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Sugarcane Association suspends secretary general

Elizabeth Mashiri - CHIREDZI
– The Commercial Sugarcane Farmers Association (CSFA) based in Chiredzi has suspended its secretary general Roy Bhila and treasurer Bere on allegations that the two have swindled the organisation of some funds.
The suspensions are with immediate effect.
According to the minutes of the meeting which was held on June 24 2014, Bhila and Bere allegedly connived to embezzle association funds.
Admore Hwarare who is the chairman of the association confirmed the suspensions in an interview with The Mirror.
Efforts to get a comment from the two accused were fruitless.
He said the matter is at the moment still internal although CID had wanted to come in and investigate the case.
The minutes indicate that it was the members of the association who brought the allegations against the two officials and had called for the CID to investigate. However, Hwarare as the chairman ordered that an internal investigation be carried out first before outsiders were brought in.
The meeting alleged that Bhila and Bere were authorising each other to access dubious allowances when they attended association meetings and that was not constitutional.
Hwarare alleged that the association's ZB account recorded US$10 000 June revenue but the money was withdrawn to US$570 within five days and the money was never use for association business.
It is also alleged that the two connived and persuaded the association administrator to rent a house in Tshovani High Density Suburb which they alleged was going for US$500 a month.news

MP Chiwa attacks Hwarare again

Elizabeth Mashiri - CHIREDZI
- The Member of Parliament for Chiredzi West, Darlington Chiwa has accused Zimbabwe Sugar Milling Industry Union (ZSMIWU) general secretary, Admore Hwarare of failing to represent workers hence their failure to get salary increments from Tongaat Hulett.
Chiwa said he cannot stand by and watch his electorate being undermined by an inept union which he also accused of corruption.
 "These workers are my employers. They voted me into office so that I serve them. I will therefore not sit back when a corrupt union is undermining their interests," said Chiwa
He said he has started intervening in the matter by directly engaging Tongaat management itself on the issue of salary increments.
"I have approached Tongaat managing director, Sydney Mutsambiwa over this matter and he complains that it is difficult to negotiate salary increments with a disorganised union," said Chiwa.
Hwarare however, hit back at the MP and said Chiwa should not interfere in trade union business because he is not a trade unionist. He asked Chiwa to instead focus on infrastructure development, construction of roads and general improvement of the economy.
"Chiwa should leave union business to unionists. I am the one who helped Chiwa into office by funding his campaigns and he is scared that come next election I might find someone else and eliminate him so he wants to do away with me,"  said Hwarare.news


Bishop Bhasera accident victim dies

Morris Bishi - ZAKA - Genuine Dembe, a 17-year-old boy injured when an ox-driven scotch-cart he was riding was hit by the Catholic Bishop for Masvingo Michael Bhasera's vehicle has died.
Dembe who was a form 3 pupil at Chimbwembwe Secondary School in Zaka died at Parirenyatwa Hospital on Friday afternoon.
Esther Muneri, one of the relatives of the deceased confirmed the death to The Mirror and said relatives are still gathered in Bikita trying to come to terms with the loss.
Efforts to get a comment from the Roman Catholic Church were fruitless. Father Walter Nyatsanza who is the Vicar General for Masvingo Diocese and also drove Bishop Bhasera on the day the accident happened did not pick his phone when The Mirror tried to contact him for comment.
Police Spokesperson, Charity Mazula said she was still to get the information. However, sources at the school confirmed the death and it is understood that the school head attended the burial which took place at Denhere Village in  Chief Mabika's area in Bikita on Sunday.
The Mirror could not ascertain whether Dembe had been continuously detained in hospital from the time the accident happened on June 14, 2014.
Dembe stayed with her sister in Muneri Village under Chief Bota at the time of his death.
A source said Dembe was a bright pupil who always received trophies for academic excellence and he is a big loss to the school.news

