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Fisherman shot dead

Givemore kudzwida - CHIREDZI
- For the second time this year, an alleged poacher was shot and killed by a game rancher after he was found in Garry Wrath's farm.
Chali Mupo(39), a game rancher appeared in court last week facing a murder charge after he shot and killed Brighton Chimamise whom he found fishing at Dundwa Dam, Wasara Ranch.
Chimamise died instantly from the wound he sustained leading to the arrest of the accused. The court records also confirmed that the accused is not a first offender but has previously appeared in court for assault.
The accused was then remanded in custody by the Regional Magistrate Tayengwa Chibanda to April 16 2014.news

‘Chechnya’ buries MDC T activist

Mirror Reporter - GUTU
- In the whole of Gutu District, there is only one ward which went to MDC T.
Ward 27 in Gutu South is obviously a source of headaches for the ruling Zanu PF as the party lost this ward in the year 2 000 and never managed to win it back since then. In fact in 2005, it was again the only ward in the whole of Gutu that MDC T held while the rest were in the hands of Zanu PF.
The ward is nicknamed Chechnya.
Last Saturday, Chechnya did not hold a funeral, going by what went on at the burial of Edward Gono, a leading MDC T youth activist. Party members were actually holding celebrations as the whole of Gono Village turned into a sea of red, sang and danced the day and night away.  Supporters came from as far afield as Harare, Masvingo, Chiredzi and Mutare to bury the MDC T activist described by speakers as daring.
Gono was the youth district chairman for Masvingo Urban.
He was killed in a car accident in Chivi last Thursday after a pick-up truck where he was a passenger at the back overturned.  He died four hours later at Masvingo General Hospital before he was admitted into hospital.
Speaker after speaker said Eddie, as he was popularly known was the man who would be sent to trouble spots. He would meet anyone ounce for ounce and would come back intact. He was at one time thrown deep in Mwenezi where MDC T had failed to campaign in 2008 because of an alleged notorious Zanu PF war veteran who unleashed violence.
Sources close to Eddie said there was 'war' in the area until aspiring candidates were able to move around the area freely.
Former Mayor Alderman Fermias Chakabuda, described Gono as a selfless man who worked for democracy and justice.
"We have lost a man whose only quest was justice. He became agitated if he saw any traversity to justice. He was candid and was not driven by the want of money. He also wanted to see the best men and women being elected to leadership posts in the party," said Chakabuda.
Ward 27 Councillor, Jefrey  Tangemhare who broke into tears as he spoke said Ward 27 became Chechnya because of Eddie. He said Eddie was a strategist who would take a chunk of his time to campaign for the MDC T in his home ward. He said Gono would always be at home when things were difficult.
Masvingo Mayor, Hubert Fidze and several councillors from Masvingo attended the funeral.
Eriam Musendekwa who lost to Dr Paul Chimedza in Gutu South Constituency described Gono as a soldier for democracy.
Gono's brother, Johannes Gono who is also a former councillor for Ward 2 in Masvingo said the family had lost a pillar.
Eddie is survived by his wife and seven children.news

Chivi Rural District Council introducing electronic payment system

Princess Sibanda - CHIVI
- Chivi Rural District Council (CRDC) is introducing an electronic system for payment of rates such as water bills, rents, stands on sale and any other service offered by the council, the CRDC chief executive officer, Tariro Matavire has said.
 Matavire said an electronic payment system has become critical in this day and age because it provides a convenience to both the service provider and the clients. He said the e-system will also bring about transparency in the way business is done at council.
He said in order to ensure success of the project; council has had to put on halt several other projects so that it can concentrate on the e-sytem.
"There were doubts about the importance of this project at this juncture with some arguing that an e-system will not be effective because it required higher literacy levels than are found in the rural areas. However, we took note of the Ecocash which has become popular and user-friendly throughout the country," said Matavire.
He said that the software will be installed by a company from Harare called the 23rd Century.
"At first we encountered a lot of opposition towards this programme where people were questioning the importance of this software in a rural setup like Chivi.
"A lot of people pointed out that the majority of the population are illiterate and there is no way they could be able to use such advanced software.
"However, we are in the 21st century where change is possible; who ever thought that Ecocash will be used in the rural areas," said Matavire.news

