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Currently at Mupfururirwa Secondary in Chikomba District 53km from Chivhu electrified and borehole almost ready teaching History to any school Gutu and Masvingo; 0785129095.

From Museredza Primary School, Centenary/Muzarabani in Mashonaland Central Province to any school in Masvingo Province; 0774568574.

From Batanai Primary in Gutu to any school in Gutu South, Chivi, Mashava, Zvishavane or Mberengwa; 0776453826.

From Simukai Primary in Chikomba Mashonaland East to any school in Masvingo Province; 0779384475.

From Mandloro Primary in Zaka 6km from highway and 100m from Clinic to any school in Zaka North or Chivi North or Masvingo; 0775499609.

From Chivhu teaching ECD to any school in Ngundu; 0718738640.

From Harava Primary, Zaka North 50km from Mutonhori High, tapped water, solar power and T road junction to any school in Masvingo; 0715958030/0776454605.

From Gwariro Primary School in Bikita to any school in Masvingo or Gutu District; 0774056431.

From Rushinga to any school in Bindura or Mazoe; 0773148399.

From Binga Mission School with taped water and Zesa to any school in Masvingo Province; 0772959906; 0772454204; 0773862021.

From Pindi Park Primary to Norton or Lake Schools; 0737336797.

From Mapungwana Primary teaching ECD in Chipinge district with Zesa good accommodation and water; 0772806807/0718833222.

From Nyamandi Primary with taped water and Zesa a couple preferably Nerupiri, Rupiri, Guni, Chimedza and Ndahwi; 0776585637/0775903687.

From Harare to any school in Mutare teaching Science; 0771474334.

From Mupakwa Primary in Bikita with Zesa and water to any school in Chivi, Chiredzi or Gutu; 0775995872.

From Musukutwa Primary in Bikita to any school in Masvingo; 0773240575; 0773897206.

From Nyahombe Primary to preferably Gunikuni; Mukonde; Musingarabwi, Shumbayaonda and Nyanda; 0775045836.

From Zifunzi Primary in Chivi 2km from Highway with borehole, good accomadation to any school in Masvingo district; 0775500896.

A couple from Gutu East school is electrified 28km from Mutare highway to any good school in Masvingo Province or Midlands; 0774018978.

From a school in Mudzi District from Mashonaland East Province 30km from Mutoko Growth Point, generator, borehole water and transport available to any school in Masvingo teaching English up to O Level; 0773790475.

From Marongere Primary in Zimuto with Zesa, tapped water to any school in Chivi; 0713072823.

From Madenyika Secondaryin in mberengwa Midlands teaching Geography and English up to O Level with decent accommodation, tapped water, WiFi, near the road and clinic to any school along Zvishavane-Gweru road with similar conditions; 0774968828.

From Kutama Primary in Zvimba, Zesa, tapped water, near Harare Road to any school in Midlands Province or Masvingo Province; 07749099928; 077949310.

Nkulumani Mlambo (0772 118 533/0715 505353)


