because I wanted to send them to my boyfriend. I can take you to her and she can confirm. Somehow the pictures got stolen and I don't know who is sending them around," said Zivanai.
    She pleaded for a meeting with The Mirror editor.
    Zivanai and her husband Samson Katini (36) who is a pastor are in the process of divorce after Katini found Zivanai with a Police officer in the matrimonial home last year. The Mirror approached Katini and he confirmed the divorce process and said he had also seen the pictures.
    "Three women who thought that I was still married to Zivanayi came to show me the pictures and I told them that I had nothing to do with them since we were no longer together. One of them said she got the pictures in her husband's mobile phone," said Katini.local news

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