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A man from Chivhu who was furious that his mother had not prepared him sadza when he got back home from a neighbouring business center picked up bricks and stoned the later until she collapsed and died.
Mash East Police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Tendai Mwanza confirmed the incident and said it happened at Foto Village, Madzivire area under Chief Musarurwa on Monday.
 Doubt Mubvanyika has since been arrested by the Police and was supposed to appear in Court on Wednesday facing murder charges. He allegedly killed his mother Naume Madyangove who was 68.
Mubvayanyika did not refuse to the Police that he killed his mother.
It is the State case that Mubvanyika arrived home from Nharira Business Center at around 8pm and realised that her mother had not cooked sadza for supper. He then took a small pot and started preparing sadza but his mother told him to use a bigger pot so that he would share the food with his mother and young brother.
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This did not go down well with Mubvanyika who insisted on using a small pot and the two started quarreling until the son took a cooking stick and shoved it into her mother's abdomen several times.
It is alleged that the mother picked a stone and threw it at her son in self-defense. Mubvanyika then withdrew and picked some bricks which he threw at his mother and hit her until she died.
Otilia Tongogara, the deceased's sister said the two were alone at home on day the incident happened and neighbors did not hear the fight.
A brother to the deceased, only identified as Mapondo said Mubvanyika came to tell him that he had killed his mother the following morning and this meant that the woman's body remained in the open the whole night.local news


A man from Mvura Village in Tongogara in Shurugwi has taken Chief Nhema to court in a bid to recover his beast that was impounded despite an appeal against the case had filed at the Magistrate's Court.
Sanders Mangwende further argued that the case that went before Chief Nhema had nothing to do with him as it involved his son. Mangwende was therefore paying for the sins of his child.
Moses Ngere who is Chief Nhema allegedly impounded the beast to pay damages for an adultery case that Blessed, Mangwende's son committed.
Mangwende now wants Shurugwi Magistrate Court to help him recover his beast. He said he was shocked to see the chief coming to impound his beast after Blessed had made an appeal at the Magistrate's court.
The Mirror understands that four other villagers who have had their cattle impounded are planning to take their cases to court.
There are also complaints that the chief demands $45 for anyone to have his or her case heard by him
When contacted for comment, Chief Nhema could not be reached for comment up to the time of going to Press.local news


– Roman Catholics in Zimbabwe suffer from a donor syndrome as they want all projects in the church to be carried out for them by donors.
This was said by Gweru Diocese head, Bishop Xavier Munyongani when he addressed Catholics gathered for the Couples Congress in Masvingo on Saturday. He said many local churches have moved on and gave the example of the Zion Christian Church (ZCC) which built a magnificent Church in Masvingo Rural with virtually no assistance from donors.
ZCC was also building a similar church in Kadoma, added Bishop Munyongani.
"If you tell our Catholics that we want to start a project and we need money, they will politely ask you to look for donors. We must get out of this donor syndrome. We are always looking for donors, when are we going to be donors ourselves?" asked Bishop Munyongani.
He said some Christians were failing to even look after the orphans left behind by their brothers and sisters who passed away.
"We have children of our own blood brothers and sisters who are not going to school because their parents are late. We can't even look after these and we want donors from Europe to come and help us," said Bishop Munyongani.
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The leader of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Gweru, Bishop Xavier Munyongani has called for the protection of the family unit if the World is to enjoy peace and harmony.
He said this on Saturday when he addressed the Catholic Couples Congress attended by dozens of congregants from throughout the country.
The couples later attended a mass led by led by Masvingo Diocese head, Bishop Michael Dickson Bhasera.
Bishop Munyongani who spoke on the topic; The family in the context of evangelisation: Synod in the family feedback said Pope Francis had repeatedly talked about the family unity because the family is the cornerstone of humanity. He urged couples to protect the family unit no matter what.
He said love in the World starts with families and added that children cope what they see in their families and take that out into their communities. If families are not shown love, they will also not show love to the outside world.
"There is a Zambian priest who used to say show me your parish and I will show you your priest. I want to say, show me a child and I will show you his/her parents," said Bishop Munyongani.
He likened marriages to carrying the cross and told the couples to carry that cross all the same.
"Marriage means crucifying yourself. Your spouse maybe illogical, love him/her all the same, she maybe self-centred love her all the same, she may not like your mother, love her all the same and your husband may ill-treat your parents and accuse you of stealing from him when you give them gifts, love him all the same.
"You can do good and be blamed for it, do good all the same," said Bishop Munyongani.
He said women carry the bigger burden in the marriage than men. He said there is domestic and other
violence in families and women bear scars for it and the worst scars are not those that are seen on the faces but the scars that are in women's hearts.
"Women have deep scars, they have scars in their hearts. They are insulted, they are beaten and they are slighted for no justifiable reason.
"They are like wounded buffaloes and they don't care anymore because they have been wounded. Women become dangerous because their husbands have inflicted wounds on them," said Bishop Munyongani.
He said if you see women doing terrible things its because they are wounded and they dont care anymore.
He said that the violence that communities and nations see is violence that begins from the families  adding that violence emerges because families are under attack.
"The elections are coming in 2018; people will be murdered and some will disappear. Who kills? It's you who are here. It is you who are coming from families with bad lessons. Let's show love in the families and there will be love in communities, among clans, among tribes and among nations," said Bishop Munyongani.
He said one good example of Christian love that he has witnessed is that of Mr and Mrs Govero of Gweru. He said when Mr Govero suffered kidney failure, Mrs Govere offered her kidney to her husband and several years now Mr Govero is alive because of the love of her wife.
"Mrs Govero donated her kidney to her husband but some men find it difficult to leave $1 for bread for the family at home," he said.
He urged men to stick to one wife as was commanded by Jesus Christ and added that some of the threats to marriage include polygamy, successive polygamy, concomitant polygamy and polyandry.
"Varume  musafunga kuti kana maroora Madhuve, moti vana Madhuve vese vava vakadzi venyu. (Men should not think that when you marry a Madhuve then all Madhuves are your wives). I want to ask you men how many women you have been with in your life and what do you think God thinks about you?" asked Bishop Munyongani.local news