– President Robert Mugabe is visiting the sugar-producing town of Chiredzi this Saturday with one of his chief missions being to resolve a planned takeover of 4 000 hectares of sugarcane fields from Tongaat Hulett which will inevitably leave 2 000 workers jobless.
President Mugabe whose programmes have always been pro-people is said to be seriously concerned about the impeding job losses.
The majority of Masvingo's 26 Zanu PF MPs are also angry at the planned takeover of the fields which is being engineered by the Minister of State for Masvingo, Shuvai Mahofa and Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement Dr Douglas Mombeshora.
The MPs have appealed to President Mugabe to intervene and stop what one of them described as an "evil and insensitive move" by Mahofa.
The two major unions in Chiredzi Zimbabwe Sugar Milling Industry Workers' Union and  Sugar Production and Milling Workers' Union which have a combined membership of 22 000 workers have also condemned the takeover plans and are looking up to President Mugabe to serve their jobs.
President Mugabe`s visit comes after his six hour meeting with 15 legislators from the province at State House last Wednesday where sources who attended said they told him how Provincial Affairs Minister Shuvai Mahofa and Psychomotor Minister Josiah Hungwe who are relatives and linked to a faction supporting Vice President Mnangagwa faction are mastering factionalism in the province and disregarding the duties of elected legislators.
The legislators area also said to have expressed grave concern over 2000 Tongaat Hullet workers are going to lose their jobs due to the current program to take 4 000 hectares and give it to new farmers.
The sources said President Mugabe promised to summon Mahofa and Hungwe to the meeting so that the complaints against them will be raised during their presence. He also asked Chiredzi legislators to invite three chiefs from the district who will also attend the meeting so that he will hear their concerns regarding the issue of distribution of land at Tongaat Hulett.
"The president is coming to Chiredzi on Saturday where there will be a closed door meeting where many issues that affect the province will be ironed out. Among the issues is the takeover of land from Tongaat where we have been saying as government do we have any other solution to those who will lose jobs.
"We asked our president during last week`s meeting how we can sacrifice over 2000 people for the benefit of only 190 new farmers. These workers have children who are going to school for free in Triangle and Hippo Valley so where will they go. We also explained to him how the godfathers and godmother of factionalism in Masvingo are disregarding elected MPs in favour of factional people who lost elections," said the source. News top story



– Beater Gomo, a nurse at Morgenster Hospital in Masvingo Rural is accused by her husband of having several sex partners numbering more than seven and the hubby has obtained a peace order against her after claiming that she is also abusive.
Gomo conceded to The Mirror that Masvingo Magistrate, Dorothy Mwanyisa did grant an order that bars her from visiting her husband either at his workplace or place of residence but refuted allegations that she had many sex partners.
However, the hubby Julius Gomo managed to get Gomo to sign an affidavit confirming the alleged several sex relationships. Some of the relationships in the affidavits are with prominent Masvingo businessmen, some staffers at the hubby's work place and senior staffers at the Registrar General's office where she used to work.
Gomo threatened to sue her husband for taking such information to Press. She also conceded that she was opposing a divorce application by her husband.
Gomo says in one of her alleged affidavits that she had forgotten some of her lovers because they were just for one night stand.
There pictures and names of her lovers are paraded in the phone.
A prominent businessman and land baron allegedly promised to rent a house for Gomo in Masvingo's Mucheke Suburb but failed to honour his promise resulting in Gomo being evicted after accruing a debt of more than $1 000.
"I am not that stupid to write affidavits about my boyfriends, he is just fixing me and tarnishing my image.
"He sold my car and forcibly took custody of our child," said Gomo.
There is also a chat that allegedly took place between Gomo and a boyfriend in which the boyfriend is even asking to sleep over at Gomo's matrimonial home.
One affidavit allegedly signed by Gomo says; "I am chatting with the following people on my whatsapp account. These people are my boyfriends: Temba Dube, Nyasha Moyo and Cosy Ncube,"
The affidavit was signed before Rev R.R Manyange, a commissioner of oaths on October 17, 2014.
The other affidavit commissioned by lawyer Martin Mureri on April 2, 2013 says, "I had an affair with Elisha Mangwande who resides in Masvingo, Mucheke as from 2009 to 2013. I wanted to get money from him.
"Tuesday Sairasi : I had an affair with him as from January 2013. He resides in Hre, Chitungwiza I loved him. Shonai Tseiwa : I had an affair with him in October 2012. He stays in Hre. I loved him.
"Willard Kohli : I had an affair with him in Jan 2013 in Hre. He stays in Harare. I loved him. Mapara Lawrence : I had an affair with him once in 2009 and then January 2013.
"Sometimes in 2009 I had an affair with an unknown (sic)."
The Mirror called Tuesday Sairasi who said that he did not know Beater.
Below is a chat said to have taken place between a lover named Kurauone T and Gomo.
The chats were sent on 08/02/2015 16:12:59 to 10/02/2015 21:44:40
0715....8: Hello dear hw are u?
Chido: Hie
0715… Hwzit dear
Chido: I'm good n u?
0715… I'm gud bt I miss u … uripi
0715… Mng
Chido: At work
0715… Ok uriseihako?
Chido: Ndiribhooini
0715…Gud dear
Chido: Kuchonabedzi
0715… Taurahako
0715… so wen can I see u?
Chido: Manga matiiimi
0715… I want to see u..
Chido: Where & wen?
0715..Kwauri ikoko pamwe pamawkend
Chido wen exactly
0715… May be wkend
Chido: Saturday/Sunday??
0715….Shaa are u busy pawkend or not?
Chido… Nt yet sure rytnw, wilt el u
0715.. Ok
Chido.. But not at my place
0715… Ko kana ndichidakuraraikoko
Chido: Mmmm
0715.. Wat does that min?
Chido: Not comfortable
0715.. I see
Chido: Yeah
0715… Nhaikusazivandirikutauranani? Ndirikuonakuti message yarasika …
0715… Ndimianinhai? Sorry for any inconvenience ndiani?
0715… Sorry for this confusion, I intended to tok to my female friend who is not u, sorry for this.
Chido: What u r doing js a futile attempt to save yo face and nothing else. Justice shld prevail.

