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‘H-Metro’ reporter extorting Chiredzi school heads

ELLEN MLAMBO  - Chiredzi
– A conman who is disguising as a reporter with H-Metro is swindling school heads from Chiredzi by threatening to expose their private life or making up scandals in the institutions they head.
Some of the heads approached by the conman are from Tshovani High and Tshovani Primary School.
Last year Magistrate Geraldine Mutsoto convicted a reporter who pretended to be employed by The Mirror and produced fake liquor licence notices and duped members of the public of their money. He was sentenced to five months in prison which was suspended on condition that he fully restituted the complainants and also paid a fine.
The same reporter is appearing at the court for different media offences.
Acting Police spokesperson, Nduna confirmed that Police was investigating the Chiredzi case. He however, declined to divulge details as this would prejudice investigations.
The allegations are that the conman phones the head on the mobile phone and makes allegations either to do with their private life or financial issues in the school. He then demands that the head immediately pays him a certain amount into an ecocash account or the story would be splashed in the newspaper.
The conman has been operating with two numbers with one being used to call the school head and the other for depositing money through ecocash. One head is understood to have parted with $900 after falling to the conman's antics.
H-Metro deputy editor, Charles Mushinga said the newspapers did not have a reporter in Chiredzi and therefore the person was a conman.
"We don't have a reporter in Chiredzi and our reporters don't go about demanding money. All our reporters must identify themselves to their news sources and this one is obviously a fraudster. I want to warn the public against entertaining such people by immediately reporting them to the Police," said Mushinga.local news

3 000 pupils attend Sanganisai Children’s Festival

Joy Mazhinye - Masvingo Rural
- Some 3 000 students and residents of Masvingo North in Chief Chikwanda's area last week gathered for the Sanganisai Annual Children's Festival, an event meant to educate children on different topical issues including child abuse, HIV and Aids and drug abuse using art and drama.
The daylong event which took place on Friday was held at Rukovo High School and there were five other schools that attended the function namely; Chikwanda Secondary, Mashonga Primary, Harahwe Primary, Zano Primary and Mutya Primary.
The event is an initiative of schools in the area.
This year's theme centered on cancer, HIV and Aids, sugar daddies, early marriages, child and drug abuse.
Pupils were through arts and drama encouraged to undergo breast and cervical cancer tests. They were made aware of the dangers of sugar daddies, drug abuse and early marriages.
Speaking at the event, Theresencia Rukuni who represented the district education officer called upon other districts to hold such events as this will assist pupils in exploring their artistic talents through drama, poetry and music.
"Let us continue to have this festival as it helps pupils explore their artistic talents. We are going to encourage other schools and districts to have such festival as Sanganisai. This festival has made us realize that some pupils are not talented in school but rather in artistic activities," said Rukuni.
Rukovo High head and SCF cluster chairperson Robbie Matambo said the festival was meant to commemorate humanity.
"This is an event we hold annually and was founded by Ephson Ngadya who is one of our own. Ngadya who comes from here is the founder of Grass Roots Theatre Company based in Bulawayo.
"We encourage schools to continue supporting this festival as children meet and explore their talents as shown by the festival's name Sanganisai Children's Festival",  said Matambo.
Also present were representatives from the ZRP, National Arts Council of Zimbabwe, National Association of Secondary School Heads, National Association of Primary School Heads, Great Zimbabwe University and some community members.local news

Zivhu donates 36 cattle for independence

Killer Zivhu

Martha Leboho  - CHIVI
– Zanu PF secretary for finance for Masvingo Province who is also Chivi council chairman, Killer Zivhu has donated US$12 800 to 31 councillors to buy 36 cattle to be slaughtered for independence celebrations in Chivi.
"These cattle is for us to celebrate independence the same way we enjoyed it 35years ago, so that we continue to celebrate for the next 35 years again," said Zivhu.
Zivhu said that each councillor was going to get a beast to be slaughtered in his or her ward.
"We must as councillors get together with our people and celebrate independence. This shows that we don't give our backs to them the moment we are elected into office but we are with them all the way to 2018 when we will all be elected again," said Zivhu.
"This has never happened in Chivi that we get 36 cattle for independence celebrations, Zivhu is the first person , it's beyond any doubt that he has matured in politics and we are blessed to have him," said Phillip Hungwe.
The money was handed over to finance committee chairman, Councillor Taurai Masvinu.
Chivi councillors also declared drought in Chivi and they have organised to buy at least 500 tonnes of maize from Gokwe at affordable prices and to hire a truck which will transport the grain.
local news

American citizen fined for negligent driving

Simbarashe Sithole - MASVINGO
– Louise Palmer Fortman (68) a female from Carlifonia in the United States of America who is currently staying in Mazvihwa area in Zvishavane has appeared at Masvingo Provincial Magistrates court for negligent driving recently.
The matter was heard by Magistrate Oliver Mudzongachiso who ordered Fortman to pay a fine of $80.
The State represented by Prosecutor Joshua Mundondo said that on March 18, 2015 and at around 1800hrs, the accused person who is a holder of an American Class C driver's licence number C4007884 was driving a Hyundai ix35 vehicle with registration number ACR 1861 along the Masvingo-Mbalabala Highway on her way to Mbalabala.
On approaching the 24km peg along the road, she tried to overtake an unidentified haulage truck but ran out of luck when an oncoming traffic suddenly appeared in front of her.
In an attempt to avoid a head on collision Fortman veered off the road and lost control of the vehicle and overturned once. Two passengers, Jon Solera and Attila Paksi who were in the car were injured.
Fortman will spend alternatively spend 25 days in prison.

