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Masvingo residents demand fresh nominations for NPRC

Rutendo Mawere - MASVINGO - Masvingo residents are demanding that Parliament  re-open the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) nominations indicating that the nominations that closed in May last year were a Harare Affair.
Speaking at the Masvingo NPRC one- day information kiosk opened by the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum, Zimbabwe Civic Education Trust, Heal Zimbabwe and Center for community development, the residents said they were shocked to learn that parliament had already received nominations.
The NPRC is one of the five Independent commissions established by the Zimbabwean constitution whose mandate is to ensure post- conflict justice, healing and reconciliation. 
In April 2014 Parliament published an advert in some of the national papers calling for nominations which were closed on May 23 the same year which Masvingo residents claim they never saw.
"Word never got to us that they had called for the NPRC nominations. This peace commission is important to the nation and therefore has to be representative. We also want to participate in the process," Tonderai Sharai told Masvingo Mirror.
"Parliament has to involve everyone and ensure that we all participate by making sure information on this commission reaches every corner of Zimbabwe," Mercy Pambirei complained.
Another resident, Mabel Ndume said she was not even aware that the commission had been provided for in the constitution. "I am hearing about this commission for the first time. This commission is progressive and I would want it to investigate on the torture bases that sprout during election time," Ndume said
Dzikamai Bere, a transitional justice Researcher with the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum called upon parliament to accelerate the NPRC establishment in an open and transparent manner and speedily look into rights violations.
"Violence is too costly for Zimbabwe and parliament has to speedily ensure the operationalization of the NPRC to deal with violence," Bere said
" It is clear from our public engagements in different communities that parliament needs to increase public participation when setting up the NPRC," Bere added
Bere said they are on a nationwide community engagement and setting up the information kiosks to raise awareness on the existence of the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission and to push Government to operationalize the commission and activate public participation.
The NPRC, established by section  251 of the constitution which came into effect in May 2013, is set to operate for 10 years and has already lost almost two years of its lifespan.news

Concourt quashes Chivi boy rape conviction over case delay

Runesu Gwidi - MASVINGO -
The Constitutional Court has quashed a guilty verdict against an alleged rapist juvenile from Chivi because the case had remained unresolved in the courts for too long.
The ruling came after the Legal Resources Foundation (LRF) noted that the boy had not been tried for eight years and argued at the Constitutional Court that the boy should be acquitted because justice delayed is justice denied.
The 15-year-old boy from Masara Village in Chief Chipinda in Chivi was charged with rape eight years ago. The magistrates' court then ruled that the boy would be called by way of summons but eight years went by with no word from the court.
In May last year, the boy was finally summoned to court when he was 23 years old and he was convicted on the rape charge. LRF Centre in Masvingo, one of whose mandates is to promote human rights made an appeal to the Constitutional Court for the acquittal of the boy on the grounds that the case had been delayed for too long.
LRF Centre Manager for Masvingo, Sheron Moffat confirmed the case and said the Concourt verdict was made on February 4, 2015 and the convicted boy is now a free man.
 "As an organisation we firmly held that justice delayed is justice denied. Imagine that the case was tried when the accused was 15 years old, shelved for eight years, only to re-emerge this time when the accused is now 23 years old. Such laxity by magistrates in dealing with criminal cases is both grossly unfair and intolerable," said Moffat
The accused initially appeared in court on July 22, 2008, whereupon he was told that the case would proceed by way of summons. Since then the accused, represented by Tinomuda Shoko of Masvingo LRF was never summoned to the court. He was only called on May 12, 2014 and was slapped with a guilty verdict.
The LRF responded with an urgent application to the Constitutional Court, demanding reversal of the ruling. The State did not oppose the application.
 "The challenge is that the law simply entitles offenders to be tried within reasonable time, but it is silent on the exact time frame that is reasonable. As a result the courts are now taking advantage of this to take too long to complete cases,'' Moffat added.news