I THOUGHT it's very very clear!
If a man dies, vana hatipfuugwi nemarokwe must wait until after a year. Oh yes leave the widow alone until we unveil the tombstone.
The rationale for this is simple, the deceased man is still around, he is earthly and looking after his property until tarova guva. He is still so much human and that's why dzimwe nguva muchinzwa zvonzi munhu akafa takamuoona achifudza mombe dzake, oh yes its true.
Hoth is not saying he saw one deceased actually herding his beasts, NO but we have many of these stories making the rounds kuma Gum Tree kwedu kuno. We have people who have seen it live. They did not see silhouettes, they saw the deceased men.
A dead man remains on earth until after a year, oh yes 12 calendar months and the stone unveiling of course. He still needs time with his wife please!!!!
Wegona Chitova!!
So don't tamper with a deceased African man's wife until the stone unveiling is done. After stone unveiling, we know for sure that the deceased is now a spirit. He is gone, he is out of this world. Kkkkk unenge wava mudzimu kwaaa kamudzimu!
So there is this member of the Criminal Investigation Department; oh yes aya mamember anofamba asina uniform achifunga kuti akangwara aya. Oh yes I mean these men who when they put in suits, they wear those cheap and glittering ones. Yes nylon suits!
If you see someone wearing a nylon suit chances are 60% it's a See Eye Dee; 30% See Eye OooH and 10% vendor kwaa nhaka zvangu Chasura!
 Ko mari inobvepi, naiwo mabond ari kuuya aya? Kkkkkk!
Eish Zaka rinopisa!
This CID at Zaka saw an opportunity for free beer, a bit of pocket money, some little groceries of course provided he gave services to this widow at the growth point. Oh yes services!
Call this See Eye Dee (SED) Ma Styles, that's more like his name. Oh yes, he has many styles and you can ask this widow. And call the widow, Mrs Orphans because she was left with many orphans to look after.
So Ma Styles got hooked to Mrs Orphans who has several shops at Jerera. They would sleep in one shop or another to avoid the grown-up sons.
Asi Ma Styles Takarasima nechirikadzi yavanhu idzo mvana dzakangoti yaka-yaka nyika yose!
It was only one day that the boys had a beer with a traditional healer in the area; oh yes this mischievous n'anga told the boys that their mother was making their father angry by sleeping with another man when he, the father was still around.
 The boys set a trap and waited until the CID sneaked into one of the shops with their mother.
Pakabongodzwa munhu!
Kuti kudii? Pa... pababa vedu. You don't respect our father, Kwaaa, the man was beaten out of hell.
Whether the stone is unveiled or not, we don't want to see you near our mother.
Ma Styles ran through the night at Jerera half-naked.
Ehezve, mirirai gore vakomana!  Kana nemi vana mai mirirai gorevo futi. Yambonyanyodiiko nhomba yacho?
Kuri sei Zaka, uko dzakadiiko nherera? Kwaa!
How are you Beauty?
Nhaka zvangu!!!


Pride Zihwi (22) of Yotam Farm Plot 19 in Chief Chikwanda's area near Mutendi was thrown over and crushed by tractor was being started using hill-start.
Masvingo Provincial Police Spokesperson Inspector Charity Mazula confirmed the incident.
On September 12, 2016 Fungai Michel Chitepo (39) parked a tractor on a slope so that he would start it by allowing it to run downhill.
At 2am, he allowed the truck to run down the slope while Zihwi was a passenger on the tractor. Zihwi was thrown out as the tractor got into gear and he fell in front where he was run over by the rear wheels. He died on the spot.
Chitepo has been charged for homicide and is assisting Police with investigations.
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The MDC-T MP for Gweru Urban, Sessel Zvidzai said that he has started engaging residents and stakeholders in his constituency for meetings every Friday where they discuss pertinent issues that need to be addressed.
A sports tournament for youth has already been established from the ideas generated at the meetings. Zvidzai said in an interview last week that the meetings started two months ago and engagements were held at Mtapa Hall with individuals, organised groups and companies to listen to grievances and issues that needed to be addressed
"It is two months now since I started these meetings and I spent almost the whole day at the hall as people come in at different times to talk to me," said Zvidzai
Zvidzai also said that the launch has brought about many ideas in dealing with serious issues in the constituency.
"So far I have met more than 300 people since I started this program. Recurring issues are unemployment, service delivery and company closures. There is also great concern on the closure of Mtapa Maternity Clinic," said Zvidzai.
Zvidzai said he then takes the issues to the relevant authorities.
"I have launched a Gweru urban MP's Soccer Tournament after the idea came from youths in the constituency," said