Zaka RDC employees’ fraud case fails to start

Morris Bishi - ZAKA – The trial of nine Zaka Rural District Council employees who are facing charges of fraud has failed to start for the fourth time.
This came after the Resident Magistrate Constance Mutandwa and Prosecutor Douglas Mapolisa recused themselves after the nine accused persons raised complainants against them.
The matter is supposed to be heard by court officials who should come from Masvingo but it was postponed three times as no official from Masvingo showed up. The accused persons came to court on several occasions only to be told that there are no court officials to hear their case.
Asked by The Mirror what may be causing the delay, Provincial Magistrate Langton Ndokera said his magistrates are ready to hear the case but the prosecution is the one which is not yet ready.
"The magistrate is like a referee who enters the field of play when all teams are ready, so we are waiting for the State", Ndokera said.
The nine accused are Andrew Jekese (39), NhopiNyika (44), MagwedeCosmas (54), Rusosa Charles (43), Mutsago Edmore (44), Shamiso Mapuranga (39), Davy Leornard Masikati (59), Tichaona Chikondori and Michael Guvuriro.
Allegations are that they used to receipt recommended charges of $6 for buses entering Jerera Bus Terminus after removing carbon papers and write $1 on carbon and them pocketed the difference.news

Zaka RDC gives 30-day ultimatum to demolish illegal structures

Morris Bishi - ZAKA
– Zaka Rural District Council has ordered desperate home seekers who were sold pieces of land by village heads around Jerera Growth Point and constructed illegal structures to vacate within a month.
In letters which were seen by The Mirror, council gave the illegal structures` owners only a month to leave before council effect the demolitions.
However, the MP of the area, Paradza Chakona and the councillor Peter Imbayarwo are adamant that the structures should be regularised because it was not the home seekers who erred but the village heads.
 The letters that have a Prohibition Order and Enforcement Order dated 27 June 2014 have already been served on the owners of the structures.
The order reads, 'Therefore take note that in terms of Section 32 of the Act you are hereby ordered to discontinue the occupation of/construction of the building with effect from 27 June 2014 and restore the land to its original state which shall be the date from which this order takes effect. This order will come into operation 26 July 2014 on which Enforcement Order becomes operational which is by law 30 days from date of service of the Order''.
Christopher Jani, one of those affected by the order said, "council is becoming unfair to us, we offered to pay for the land but they are denying us that chance. We were given this land years back by village heads and we used to pay unit tax to council on a yearly basis under the village heads, it is unfair for them to punish us and not the village heads".
Councillor for Ward 19, Peter Imbayarwo said council should punish the village heads who offered land to these people.
"Some paid huge sums of money to the village heads and this was way before the land was earmarked for development by council and the village heads are the ones who caused this confusion. The best way out is to regularise the structures and allow the owners to buy the land," he said.
The Member of Parliament for Zaka Central, Chakona said the matter should be resolved amicably.
"I recommended that council stops these demolitions until new stands are pegged out and if these illegal structures are affected it is only humane to allocate stands to the owners so that they buy.
 "Council should legalise those illegal structures and afford the owners an opportunity tobuy the land," said Chakona.
Efforts to get a comment from Council Chairman Sebastian Musundire were fruitless since his cellphone was not reachable.news

Man in custody for failing to pay $13 000 maintenance

Morris Bishi - ZAKA
- Tivaone Machote of Padare Village under Chief Nhema was last Sunday arrested for defaulting maintenance payments to his wife Rose Mupingashato (35).
Machote was recently issued with a warrant of arrest for defaulting payments resulting in accrued backlog of $13000 for the upkeep of his five kids.
 In March 2012 Machote was ordered to pay $500 monthly for the upkeep of five kids he sired with Mupingashato whom he divorced after an illness which impaired part of her body. Mupingashato is now using a wheelchair.
 Machote, a businessman in Harare was arrested by Police in Harare and appeared before Zaka Resident Magistrate Constance Mutandwa on Thursday last week. The State led by Douglas Mapolisa alleges that Machote did not comply with a court order which compelled him to pay $500 per month for the upkeep of his family and the arrears had reached $13 000.
 Machote was remanded in custody to July, 2014.news


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