ISO awards National Blood Service of Zimbabwe

Ellen Mlambo - Harare
– The International Standards Organization (ISO) has awarded the National Blood Service of Zimbabwe (NBSZ) with a certificate of merit for quality management system, making the organisation the first such to receive the award in Africa.
The award is particularly in recognition of quality service at the NBS headquarters in Harare.
The certificate was handed over during the ISO 9001:2008 ceremony held at NBS headquarters in Harare at the end of last month.
NBS PR Officer (Masvingo branch), Michael Chakoma said that the chief executive officer, Lucy Marowa received the certificate on behalf of the organisation.
Among the dignitaries who attended the ceremony were the acting Secretary for the Ministry of Health and Child Care Christopher Tapfumaneyi, World Health Organization (WHO) country representative David Okello, NBSZ Chairperson Retired Justice Leslie George Smith and the executive director David Mvere, Standard Association of Zimbabwe director General Eve Gadzikwa and various government stakeholders.
Jorge Pereiro who was representing the European Union Ambassador Philippe Van Damme was the guest of honor at the ceremony.   
Chakoma said the organization is the first in Africa to be awarded such a certificate therefore they have become a global leader in quality management systems.
Chakoma said they were supervised and audited by the Standard Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) which is an affiliate of ISO and it was their second time to receive such an award.
He said the certificate assures them of conformity to globally accepted best practices in quality management systems. The certificate gives them numerous advantages as it brings operation efficiencies in their work such as customer satisfaction. The organisation will also experience reduced operational cost through continued improvement of process and resulting operational efficiencies.
Another benefit that the certificate brings is that it promotes improved risk management through greater consistency and traceability of products and services.
Chakoma said there is no specified time for the end of validity of the certificate as it works for as long as the company adheres to the demands of ISO. He said they are proud to be leading all international blood service organizations as it confirms that their services are globally accepted and recognized.
"We are proud to be globally accepted and recognized, the process of attaining the certificate was a tiresome and worthwhile process because we were meeting internationally accepted services," said Chakoma.news

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SMM case - SA lawyers to appear before Law Society

Garikai Mafirakureva - JOHANNESBURG
– Former finance manager of Southern Asbestos Sales (Pty) Limited (SAS), Dr Cleopas Sanangura, has lodged a complaint with the Law Society of the Northern Provinces in South Africa over the way the Shabanie Mashava Mines court case was handled in that country.
His complaint is against Kirsty Simpson, the instructing attorney on behalf of Shabanie Mashava Mines Holdings (Private) Limited (SMM) in relation to Advocate Christo Bothma over what he termed unethical, unprofessional, fraudulent, and dishonest behavior while he was representing SMM (Case Number 20235/06) which was presided over by Judge Nigel Willis.
Dr Sanangura wrote to Johannesburg Bar Council (JBA) complaining that the matter involved dishonest, fraudulent, mala fides and unethical actions by Advocate Bothma and this struck at the heart of the integrity of the South African justice system.
In his complaint he highlighted that he did not voluntarily leave his employment with SAS but his departure was a direct consequence of the actions of the Government of Zimbabwe that caused Mutumwa to be arrested and sought his extradition on the grounds that he was the driving mind behind the alleged fraudulent cession agreement.
He further said it is not in dispute that Advocate Bothma acted in the numerous litigations in South Africa under the instruction of Gwaradzimba, when he knew quite well that Gwaradzimba was appointed by President and not by a court of law.
He alleged that Advocate Bothma was involved both in Zimbabwe and in South Africa, seeking and obtained an ex parte judgment and an order to liquidate SAS under Case Number 05/2257 claiming that SAS was indebted to it in the amounts of USD$18,464,595.27, CAD$628,071.84and R4,515,367.48.14.
In conclusion, he said the complaint was motivated by a genuine desire to have the Courts perform justice and to deny the Government of Zimbabwe, to profit from the wrongdoing of people like Advocate Bothma.
He wrote another letter in which he alleged the matter involved the actions of Kirsty Simpson the director of ENS Africa in a sham action which arose from a reconstruction order issued not by a court of  law but by the then Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Patrick Chinamasa.news

