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Hot on the heels


- Dewure High School have succefully defended the annual Church of Christ sponsored Mashoko Schools games crown, played at Chizondo Christian High from May 12 to 15 last week.
Mashoko schools comprise of all primary and secondary schools run by the Church of Christ in Zimbabwe. The games were run under the theme, "Be The Salt And The Light Of The World".
Eight schools from across the country; Dewure, Dadaya, Mashoko, Chizondo, Chiromo, Matara, Chiredzi and Masvingo took part in the sporting extravaganza which was multi-disciplined including music, drama, quiz, debate and poetry.
Gervias Chirume the organising head of this year's event who is also head at Chizondo told The Mirror that he felt honoured to host such a big event in Christian schools calendar and considering this is a
school based in the rural areas.
"I am quite ecstatic about this since we last hosted the games in 2005 and they have come at opportune time before the Copa Coca Cola games begin as they act as preparatory games," said Chirume.
The games are run on a round robin basis and they are mainly for fellowshipping and interaction and the team with the highest points is crowned the champions.
Church of Christ was represented by Togarepi Zebed who is the chairperson of the schools, Chaplain General in charge of games Cephas Zivanai and Edison Muresherwa chairman of the board of Christian
Schools and head of Masvingo Christian.
 "The games are key to all Christian schools since they facilitate talent show, not only do they unite pupils but manage to create a social balanced student who is used to interact with people and is both well equipped with academic and sporting talents.

Volley ball boys        Chiredzi Christian
Volley ball girls         Chizondo
Handball girls            Masvingo Christian
Handball boys           Dewure
Netball                      Chiredzi Christian
Soccer                     Chiredzi Christian
Poetry                      Gwarinda Kayline-Masvingo Christian
Public Speaking        MbiraShyline- Mashoko
Drama                      Dewure
Bible Quiz                Dewure
Genral quiz               Masvingo Christian
Music                       Dewure
Chess                       Dewure

Sport news


– A man from Chikombedzi in Chiredzi has appeared in court after chopping off his father's head with a machete and then removed some parts which he said were to be used for rituals that were going to make him rich.
Rodrick Chauke (23) of Davata Village, under Chief Sengwe in Chikombedzi, chopped off his father`s head and removed his right hand after he was allegedly told by a traditional healer that if he brings his father`s hand he will be rich.
Chauke appeared before Chiredzi Resident Magistrate Constance Mutandwa on Monday facing murder charges.
The State led by Doubt Phiri alleges that on March 1, 2016 Chauke came back from South Africa and was not feeling well. In May he visited a traditional healer Solani Chirhilele for herbal medication and on May 12, during the night he fought his wife Constance Baloyi for unknown reasons and his wife sustained injuries on her back, neck and right hand.
The State said his brother and father tried to restrain him from assaulting his wife and it was during that commotion that the accused armed himself with a machete and ambushed his father James Musikwa and chopped off his head.
He also amputated Musikwa`s right hand and wanted to remove his inner parts.
Relatives searched for Musikwa only to find his lifeless body later. Asked why he committed the offence, Chauke said he was told to do so by a traditional healer for him to be rich.
He said he was told to bring his father`s palm.
Chauke was not asked to plead when he appeared before Mutandwa and was remanded in custody to May 30, 2016.local news

