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    Friday, 25 March 2016

    Charles Austin Theatre turns 42


    - The Charles Austin Theatre, Zimbabwe's third biggest theatre house and the province's only one, first opened its doors in March 1974. This was after a snowball-interest in the dramatic arts grew into a productive avalanche that saw the Charles Austin Theatre being built. Over the years the Theatre has positively and creatively impacted the Masvingo community with hundreds of play productions, theatre workshops and a High School Drama Festival that has made its responsibility nurturing theatre talents from an early age.
    The roots of the Charles Austin Theatre have been the likes of theatre greats Doug Hill, Jimmy Millar and Tony Weare who held the Theatre's flag high at high profile competitions such as the National Theatre Festival and have brought amazing, contemporary plays onto our local stage. They then groomed such names as Micah Zinduru, Gideon Masarira, Robyn Breda and Phyllis Olwage who can be referred to as the first children of the Theatre. Now the flag lies in the hands of a younger generation that has proved over and over again that they are keen to entertain, shock and experiment. The likes of Charles Munganasa, Khetani M. Banda, Chiedza Mlingo, Florenco Masekesa, Ngoni Chinovava, Farirai Mukumba and Takudzwa Ponde just to mention a few. On the management end, the committee is now headed by young artists and businessmen who are eager to see the Theatre run professionally.
    To celebrate its 42nd Anniversary the Charles Austin Theatre is hosting a Theatre Gala on the 1st of April at 7pm at the Charles Austin Theatre. This gala will see the Dramatic Arts being celebrated through its elements of Dance, Drama, Poetry and Music. Productions will be captained by Doug Hill, who will be directing an excerpt from Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of being Earnest" and NAMA nominated actor Charles Munganasa and Artistic Director Khetani Michael Banda. You can expect a short play, sketches and a full length play. Musical performances will come from Ngoni Chinovava (Baba Rah) Alchemy and many more. The event is expected to run for 2 and half hours and then close off with an after-show party. Tickets will be going for $3.entertainment news

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