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    Thursday, 14 January 2016

    Gutu man surrenders wife to a neighbour

    Tawanda Homba

    – A man from Soti Source area in Gutu who works in Harare has surrendered his six months pregnant wife to a neighbour after accusing the later of being responsible for the bulging tummy.
    There was drama in Sonoma Village in Soti Source when Norbert Bare who was away for six months arrived on Christmas eve to find his wife with the heavy tummy. He questioned her and the wife told him that she experienced such features towards her menstruation.
    The suspicious Bare took Esther Ruzive to Tongogara Clinic for pregnancy tests on Christmas Day. Ruzive however, allegedly refused to provide her urine for the tests arguing that she had none as she had just been to the toilet.
    "The nurses then gave her a lot of water to drink in order to induce urine. She was then monitored until they took her urine and the test proved that Ruzive was pregnant much to the chagrin of the husband," said a source who declined to be named.
    The shocked Bare threatened to kill his wife as they walked back home and Ruzive confessed her adulterous relationship with a neighbour, Shupai Serima whose house is just 30 metres away from Bare's.
    A furious Bare went home determined to deal with Serima but was further jolted to hear that Serima had left home the day he (Bare) arrived from Harare.
    The Mirror contacted Serima who confirmed that he had sexual intercourse with Ruzive but argued that it was just once. He insisted that the pregnancy was not his and said there was a variation between the time that he slept with Ruzive and the period of the pregnancy.
    "I was told that Ruzive is pregnant but I am not responsible for that. But I must tell you that it is this woman who forced me into sex because she claimed that her husband was away for long periods.
    "I'm ready to go for paternity tests to prove that I am not responsible for the pregnancy. We only had sex in April last year," said Serima in a telephone interview.
    "At the moment I am here in Chitungwiza if I get money I will go home and solve the problem once and for all," he added.
    However, The Mirror established that Bare packed his wife's belongings on Christmas Day and left her at Serima's place. There was commotion at Serima's homestead as Bare wanted to kill his wife with an axe.
    The Mirror understands the sad scenario of a broken down family immediately descended as the couple's three children who followed their beleaguered mother to her boyfriend's place.
    Ruzive fumed when The Mirror called her for a comment.
    "Who told you that I am pregnant? What help do I get from talking to you?" asked Ruzive before cutting off the phone.
    A close relative to Bare confirmed the story and said that his family is not going to demand anything from the accused.
    "We are merely sending the woman back to her parents. The marriage is broken down. We don't want any payment from Serima. He was a friend to the husband and how can he stab him in the back like that," said the relative.
    Another source said it was not true that the two just had sex once. He said the whole village had become aware of the relationship as the two were seen in the hills, at the gardens and the accused's wife at one time fought Ruzive over the relationship.news
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