HOTH is here to stay! Any celebrations that Hoth is gone, would go; eeish, that's broad daylight hallucination! Hold your horses. The absence was just sabbatical Kkkk!
He-e Hoth tichamupedza, he-e Hoth wapera kwaaa.
Baba vangu Mhokore imi! Munotaura Hoth watinoziva tese here imi?
Mungarikupa nei gungwa? Mocherereizve njanji inounza zvinodiwa nevanhu?
Sika –sika netumugwaku, tea spoons netumafoshora kuwisa gomo? Asi Macheso!
Pfacha –pfacha ndadzoka! Maiti waenda! Yes Hoth is back and back with a boo-oom like a bomb.
Makadiiko pa Venereal In Disease apo? Oh yes I mean this little place that is just off Harare  Masvingo Road where you get little drums, little cars and these mean looking men and women in uniforms who think they are some kinds of gods.
Kkkkk hamusi! You are mere mortals, sniffing out God's poor little creatures of their hard earned cash. Muri matsotsi vakomana navasikana!
Tick- tock-tick-tock watch your clock. Kwaaa!
And there is this woman at the Veneral In Disease (VID) place.
The roughest woman who ever walked on earth, rude, uncouth, unpleasant, vulgar, foul mouthed discourteous! Ehezve chikobvu ichi chinoita sechakabva musango ichi.
Call her Vhavhu; ane dzungu munhu iyeye!
Indeed she once stayed with baboons and monkeys in the mountains. There are no such persons in this side of the country!
Kwahi chakazowanavo love zve. Yes it's true. Vhavhu is dating this bus driver from this cross border bus company. Hanzi chapengeswa nadriver webhazi. Wakadiiko hako Joze, akadiiko macros border buses? Kkkkkkk!
But Joze haikona kuraravozve nemwana mubus iwe! Find a nice place even though she is desperate.
Oh yes Tenda hako, oh yes Tenda kana wasvika Joburg. How are the Tenda, Kugara Kunzwanana, Kuwirirana Bus Services! Kkkkkkk
And Hoth knows this bus company no longer gets road tickets. Ehezve ravakunzu bus ratezvara Kkkkkk! If a driver gets a ticket, he will just call Vhavhu wherever she is and all processes will freeze! Kwaaa.
You mean you don't know this woman I am talking about? I mean this woman of the moyo totem. Ehezve haabvi kuno kwedu ku Masvingo, unobva KuMash Central uko kwana Border Gezi, Manyika, Kasukuwere and Dofora and Manners Kkkkkk.
Imi hamuione character yacho kuti haisi yobwo? Ndeye Moza!
But honestly how can a half fool come all the way from there to cause sleepless nights to peace loving, harmonious and civilised people here? Tiringindi and your gang of demonstrators where are you?
Ehezve if you want to go to Vhavhu's rural home you board a bus paMucheke apa, vhuu paMbare, kwire rimwe cho-cho-cho naro Bindura, wotsvagazve rimwe tande naro Mt Darwin, svike Mt Darwin Komu kurudyi wonanga Rushinga, wosiya musha waKasukuwere paruboshwe apa wonanga pasi, gumagadziko enyika uko.
Before you get to Rushinga there is this totally backward farming area called Chesa, ehezve where James Makamba, yes the man who no longer stays in the country was born.
Ko munodzoka riniko nhai DJ JCJ? We miss you Kkkkkk!
You then turn left as if you are going to Karanda Hospital for all diseases except backwardness of course!
Perched on the left of a dust road is the place where this social anathema was born and bred. Yes in that little bushy farm far away from civilisation is where Vhavhu went to school; if ever she did.
She has this nauseating thuggish behaviour and was once linked to a shareholding of a company which is in direct conflict with her organisation. She is vulgar, uncouth and unprofessional! She shouts at trainee drivers in public, drawing the attention of everyone.
She is vigorously militant and excretion comes from her mouth. KKkkkkk.
Hoth, for all his lack of etiquette would want to find out from the chefs at Venereal In Diseases whether there is any work ethic at that place?
Did the bosses there ever come across something like service charter? Is it too technical for them to read about client charter or public relations? Pooh that place is stinking with abuse of rights of potential drivers!
Hoth also wants to ask the chefs up there in Harare whether corruption has become the norm at that place. The place is stinking with corruption and Hoth will vouch that every driver who gets a licence pays a bribe.
Ko kuti kunyepa here? Everyone knows it. No bribe no licence! Kkkkkk! $150 for the lowest rate KKKKK!
Tonzi vanaMafirekureva isu! Tinozvitaura, Kkkkkkkk!
And now Vhavhu is in love and many people say the tantrums are fewer. Oh yes varume vanodzikamisa. Dzimwe hasha dziya kushaya murume Kkkkk!
Maslow's hierarchy of needs; one of them has been missing!
Sex; sex; sex!
Kkkk vapeiwo veduwe!
Very soon you will be herding home Vhavhu wonotamba chikudo uri ikoko kwachinobvumirwa! Not here in Masvingo!
Vhavhu muhari kkkk Vhavhu Mugate! Ooops nhaka zvangu!
Tick tock tick tock!