GZU lecturer gets international award

Tanzikwa Goto - Masvingo
– A lecturer at the Great Zimbabwe University, Professor Munashe Shoko has won an international agricultural award for his research on sugar cane and soya bean rotation.
The recognition came at Zimbabwe's 10th International Research Symposium organized by the Research Council of Zimbabwe in Harare two weeks ago. The theme of the symposium was Research for Empowerment and Socio- Economic Transformation.
The award was handed over by Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa who was the Acting President. Also present was Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko and scientists from countries including India, South Africa and Mauritius among others.
The Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education Opah Muchinguri was also present at the function.
The research has shown that rotation of beans and sugarcane results in drastic reduction in production costs. It established that the use of fertilizers on sugarcane will be reduced by 33 percent if the sugarcane is planted immediately after beans. Irrigation costs are also lowered as a result of the rotation as the bean plants will use moisture left behind by sugarcane.
Shoko said he was happy to receive the award. He encouraged researchers from universities to conduct field-based research more than they do laboratory researches. He said agriculturalists in particular must work with farmers.
Oxwell Mdara the Project Officer at Christian Care in Masvingo confirmed and said Shoko had done the region proud by winning the award.
 "We are privileged to have Professor Shoko in the region. He made a huge contribution to the food and Nutrition Security of the resource of poor communities in Masvingo province through spearheading a Farmer based Research aimed at improving the management of Kraal Manure in Collaboration with Christian Care and AGRITEX", said Mdara.news

Mapeza cautious ahead of tie

Hope Chizuzu
- THE FC Platinum coach Norman Mapeza whose side carry a healthy 2-1 lead from the first leg away in Nairobi against Sofapaka was guardedly cautious ahead of the Saturday return leg at Mandava stadium in the CAF Confederations Cup.
Mapeza, who despite the first leg lead urged his players to be very cautious and focus on finishing the job at hand while he prays for patience from the fans.
 "I would like to appeal to the fans to just consider the practise of fishermen who can go fishing from morning and may not catch a single fish until maybe in the evening and at times fail to get anything from it but still come back again tomorrow to the same dam or river for another try.
 "That is what we need as a team - a lot of patience because this team lost at home and the same can happen to us, so the supporters need to understand that and encourage our young players to play and not put them under pressure to win thinking that Sofapaka is a weak team since they lost at home," Mapeza told the paper.
The hardworking coach however remained focussed on the game. "We have been preparing for this game as normal and have deliberately hammered it in our boys that we are just at half time of the game and therefore need to finish off the team in the second half. You know football is a very simple game. All we need to do is do the right things well from the start.
"I am very confident we have the side to win this encounter, not because we won the first leg away from home, but that the material and skills set of our players is clearly good enough to win us this match. I watched Sofapaka play at Nyayo stadium and they do not carry a lot of threat from midfield and all we need to do is dominate that area and create more chances for the strikers to bury.
 "If we do that we will be smiling all the way to the next round. They play high balls and it is those key moments that we need to work on very well. I think you will agree with me that if we were very good at converting our chances we could have scored four goals in Nairobi, but we lacked the necessary patience to hurt them. We hurried our balls," added.
 Platinum who play a passing game of possession and pressing have been very impressive since Mapeza took over in the latter stages of last season. The youthful side who enjoy playing a high defensive line gave the Kenyan outfit some football lessons in possession in Nairobi. Should they continue in that vein, all of us will have some memorable afternoon to savour as the side is easy on the eye and can be telling in their approach?
But that has not stopped them from working hard. "We cannot take anything for granted in this encounter. For us it is all systems go and we will not attempt to park the bus. We will attack from the off. If we can get an early goal the better because that will force them to change their tactics because I know they will come looking for a quick goal," Mapeza explained.
But we have watched enough football to know that FC Platinum needs to dominate possession and improve their marking especially in the centre of the park when they lost a lot of balls in the first half last week. The defence at times passed long and lost possession when they could easily have continued to dominate territory and improve pressing without the ball. Decision making was also a factor in Nairobi with Walter Musona and Wisdom Mutasa culpable with key balls and passes in the final third.
 If the duo measure their passes and calculate their moves especially wide, Platinum will have an easy afternoon at Mandava. And Mapeza agreed: "Our reaction was poor and slow. We should be very careful with all our key moments of the game especially our attackers. They play high balls, so we should be able to counter with better running off the ball and accurate passing into the final third with speed because their defence is weak on the wings".
 Sofapaka, whose brand of football is a big bore for football purists like me, can easily be put to the sword with a swagger. They cannot pass the ball and enjoy the to-whom-it-may-concern balls. Their every move is rehearsed and lacks variation and if Thabani Kamusoko is purple in the centre, many goals are in the offing. The midfielders can be very key in this game and Mapeza knows as much.
"There are no two ways; this is a match for the midfielders -those that breakdown play and those that create chances. They will be handy for this match. We cannot talk about anything in the midfield fail to click. They hold all the aces for the match and evidence of that potential was at play at Nyayo stadium and it could be telling again at Mandava on Saturday," Mapeza closed.sport

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