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    Thursday, 10 March 2016

    Gutu girl tormented by granny’s snake

    Tinashe Tirivavi

    - Florence Ganya (22), from Madziva Village in Chief Makore's area in Gutu has reported to Chief Makore that a snake allegedly belonging to her grandmother is sucking her breasts and sleeping with her at night.
    Tens of people including a Mirror reporter gathered at the Jaricha homestead on Wednesday last week and witnessed tsikamutanda Innocent Mutyavari pulling out from one of the huts a small black snake that was in a basket.
    There was drama when the snake fought back as Mutyavari tried to put it under control. Mutyaviti eventually tamed the snake after he poured salted water on it.
    There was commotion as Chochorai Mugomba refused to pay a beast to the tsikamutanda so that he could destroy the snake. She exchanged harsh words with the traditional healer before she stormed out leaving the crowd and tsikamutanda with no option but to return the snake back into the house.
    Ganya who reported her case to the Chief resulting in the invitation of tsikamutanda to exorcise the homestead said the snake had tormented her since 2013, sucking her blood, her breasts and also having sexual intercourse with her.
    "I first saw the snake in 2013 in a dream, then in 2014 it started coming to me and at times it would turn into a man.
    "It would suck my blood, suck my breasts and at times have intercourse with me. At first I would just think it was a dream but would wake up lactating and my breasts and private parts would be sore.
    "We were not allowed to talk about what we saw or heard at night. At times when you wake up at night you would see naked people doing rituals outside. Recently I had to go and report the matter to the Chief who then referred me to Dr Shumba from ZINATHA" said an emotional Ganya.
    She said that she had to abandon her studies at Guni Secondary School because of the trauma she went through. She is allegedly not the only one affected by the snake but other girls at the homestead.
    When the snake was brought out, Mutyaviti then asked for a beast and permission to kill it but Mugomba got so angry and accused tsikamutanda of siding with the girl. She then stormed away.
    Tsikamutanda had no option but to return the snake and the basket back into the hut.
    He said that their rules do not allow them to destroy people's ornaments of witchcraft without the permission of the accused.
    "Tsikamutanda is biased towards the girl and I am not going to pay the beast," said the granny before she charged off.
    Pineal Mugomba (98) the husband to Mugomba said he wanted the snake out of the house unfortunately he no longer had any beast to pay Tsikamutanda.
    "I do not want this thing (snake) here anymore, I no longer have any beast to pay because I gave Tsikamutanda when he removed another goblin here on Saturday," said Mugomba.
    Isaac Mhunde who is kraalhead Dziva praised Tsikamutanda for bringing into the open the witchcraft that they had always suspected.
    "The truth is now in the open. Someone has a snake for witchcraft in this village and the person has refused to get rid of it," said Dziva.
    "We destroyed a goblin here on Saturday because we had permission to do so but we can't destroy this snake because we don't have permission.
    "We will come back with the chief because he is the only one who can order us to destroy the snake", said Mutyaviri.local news
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