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    Friday, 19 February 2016

    Fwd: Severely injured motorist charged for assaulting a Police officer

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    Tawanda Homba
    Masvingo Reporter

    Masvingo – A Masvingo motorist who was beaten and severely injured by a Police constable is shocked that he has been turned into the accused after reporting the matter at Masvingo Central Police Station last week.
    The officer who has nothing to show that he was assaulted is the complainant.
    Stephen Radzoka who walked into Masvingo Central Police Station bleeding profusely and has six stitches sewn to his face after suffering a brutal attack from Constable Bothwell Razerera stands charged with assault.
    Radzoka who spoke to The Mirror in an interview said it was obvious that the law enforcement agents were protecting one of theirs because it was him who was beaten and injured by Constable Razerera
    Police spokesperson Charity Mazula said she was not aware of such a report.
    The Mirror has however, established that a Public Prosecutor at Masvingo Magistrate Courts has returned the docket against Radzoka for further investigations because he is not satisfied that Radzoka assaulted the Police officer.
    Radzoka's lawyer Charles Ndlovu of Ndlovu and Hwacha Legal Practitioners said he has not yet received anything since the public prosecutor demanded further investigations.
    Radzoka told The Mirror that he was driving his car in town when he dropped off a woman he had given a lift. Constable Razerera who was walking alone and apparently not on traffic duty noticed this and accused Radzoka of pirating.
    He allegedly forced his way into Radzoka's car and Radzoka drove towards his workplace where he wanted to prove to the cop that he was not pirating but going to work.
    But just as he was turning to get into the company, Constable Razerera allegedly started assaulting Radzoka. He assaulted him all over with clenched fists and open palms.
    "He hit me hard on my upper left eye and l fell to the ground and started bleeding profusely. As I got up, the police officer had already fled from the scene as a swelling crowd was baying for his blood," reads part of statement to the Police by Radzoka.
    Radzoka went to make a report at the Police station but when he got there, there was a report already made against him by the Police officer. He was turned into an accused and allegedly spent hours there bleeding before he was taken to hospital.
    The report that he made is under docket number 2688865.
    Radzoka claims that the Police officer wanted a bribe from him.
    The complainant received three stitches on the lower eye lid and upper eye lid. for the injuries that he sustained.
    The doctor's report indicated that he was hit by a blunt object.
    The case will appear in court after the medical report is ready according to Radzoka. top story

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