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    Sunday, 27 March 2016


    MESSERS Dzikamai Mavhaire, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, Didymus Mutasa and yes, Madam Joice Teurairopa Mujuru (JTR), hear me and hear me well - sometimes sorry can never be enough and this is one of those times. Please do not jump to an assumption that this is a ZANU PF member wanting to downplay you... I am just an ordinary Zimbabwean who is beyond frustration and disappointment with everything that is happening. We are tired of being spoken to like fools or toddlers.
    I sit here wondering what exactly you are sorry for Mr Dzikamai Mavhaire! Mr Bhasikiti enlighten me on why you are sorry! Oh and yes the helicopter downing JTR who has said heee I have apologised for being part of government but I know nothing of the rigging so what are you sorry for?
    'Muri vatsvene ka imi', just busy blaming others? Why now, I ask again why now after 35 years? What are you really sorry for? Your apologies from the day you started opening your dirty lying mouths have been and continue to be conditional. You are not dealing with people who have no 'medulla oblangata'. Apologise for stealing the voice of the people not once but numerous times. Apologise for the atrocities unleashed on your fellow countrymen. Apologise for doing nothing. Apologise without conditions. Apologise without apportioning blame to others.
    Take full responsibility for your actions and maybe healing for those you aggrieved will come and in turn forgiveness. We cannot walk this path with you if you cannot do that one simple thing.
    Mr Mavhaire boldly states that he and his People First colleagues were never willing members of ZANU PF. Aaaah Mwari imi huyai muone vanhu venyu vatanga kuno! Maidhonzwa nemabhurugwa here imi? Maitinhwa semombe kudhibha here? Maidii kusiya makore ese aya? Kunemi vaMavhaire makatombosiya mukaona kuti life outside ZANU PF inorwadza, muviri kutotanga kuputunuka madzokera mega muchimanyako. Nhasi uno mazopfirwa segararwa ravatumbwa moti ZANU PF yashata.
     You have been silent for the past 15 or so years as the ordinary man suffered and you stand up now Mr Mavhaire and say you were being used. Seriously sir at your age, 'mungashandiswe nemumwe murume imi....' (you want us to believe your utterances that you were used by your fellow man). Is it not, sirs and madams, that you were enjoying the benefits of your being in ZANU PF and that if you had not being taken to the hangman's gallows publicly you would still be there boot-licking your bosses to keep the money flowing into your already fat pockets...'maidya varume ko ngatingobvuma ka! Ko zvamunoti makashandiswa, chidzosaizve  zvamakashandiswa kupamba, minda yamakahodha nemigodhi dzosai. Budai pachena kuti zvinhu zvaibiwa sei tigoziva kana mopamha kuti vanhu vaya vatanga. Kana kuti muri kuvanza nokuti moda kuzoba futi. Please budai pachena….'
    Allow me to say you are a gang of thieves who have unashamedly stolen from the people you purport to want to put first. We are neither blind nor ignorant. You say you were witness to the killings and you kept quiet for so long, it truly amazes me that your conscience allowed you to do so. Muri nani munotobvuma zvimwe, manje Mai Mujuru, mukristu mukuru muZimbabwe, mai veruwadzano varikuramba zvose. Hanzi ndaisaziva kuti vanhu vaiyambuka border, imika!!! But who am l to judge ndinombonyebawoka ini.
    You were beneficiaries of the rigging and the bloodshed and I believe that makes you just as guilty if not more so because you were in a position to stand and say no.
    JTR is on record for saying no to violence which she attributes to criminals but I believe saying no in the instance of the barbarism we were seeing and being subjected to would mean someone with a conscience would have walked away then.
    You are just as guilty as the one who wielded the knife on your behalf. You are a bunch of cowards who have suddenly become brave - spare us.

    Consider yourselves served!local news
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