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From Masarasara primary near Renco Mine to any school in and around Zvishavane; 0773643727.
From Chitanga primary on the Beitbridge highway, electrified and tapped water to any school in the 20km radius in Chiredzi, Zaka along highway with electricity and good water by 1 April 2015; 0773050230.
From Gwira primary 30km from Masvingo, Ngomahuru turnoff to any school in Gutu east; 0774018978.
From Chinhoyi peri urban to any school in Masvingo urban or peri urban o Gutu district teaching Geography and Divinity; 0772765931; 0778707657.
From Madondo primary in Zaka to any school in Masvingo town or peri urban; 0715357997.
From Porepore primary with Mkwasine Chiuredzi, has electricity and good accommodation indoors showers and toilets to any school in Zaka with electricity; 0776466571.
From Checheche primary to Masvingo, Zaka or Gutu districts teaching grade 5; 0723241595.
From Muterekwa school in Zaka along Masvingo-Chiredzi highway to any school in Masvingo district; 0773271270.
From Chiredzi to any school in Masvingo district; 0775133382. 
From Befura primary in Chivi North along Gweru road to any school in Masvingo district ECD teacher; 0774992989.
From Chilonga in Chiredzi to Jekero Save; 0775133382.
From Mashonaland West to any school in Masvingo peri urban. The school is 10km from Westgate along Chinhoyi road and a secondary school 35km from Harare teaching Shona and History; 0775254605; 0714539536.
From Mukanya primary in Chirumanzi in the Midlands province with electricity and good source of water to any school in Masvingo district and Gutu South; 0773516407.
From a Bikita boarding school teaching Divinity to any school in Masvingo urban; 0772244080; 0713203335.
From Tagwirei primary teaching ECD near Renco Mine to any school in Masvingo urban or peri urban; 0774880978; 0773532171.
From Bangwe primary in Maranda Mwenezi, electrified to any school in Chivi district; 0773134396.
From Mushangwe to any school in Masvingo district; 077948443.

Labour Court Judge in Masvingo circuit

Martha Leboho - MASVINGO
– Labour Court Judge, Godfrey Musariri is in Masvingo on circuit where he is going to hear 20 labour cases.
The session started on Monday and will finish on March 27, 2015. It is expected that Judge Musariri will be hearing two cases a day.
Some of the cases on role include employees against Ministry of Education, ZINWA, Ministry of Health and Child Welfare , Cotton Company of  Zimbabwe and Altfin Life assurance amongst others.
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MSU student acquitted of fraud charges

Elizabeth Mashiri
- A Midlands State University student on attachment with Newbase Construction in Zvishavane who was dragged to the Magistrate's court for allegedly stealing money has been found not guilty and acquitted.
It is the State's case that on December 20, last year Joana Chavarika (29) of Emthumbane, Bulawayo and Bernard Ruvetsva (45) of Westeria, Weston Lee Mashava allegedly took US$2 850 at the company which was supposed to be paid to two workers.
The Magistrate ruled that there was no evidence to implicate the accused.local news

What are you doing with a around my wife…?

Martha Leboho - MASVINGO – Kephas Rusenga, a 62-year-old man from Gwenhure Village under Chief Nyajena has lost three teeth after a neighbor who found him walking around his home suspected that he had an affair with the wife and struck him with a log.
Mavhuna Mavhuna (32) appeared before Magistrate Oliver Mudzongachiso and was convicted of assault and jailed for 12 months.
The State represented by Joshua Mundondo said on August 21, 2014 at around 11pm Mavhuna met Rusenga (60) and demanded to know where he was going during the night and holding a cellphone near his home.
Mavhuna accused Rusenga of having an adulterous affair with his wife and an altercation arose between the two which led to Mavhuna becoming angry. Mavhuna then picked a stone and struck Rusenga once on the mouth and Rusenga  fell down.
Mavhuna picked a log a
​nd struck Rusenga several times on his back and head. Rusenga sustained a deep cut on the forehead and lost three teeth.local news

