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    Saturday, 5 March 2016

    Gov unearths $150 000 scam at Chiredzi Christian

    Morris Bishi
    Chiredzi Bureau

    – A former head at Chiredzi Christian allegedly received $2 000 as a thank you for the completion of a security wall at the school and was paid $100 fuel to attend a meeting at a venue that is 3km away in addition to a subsistence allowance of $100, a Government audit has alleged.
    The damning report which was compiled by a Government team of auditors headed by a Mr R Mudzimiri exposed shocking embezzlement of funds amounting to $148 393 in just 24 months (January 2014 to January 2016).
    It states that members of the School Development Committee received sitting allowances of $100 per person per meeting and added to their annual bonuses they embezzled the school of a total of  $41 853. Teachers in the school continued to get incentives and other illegal payments totalling $49 327 despite a ban on this by the Ministry.
    The audit has recommended for an immediate report to the Police and for some teachers and members of the School Development Committee to pay back what they got improperly.
    The Provincial Education Director, Zedias Chitiga said he has received the audit report, but he is yet to go through it.
    The report said two teachers who each acted as heads at different times, Lovemore Gunguo and Vincent Zvada received $$34 799 and $23 594 in allowances respectively in a period of just 24 months.
    "There was generally unsound and selfish financial administration at the school, which was biased towards benefitting individuals. The two former acting heads, Zvada and Gunguo who also happened to chair the finance committee ended up being paid allowances amounting to $23 594 and $34 799 respectively," said the report.
    A senior teacher Muziro Archem the SDC chairperson Amias Makamure and vice-chairperson Mutyanda grossed $12 430, $7 735 and $6 025 in allowances alone.
    In addition to getting a bonus of $2 000 for seeing the completion of a security wall in the school, Gunguo also received bereavement allowances for lost relatives amounting to $1 700. His colleague Zvada received $335 for the same purpose.
    Gunguo and Zvada also sat on the Finance Committee of the SDC where together with other SDC members they received $100 sitting allowance per person per meeting. The audit noted that there was serious conflict of interest as the same people who sat in this committee are the ones who fixed sitting allowances rates for themselves.
    The audit report expresses shock at the $100 sitting allowances given to the SDC members and said this was in violation of the directive from the Ministry of Primary and secondary Schools.
    In addition to the sitting allowances, the SDC members also received annual bonuses, according to the audit report.
    The former head, Gunguo confirmed receiving the audit report but blamed fights within Church of Christ as the major cause. He refused to comment on the allegations leveled against him saying he will only do that after consulting his legal advisors.
    SDC chair Makamure confirmed that the audts were done could not talk about it as he was in a meeting.
    The audit was done in terms of the requirements of the Education Amendment Act, 2006 Section 38(5) and Statutory Instrument 87 of 1992 section 22(1).
    Teachers continued to be paid incentives from levies, in violation of the Secretary`s Minute Number 6 of 2004, which cancelled payment of incentives to teaching staff and the amount paid to teaching staff is $49 327.
    The report noted that the school bought 1000 mattresses for a Zimstat programme that was taking place in 2012 but there are only 730 now remaining. The then acting head Gunguo is said to have donated some of the mattresses to teachers while others were sold. The audit also recommended that the matter should be reported to the Police.
    The school has also been selling chickens to the community and it is currently owed $1 700 which should be immediately recovered.
    The report recommended that Gunguo who is currently an acting head in the school be immediately transferred to another school.
    Several charges must also be brought against the two former acting deputy heads for disregarding ministerial directives, said the report.local news

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