• Fields with ripe sugarcane pegged for party activists


I – The country which is facing a serious unemployment crisis could
see another 2 000 employees losing jobs in the next few weeks as Government has started moves to take away a further 4 000 hectares of land from sugar-producing giant Tongaat Hulett.
Some 2 000 hectares are being pegged out at Hippo Valley and another 2 000
hectares at Triangle. As happened last year,  Government  officials  are  pegging
out plots in fields that have ripe sugarcane and harvesting is staring this week.
The  new  beneficiaries,  most  of  them party activists are going to take over the
new plots together with the ripe sugarcane.  Like  in  previous  years  this  would
see  the  new  beneficiaries  harvesting  the sugarcane without investing a single cent in growing the plants and ironically sell to Tongaat who are the real owner of the crop thereby earning tens of thousands of dollars. They then use the money to buy luxury cars and houses.
The Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement, Douglas Mombeshora confirmed
the development and said that pegging of the plots has just started.
He  however,  would  not  comment  on the serious losses of jobs that was going
to come with the new empowerment programme.
"We  asked  our  officers  in  Masvingo to go and peg sugarcane plots in Hippo
Valley and Triangle and I dont know how far they have gone so far. We agreed that none should be given an offer letter without being shown the land. As the Minister I only intervened when there were taskcomplaints that the plots are not even and we instructed our officers to peg out equal  plots  within  the  plantations,"  said
The president of the Zimbabwe Sugar  and  Milling  Industry  Workers  Union,
Freedom  Mudungwe  said,  "we  are  yet to get notification from the employer but
we saw land officers pegging. Last time when Mkwasine was taken workers were
moved to Hippo Valley and now Section 6,  7  and  9  were  all  pegged  so  we  don't know what will happen".
Sugar Production and Milling Industry Workers Union executive secretary, Adonia  Mutero  said,  "the  employer  has  not yet communicated with us but there is no way that the company is going to keep a surplus workforce. In terms of retrenchment rules these are some of the factors which legally allow employers to lay off workers. The available workforce is not equivalent to hectarage but they will do it after communicating with worker organisations".
Sources  said  it  was  only  President Robert Mugabe who can act to serve the
impending job losses whose ripple effects will affect thousands of children and
house wives.
Tongaat Corporate Affairs and Communications  Manager, Adelaide  Chikunguru asked The Mirror to put its questions in writing but could not comment by the
time of going to Press.The Mirror is informed that Tongaat currently  holds  29  000  hectares  of  land under sugarcane at its three estates Hippo Valley,Triangle  and  Mwenezana.
 The company will definitely be unable to pay some of its workers when it loses 4 000 hectares or 14% of its total hectarage plus the cane it had grown.Tongaat currently employs about 19000  employees  making  it  the  biggest
employer outside Government in Masvingo Province and even the whole country.
Government has been hesitating to take over land from Tongaat Hulett years after former Governor for Masvingo Titus Maluleke controversially issued 138 offer
letters for sugarcane plots to people without Government approval.
Sources told The Mirror that there is no way that company is going to maintain its
workforce when 4 000hectares which is under sugarcane is taken and given to new farmers. The sources said that the aim of Government officials is to push out Tongaaat at this time when sugarcane is ripe for harvesting and take over the plants.
The same happened at Mkwasine last year when farmers took over sugarcane
fields  and  went  ahead  and  sold  a  crop they never worked for. Many farmers later failed to maintain the standards and are now struggling."I am sure Tongaat is just in darkness as everyone else on what is happening because there is no communication from Government regarding the latest takeover. "The bottom line however, is that when that happens some workers employed on those fields and downstream will have to go because there will be no revenue for the company to pay them," said a source.
Tongaat is one of the few companies that decided to maintain its workforce
levels even at the time when most companies took advantage of the Zuva case and fired workers on three-month notice.Chiefs  from  Chiredzi  have  however,
expressed their displeasure at the new allocation process which they argued was
living out the traditional leaders and people from Chiredzi.
The Chiefs also said that some people were  benefitting  several  times  and  are
multiple-land owners in Mkwasine and Hippo Valley.

Managers' children chew up $5 000 monthly as...