When contacted for a comment Kurauone said he does not talk to strangers. Efforts to get a comment from some of the men mentioned in the affidavit were fruitless.
The husband also added that Beater is opposing divorce for reasons he does not know.
"I filed divorce papers last year and if she had not opposed the matter it could have been finalised then," he said.
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– Suspended Zanu PF chairman for Masvingo Province, Ezra Chadzamira (41) has appeared in court facing charges of obstructing the course of justice when he stopped a messenger of court from carrying out his duties.
It is the State case that Chadzamira, together with accomplices obstructed Sylvester Ndebele who is a messenger of court from evicting some residents from houses belonging to Mashava Mine.
Chadzamira allegedly offloaded the property that Ndebele had loaded into the messenger of court's car. Police had to advise Ndebele to leave the place and go to the Police station as the security officers became worried for his safety.
Ndebele was armed with a court order.
Chadzamira is jointly charged with Alex Mugova (35), Tawanda Ndube (40), Notwell Ruzengwe (58), Aaron Muvengwa (30) and Edmond Chikukwa (35).
It is the State case that on December 17, 19 and 23 December 2014, Chadzamira and his crew stopped Ndebele from evicting the alleged illegal tenants.
Ndebele told the court that Police officers that were with him told him to leave and get back to the station as they became afraid that he could be assaulted.
 "They were shouting at us and I told them if they want to kill me they could go ahead", said Ndebele.
Chadzamira's lawyer Charles Ndlovu told Ndebele that the administrator had written an email to the Messenger of court ordering him to stop evicting people but Ndebele said he didn't know about it.
The trial will continue on June 29, 2016.
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– Three key State witnesses who have pressed charges of disorderly conduct and malicious damage to property against prominent human rights activist Prosper Tiringindi have been issued with a warrant of arrest.
The three were issued with the warrant of arrest after they failed to turn up for court hearing on several occasions.
The State witnesses are Grace Tambo, the Finance Administrator at Zambuko Trust who is alleged to be missing since February this year. It is also understood that she is the one who raised the charges against Masvingo Residents' Trust members.  The other witnesses are Silivia Gorondondo, the Trust's branch manager and Bradley Sibanda, the loan officer.
Tiringindi who is the chairman of Masvingo Residents Trust together with Ephraim Mutombeni and Elizabeth Manaviri were arrested for disorderly behavior and malicious damage to property after they demonstrated against alleged corruption and lack of transparency at Zambuko Trust. The bone of contention was a $10 000 loan facility that Zambuko got from the Germany City of Kermen which was intended to benefit the city's poor but was allegedly distributed in a non-transparent manner.
The demonstrators accused Mayor Hubert Fidze and Town Clerk, Adolf Gusha of corrupt involvement in the fund which the two vehemently refuted.
They also demanded the resignation of Fidze and Gusha.
The three were accused of having damaged a chair at Zambuko and of disorderly behavior during the demonstrations.
Provincial magistrate Langton Ndokera refused further remand of Tiringindi and his co-accused after the State witnesses continuously failed to show up at the courts on the set dates.
The MRT members are being represented by Martin Mureri of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights.
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– The signs of a troubled economy were seen at Beitbridge Border Post on Saturday when Riot Police had to be called in to quell tens of angry shoppers who broke into song and dance as they demonstrated against Government's move to ban the importation of certain basic commodities.
