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    Friday, 12 February 2016

    Gutu kraal head selling land for gardens

    Tinashe Tirivavi/ Tatenda Chizu

    Masvingo Rural - Chenjerai Tongozi, a kraal head in Chief Musara's area in Hwendedzo has been accused of re-pegging land that was issued to resettled farmers in 1992 and selling it as gardens to the same beneficiaries.
    Villagers cried foul when Tongozi ordered the villagers to pay $2 each so that he could re-peg the land and give it back to them for use as gardens. Tongozi told the villagers that what Government gave them for gardens was too big and he therefore wanted to reduce the sizes.
    He said those who do not pay the $2 will lose their gardens.
    Tongozi is alleged to have shared the money with a neighbouring kraalhead. The area is in Stone Groove Resettlement area in Masvingo North Constituency.
    An angry Tongozi told The Mirror off and said the newspaper has "nothing to do with what he does with his people".
    However, Tongozi called back the villagers after being questioned by The Mirror and gave them back their money. The villagers have now returned to their gardens and they are working as usual.
    Chief Musara who is above Tongozi said the kraalhead's actions were illegal as he was not the land authority. He said there were so many complaints against Tongozi that he risked losing his position as kraalhead.
    "I have not yet received such a complaint but I must state clearly that if that is happening then it's illegal. He must not interfere with that land because there is a responsible authority for that. Stern action will be taken against him if he continues," said Chief Musara.
    "Do you know me? You do not know what's going on, why involve yourselves in something you do not understand, What you heard is the wrong version come here and talk to me personally,
    "And who told you that?"
     an angry Tongozi
     "If found guilty Tongozi will be charged according to the act that clearly states the duties and responsibilities of the kraalhead and chiefs," said Musara. news
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