CHIKOMBA – Residents of Chivhu are up in arms against management at the local rural authority who they accuse of nepotism after they recruited 15 students on attachment (almost all of them relatives) and are drawing $5 000 monthly in allowances and wages.
These students are earning up to $500 each, according to information reaching The Mirror.
Two of the students are children of councillors, one of them Tinashe Mudzimu is the son of council chairman Pardon Mudzimu and is said to have been given big responsibilities at the local authority. The other is Alfred Manjere who is the son of Ward 8 Councillor Wisdom.
The 15 are divided into two categories; students on attachment and interns. Interns are earning up to $500 a month while students on attachment are understood to be earning $115.
Residents complained that council was spending too much money on the children of senior managers and their friends at the expense of service delivery which has nose-dived because of lack of financial resources. Sources said some interns were working in departments that are not related to their qualifications.
Chikomba Rural District Council chief executive officer, Luckson Mutara said when asked for a comment that if there were any relationships between officials and students, such relationship was petty and could just be same totems. He however, said he would not stop recruiting capable interns simply because they were related to senior managers.
However, The Mirror established that two of the students were children of very senior councillors and the rest were either directly related to senior officials or their friends.
Residents said the posts for interns were just created to give jobs to managers' friends and their children. They said if these were genuine positions, council should have advertised.
Councillors who spoke to The Mirror on condition of anonymity said they were not aware of the students, their conditions of work or their contracts. They said the item has never been transparent.
Chikomba RDC is a much closed council which rarely gives out information or release information to the Press.
Some of them students are children of influential people in the town ie, nursing officers, intelligence, pastor, friends of senior managers, relatives of people in the human resources department and one girl is said to be in love with an official.
Chikomba RDC Chief Executive Officer Luckson Mutara said they did not conduct interviews to take the interns because some of them were former students on attachment at the RDC so the council was fully aware of their performance and behaviour.
"There was no need for us to conduct interviews for people whom we know of their performance. Also, they are not here to stay but they are just trainees who will go to search for employment elsewhere," said Mutara.
Interns at the council were jittery when The Mirror inquired from them when their contracts as interns would be terminated.
The Mirror heard that some interns have been given independent administrative duties, although they are regarded as trainees.
Fuming Chikomba residents who contacted The Mirror said accused senior officials of personalising council resources by creating unnecessary vacancies for internship, just to incorporate their relatives and children.
"Chikomba RDC service delivery is poor. Garbage is not collected regularly because the council has no refuse collection vehicles. The council is failing to hire qualified personnel, for instance," said the residents.
"One of the 54 roles of a Rural District Council is to promote education. If we can afford to pay the allowances for the students on attachments and interns, we hire as many as we can. On the issue of taking council officials relatives, that is a lie. At work, employees can be of the same totem and they create relationship but it does not necessarily mean that they are actually related. Even so, the council will not let competent students go simply because they are related to a council official. We consider one's capabilities not the relationships that exist between council officials and those who seek places for internship," said the CEO.
He also said that when taking interns or students for attachment, council considers those who reside in Chivhu in order to avoid accommodation problems since the allowances they are paid are not enough to cover accommodation and other expenses.