The shoppers coming back home from South Africa were so vociferous that after a while ZIMRA officials were forced to reverse their decision to demand import certificates from the shoppers.
  Statutory Instrument 64 of 2016 gazetted last week lists salad cream, milk, shoe polish, cooking oil, bottled water, door and window frames, wheelbarrows, baked beans, fertiliser, beds, office furniture, second-hand tyres, vegetables, canned fruits, cereals, cheese and ice creams among numerous other goods the Ministry of Industry and Commerce seeks to protect.
 ZIMRA officers were therefore enforcing that Statutory Instrument.
The cross border shoppers complained that they had been ambushed by the new regulations published in the last Friday Government Gazzette only to be implemented the following morning.
  In an unprecedented incident never seen at Beitbridge Customs officers gave in to the shoppers' demands and reverted to the 40 percent duty usually levied.
 "They should have told us before collecting our money for duty first. How does one collect duty then demand for a permit?
  "They are robbers, why don't they first account for the $15 billion diamonds revenue? Can't they for once be ashamed of this exploitation on the poor souls of Zimbabwe!" exclaimed a shopper.
  Customs officers first collected duty before demanding permits which angered the shoppers.
They converged under a shade in the Customs yard singing and dancing to Chimurenga song "Hatidi zvemadhisinyongoro".
 Customs officials were taken aback by the action of the usually compliant shoppers, mostly women, and called Police who in turn summoned their Support Unit to control the disgruntled crowd. Police showed disinterest after discovering that duty had been collected from the shoppers from whom permits were now being demanded.
  "I would not expect that to happen to me or anyone else," said a Policeman looking away from the melee.
  "They must first revive the industry, support farming than allow Chinese to come and loot our cash and diamonds before squeezing us," shouted another shopper.
  Police walked away after seeing there was no threat to property and lives while ZIMRA, with an egg on the face, gave way to the demand of the cross-border shoppers to start collecting the usual 40 percent duty.
  Social commentators accused the government of imposing sanctions on its citizens reeling from effects of a drought of both food and cash.
  "These permits are not easy to get, they must decentralise that process to the border just like they have done with all other things," said one commentator.
 The ZIMRA regional manager at Beitbridge, Batsirayi Chadzingwa referred all questions to his head office in Harare but goods were still coming in yesterday evening.
  Following the development the border post has been deserted with very few travellers to South Africa
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– More than US$40 000 worth of property was lost when Kudzanayi Bar, a popular night club in the Central Business District of Gweru was gutted by fire at around 4am on Sunday.
Police spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko confirmed the incident. Fire brigade is said to have ran into problems including water to extinguish the fire.
In an interview with The Mirror, Charles Chari who rented the building from businessman Musopere said goods worth about $40 000 were reduced to ashes.
"We lost a lot of things from stock  which includes empty beer bottles, beers, furniture and refrigerators," said Chari.
 Chari was renting the whole complex which included a bar, butchery and takeaway and the whole complex was destroyed.
The bar is said to have closed at around midnight with Chari and his manager Godwin Nhema said to have been the last people to leave the premises.
Chari said that he did not know the cause of the fire and is still yet to discover.
"The cause of the fire is still a mystery and we are yet to know wjat happened", said Chari.
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