Forget about Mitchel Farm -Mahofa tells Mzembi

​Walter Mzembi.

Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister Engineer Walter Mzembi has declared he remains the holder of a legitimate offer letter for Barquest Farm in Masvingo until the acquiring authority represented by the Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement Dr Douglas Mombeshora revokes it.
He said the provincial land committee led by Provincial Affairs Minister Shuvai Mahofa could only make a recommendation to Minister Mombeshora to have the offer reversed.
Minister Mzembi was responding to a story run by The Herald on April 1 2015 tittled "Mahofa blocks Mzembi farm bid" in which Cde Mahofa said Barquest Farm, owned by Mrs Hellen Mitchell, was strategic to the economy of the province.
Cde Mahofa yesterday said there was no going back on the decision to bar Minister Mzembi from taking over the farm which houses the largest chicken hatchery project in the province.
"We have already written a letter to the Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement (Dr Mombeshora) informing him of our decision to have Minister Mzembi's offer letter at Barquest Farm withdrawn and nothing is going to change on that,'' she said.
"Our decision as the provincial land committee cannot be challenged because it is us the people of Masvingo who decide what should happen with our land. The Minister of Lands cannot turn down what we would have recommended because he does not live here. The issue of Barquest Farm is a closed chapter and we have already assured the owner of the farm, Mrs Mitchell, that she is safe because the hatchery project there is very important to us,'' added Senator Mahofa.
Minister Mzembi was issued with an offer letter to take over about 367 hectares at Barquest Farm.
He attacked Minister Mahofa for defending a white farmer.
"It is, in the circumstances, inconceivable and ideologically bankrupt for a senior Government official, who should know better, to defend both iniquities, let alone when such iniquities are by old colonial settler farmers.
"The ongoing narrative about some farms being too strategic to take over is a misplacement of priorities. All land is strategic and should never be used as a tool for political revenge, vengeance or retribution by blacks against their own kind, as seems to be the case here," he said.

Herald Reporters.

Diedericks’ will disappears; children to jet into Zim

​The late Christie Diedericks.

Garikai Mafirakureva - MASVINGO
- Newzeland based Pieter Diedericks, the eldest son of the late Masvingo business mogul Christie Diedericks and his sibblings, Anton Diedericks of Polokwane in South Africa and Rene Erasmus nee Diedericks also of Polokwane,South Africa are expected in the country next week to solve the problems facing their late wealthy father's estate.
The late Masvingo businessman Diedericks' will cannot be found amid serious court battles over his estate.
The three siblings who will also be in Zimbabwe for the burial of their father's ashes have signed affidavits giving Misheck Gapare  power to preside over their late father's estate.
The affidavits put into jeopardy some development projects that were taking place on the late businessman's estate and of them is a housing scheme run by the recently installed Chief Bonface Musara in a prime land near Wimpy in Masvingo.
Musara said he can not comment on the issue because he is not involved in the matter.
Pieter who is the family spokesperson said they fully backed Gapare as the man who should run the estate since he was trusted by their late father.
"Our father confided in Gapare and trusted him to the extent that he was literally running our father's affairs when he was still alive. There are problems and we hope to solve them when we come. We will be attending a function for the burial of our father's ashes in Zimbabwe this month.
"The biggest problem is our father's will cannot be found. Everyone involved is professing ignorance and we should be able to attend and tackle this issue when we come," said Pieter.
Meanwhile, Gapare through his Labourhold Enterprises issued a notice of eviction to Cornelia, the late Diedericks' wife through the High Court Sheriff. He wants her off Lot 2 Clipsham Farm which he claims to have authority over. The farm includes BP Shell and a housing scheme being run by Chief Musara under his company Gorge Safaris.
Cornelia refused to talk to the press. Labourhold Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd, once wrote a letter to ZB Bank, last October 24 2014, to freeze one of Diedericks' accounts under Dielandsy Trust (Acc number 4564-733329-200), in a move sparked a long-drawn-out legal battle pitting Gapare and other business partners. Gapare also wrote to ZIMRA, BP Shell trading as Zuva Petroleum which had a 25 year lease with Diedricks.local news

Bhasikiti scoffs at mango trees story

​Kudakwashe Chuma Bhasikiti.

Tawanda Homba - MwenEzi
– Former Masvingo Provincial Affairs Minister, Kudakwashe Chuma Bhasikiti has scoffed at allegations that he cut down mango trees at his farm after he was fired as Minister recently.
His successor, Shuvai Mahofa told the media that the disappointed Bhasikiti was cutting down trees at his farm. It was then widely believed that Bhasikiti cut down the trees in fear that the Zanu PF faction that had gotten into power would take away the farm from him.
When contacted for comment Bhasikiti told The Mirror that someone saw him pruning down old branches that no longer bear fruit and ran with the story that Bhasikiti was destroying an orchard.
"We are pruning old branches which no longer bear fruits. You can come and see the ones we removed last year.  We are adding value to a farm which had long lost its commercial value. We don't own farms for prestige but for production to build our economy.
"The pruned trees will produce above 300kg each and before that some had dropped to only 10kg,''said Bhasikiti.
Alerted by the story, Zanu PF politburo member Josiah Hungwe rushed to the farm to establish the allegations. He came back empty handed and conceded that there was no destruction of fruit trees at Bhasikiti's farm.
He however, declined to comment to The Mirror.
"I can't comment at the moment. l have made a comment on this issue before, so why keep on asking the same question?" asked  Hungwe.local news

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