Suspected Bikita diamond robbers acquitted

Mirror Reporter - MASVINGO
- Two suspected armed robbers Lazarus Birima (33) and Francis Ruzariro (28) both of Number 14 Murambi Flats, Manica Avenue in Mutare who were facing two charges of armed robbery and unlawful possession of ammunition were found not guilty by Masvingo Magistrate Judith Zuyu and were acquitted.
Prosecutor Moreblessing Rusere told the court that on August 15 2013, the duo armed with three rifles, machete, bolt cutter, shifting spanner and seal traps drove two Toyota Hilux vehicles registration numbers ACU9241 and ACD7436 to Nan Jian African Resources Diamond mine at Devure in Bikita, where they tied a security guard, David Mungaya, with seal traps before breaking into a diamond flow sorting room in search of diamonds.
The accused who were in company of Dickson Jawa and three others who are still at large were alleged to have got away with three radio sets valued at US$300 each. Acting on tip off Police managed to arrest the accused person and recovered two vehicles.
However, Jawa has since been convicted and sentenced on his own plea of guilty. Birimi and Ruzariro who were represented by Rodney Makausi who was assisted by Frank Chirairo both of Makausi Saratoga Law Firm, pleaded not guilty to the charges.
The state failed to prove the case and the two were acquitted. crime

Robbers pounce on GZU girls’ hostels

Rumbidzai Ndhlovu - MASVINGO
- Three unidentified  gunmen last week handcuffed a security guard at the Great Zimbabwe University girls' hostel in Rujeko near Flamboyant Hotel and got away with four laptops and seven smart phones valued at $US 1 865.
Masvingo Police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nkululeko Nduna confirmed the incident.
"I can confirm that we have received a robbery case and investigations are still being carried out to identify the suspects," said Nduna.
The incident happened last Thursday at around 0100 hours. The trio then apprehended the security guard at gunpoint and handcuffed him with his own handcuffs. They then ordered the security guard to direct him into the girls' hostel.
Upon arrival, the robbers ordered the security guard to knock at the doors and identify himself to the girls so that they would open. The students opened the door thinking that the guard wanted to alert them on something.
Three students who were in that room received a shock of their life when they saw the robbers who did not take time to enter into their premises. They were ordered to lie down. They left with four laptops and four smart phones.
Another student who witnessed the robbery told The Mirror that one of the armed robbers dragged her friend outside the room and it seems like the robber had intentions of raping her, but she screamed and he quickly ran away.crime

Hippo High donates to Tokwe Mukosi Victims

Givemore Kudzwida - Chiredzi
- Hippo Valley High school students and members of staff made an initiative that surprised the school authorities last week when they suddenly pitched up at the deputy head's office and sought transport to ferry donations they had mobilized to Chingwizi Transit Camp where Tokwe Mukosi flood victims are staying.
The donations included clothes and money for affected children.
In an interview with The Mirror, Child MP Nomsa Muzvidziwa said the School felt the need to help children affected by the flood.
"We have been reading and listening to reports about the Tokwe Mukosi flooding and as a school we decided to help in our own capacity. We mobilized bags of second hand clothes which we believe will help children whose clothes were washed away by the floods," said Muzvidziwa.
Hippo Valley High school deputy headmistress Constancy Tsingo appreciated the gift which was mobilized by the school.
"It's very rare for people to understand the difficulties faced by others. I was surprised when teachers together with students representatives knocked at my office asking for transport to deliver a donation targeted at school going kids here at Chingwizi," said Tsingo.
Acting Mwenezi District Administrator Elisa Chauke thanked the school on behalf of the Zimbabwean Government.
"On behalf of the Zimbabwean Government, I say thank you for remembering that children at Chingwizi are in need of clothes. During times of disaster there is no limit when it comes to helping. This is a lesson which has been taught to everyone in Zimbabwe that fighting a disaster requires everyone's effort," said Chauke.
The school donated 4 bags of clothes and a sum of US$ 26 meant for the children.
The school  promised to continue supporting their counter parts at Chingwizi as some of the school staff and students who made pledges are yet to fulfill them.news

Methodist Church donates to Tokwe-Mukosi

Grace Zvenyika - MASVINGO
- The Methodist Church in Zimbabwe has donated food stuffs and blankets to the victims of the Tokwe-Mukosi disaster.
The donations were presented to the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs for Masvingo, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti  by Reverend Eliot Mashonganyika on Friday last week.
After the presentation, Reverend Mashonganyika proceeded to Chingwizi Holding Camp where he met the victims and got to understand more of their problems.
Mashonganyika told the Minister that their church was touched by the disaster which fell upon the Tokwe-Mukosi victims and he then arranged with other members and managed to get blankets, comforters, soap, mealie-meal and cooking oil.
"Our church in Borrowdale in Harare managed to work with other Methodist churches in Harare East district. We realize that we are now approaching the winter season and the victims have no blankets after the floods.
"We did not have much but we said to ourselves that we must give the little that we have," said Mashonganyika.
In accepting the donation, Minister Bhasikiti said one of the biggest problems facing the victims was the shortage of food adding that the food left at Chingwizi was going to take only two weeks.news

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