Man bites female cop's breast

Runesu Gwidi - MASVINGO
– A man trying to get his way into a show organised by the Great Zimbabwe University at Ritz Night Club in Masvingo has been jailed for 30 days after biting a female Police officer's breast.
Komborero Sibanda (27) from Majange Suburb in Masvingo appeared before Masvingo Magistrate, Oliver Mudzongachiso last week.
He was fined $100 or 30 days in prison with hard labour.
The State represented by Joshua Mundondo said on March 14, 2015  at around 11pm, the accused was at Ritz Nite Club where there was a live band show  hosted by  Great Zimbabwe University.  The gig organisers asked ZRP constables, Shava, Denya and Ngirandi who were on night patrol to control the crowd.
The accused blocked the entrance and refused to be moved.
Constable Pollen Shava, a female cop descended on him and grabbed him by the hand as she tried to effect an arrest. The accused then resisted and severely bit her once on the chest.
He was arrested by another police detail and taken to Masvingo Central Police Station.
The complainant was left with deep and visible teeth marks on her chest after the incident.local news      

New Headman Ngwenyeni installed

​Kenias Mukachana, the new headman.

Morris Bishi
Chiredzi Bureau - Malipati
- Kenias Mukachana was installed substantive Headman Ngwenyeni at a colourful ceremony held at Muhlekwani Primary School in Malipati under Chief Sengwe in Chiredzi South this week.
Mukachana (41) who is married and has been previously working in South Africa became a substantive headman after his father who was substantive headman Paulos Mbulumete Mukachana died in 2009.
David Ngilichi then acted as Headman from 2011 to 2013 as per Traditional Leaders' Act.
Speaking on behalf of Ignatius Chombo, the Minister of Local Government, Chiredzi District Administrator Mrs Clara Muzenda urged the new headman to work in peace with his subjects and respect the rule of law.
She also urged the traditional leaders in Sengwe area to campaign against children of school going age who illegally cross to South Africa.
"Chapter 15 of the Constitution provides the overall frame work under which traditional leaders operate. Headman Ngwenyeni therefore stands guided by the laws of the nation in the discharge of his duties hence guard against inconsistency" said Muzenda.
Mrs Muzenda said Government in partnership with Plan International is engaging in the rehabilitation of road network and Manjinji irrigation scheme under food for work programme and urged the new Headman and his community to partner well for such initiatives to be a success.
"Let me advise that Government has departed from the culture of free food hand outs as all able bodied men and women are expected to do developmental projects in return for food of cash assistance" added
Muzenda also said there is need for the community to be united against cattle rustlers who cross over from Mozambique with connivance of the locals to smuggle cattle to Mozambique saying.
Chief Sengwe hailed the installation ceremony and said it is important for all the Shangaan people.
"This is an important day for the Shangaan people as you can see the community is happy. Chiefs are given power by
the President and we were empowered to try cases but my advice to Headman Ngwenyeni is for him to lead with wisdom" said Chief Sengwe.
Ngwenyeni headmanship is of the mlilo/moto/fire totem which is common among Shangaan tribes. The headmanship was ushered in 1944 by the then Magubu whose grandfather moved into the then Rhodesia from Mozambique.
Due to old age Magubu nominated his son Paulos Mbulumete as his assistant in the dischare of duties before his eventual sappointment in 1974 upon his death. The headmanship has four registered village heads under it namely Ngwenyeni, Hadhama, Marumbini and Mafunjwa and other
village heads are still to be formally registered.local news

Taxi driver jailed for evading maintenance payments

Runesu Gwidi - MASVINGO
- A taxi driver learnt the hard way that there is no wisdom in evading paying maintenance for one's children particularly after a court order  was issued when Magistrate, Oliver Mudzongachiso of Masvingo slapped him with an effective three months in prison with hard labour .
Talkmore Bondamakara(42) has been dodging payment of maintenance for his three children.
Bondamakara was arrested after eight months of running away from and dodging the Police.
He pleaded guilty to the charge of contravening the Maintenance Act.
The State represented by Joshua Mundondo puts it that from July 14, 2014 the accused defied an order by evading payment of maintenance for three children he sired with Ratidzo Kabasa, amounting to $350. Police details at Chikato had a torrid time looking for the accused for eight months.
A tip-off to the Police led to the accused's arrest and detention.
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