From Nyagari in Chirumanzi district Midlands Province to any school in Masvingo district specialises in ECD the school is near Mvuma town just 10km along Gweru road with taped water; 0772782651.
From Mberengwa East teaching Shona and Geography, school with electricity,water and good transport system to any school in Seke, Marondera, Wedza, Kadoma or Chegutu; 0778083983.
From Batanayi Primary school to any school in Chivi, Mberengw and Zvishavane; 0776453826; 0713315566.
From Magudu Secondary, Masvingo district, electrified, tapped water and good road network to any school in Chivi South or Central; 0776932857; 0772029401.
From Sinami Primary 30km along Zvishavane Gweru road to any school in Shurugwi, Gweru or Masvingo; 0775127216.
From Kuwadzana 7 Primary in Harare to any school in Masvingo Province preferably Chivi and Msvingo urban; 0774299561.
From Kyle Primary in Triangle to any school with good facilities in Masvingo urban; 0718728413.
From Mandhloro Primary in Zaka 6km from Nyika road to any school in Zaka North, Chivi North or Masvingo district;0775499609.
From Nyahombe Primary in Chivi South to any school in Masvingo district at the following schools ; Gozho; Shumbayaonda; Musingarambwi; Chibaya; Mukonde; Gunikuni or Mukonde; 0775045836.
From Magudu Secondary, Masvingo district, electrified, tapped water and good road network to any school in Chivi South or Central, 0776932857; 0775029401.
From Gwariro Primary in Bikita to any primary school in Masvingo or Gutu district; 0774056431.
From Harava Primary, Zaka North, 50m from Mutonhori High, tapped water, solar and T road junction to any school in Masvingo district; 0715958030; 0776454605.
From Raffingora to any school in Magunje; 0773605471.
From Batanayi Primar
From Harava primary, Zaka North 50m from Mutonhori High with tapped water, solar, zesa to any school in Masvingo district, 0715958030, 0776454605.
From Tshankwa Primary 14km from Plumtree teaching special class with good accommodation, zesa, transport and tapped water to any school; 0772851106.
From from Filabusi teaching Religious Education to any school in Masvingo Province; 0773895484; 0712594838.
From Magunje in Mashonaland West Province to any school in Manicaland; 0771239677.
From Madenyika Secondary in Mberengwa teaching English and Geography up to O Level with water, zesa, close to shops, has WiFi to any school along Zvishavane /Gweru/ Masvingo roads; 0712687541.
From Karoi peri urban to any school in Chiredzi; 0782724535; 0773947687.
From Chinyanganya School in Zimuto area about 40km from town to any school in Morgenster area, Bondolfi area, Mashava area or any school within the district in the same radius; 0774538259.
From Masvingo Province Gutu South district to any place in the Midlands Province, a good Roman Catholic school, zesa teaching Maths and Science; 0713882802; 0712695774.
From Vinga Primary school with zesa in Mwenezi to any school in Zaka, Bikita, Gutu, Chivi, Masvingo and Chiredzi; 0774097918.
From Batanayi Primary at Bhasera Growth Pointto any school in Gutu South along Masvingo road, Mberengwa, Zvishavane, Chivi, along Zvishavane road; 0776453826; 0713315566.
From Gurajena Primary in Zimuto 45km from town in Masvingo district, good water supply, and Zesa to schools like Morgenster, Nemamwa, Nemazuwa, Charumbira, Nyanda or nearer home; 0734153672; 0772594921.
From Uzeze Primary in Masvingo district to any school in peri urban; 0775364015; 0773552055.
From a peri urban school in Mt Darwin with Zesa along highway to any schoolin Zaka or Gutu district; 0777347068.
From Mapungwana primary in Chipinge Manicaland province to any school in Masvingo province ECD teacher; 0772806807.
From Mupata Primary in Gutu to any school in Zaka from Roy area along the road; 0771108752.
From Mavende Primary in Chivi 200m from highway and 80km from Masvingo to any school in peri urban or within the radius of 80km from road, Zimuto Mashate; 0773550746.
- - - - - - -


– In the first such tough move, the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) which has received and dealt with reports of politicians who are politicising food aid will now take such culprits to court, the head of the Commission has said.
ZHRC chairperson, Elasto Mugwadi told The Mirror that his organisation has already dealt with and resolved a case where a family was denied food aid in Manicaland because of its political affiliation.
Mugwadi said this in an interview on the sidelines of a public meeting held in Mucheke in Masvingo recently. He said ZHRC was extremely concerned by the discriminatory nature of food aid allocation by some political heavy weights.
This human right violation was taking place at a time when thousands of Zimbabweans were in dire need of food.
Commissioner Mugwadi said the Commission was receiving reports of politicisation of food aid and has already dealt with one case of a family in a similar situation in Hauna in Manicaland.
He said discrimination of people in food aid distribution along political lines was one of the serious violations of human rights prompted the Commission to embark on a nationwide campaign to make people aware of the Commission's work and hear grievances.
Commissioner Mugwadi said politicians or any distributors of aid discriminating beneficiaries of food aid along political lines would from now on be taken to court.
Politicisation of food in Masvingo is done openly despite President Mugabe's recent message that every Zimbabwean is entitled to food. In our issue last week, Zanu PF Chiredzi West MP,  Darlington Chiwa openly says the maize that he was distributing in his constituency would not go through constitutionally elected MDC T councillors as the programme belongs to Zanu PF and this is despite the fact that all food aid is being distributed through councillors.
Speaking at Mucheke Hall Commissioner Mugwadi said his commission has rolled out a nationwide campaign to familiarise all Zimbabwean citizens with the commission and enlighten people on what they should do whenever their rights are violated.
"The ZHRC which has two regional offices in Bulawayo and Harare is one of the independent commissions established by the State. Its functional role is to strongly guard against violation of human rights at all levels.
"We are mandated to take those who violate others' rights to courts. A total of 558 complaints of human rights abuses have so far been received by the commission through its human rights partners since 2014 when commissioners were appointed.  Over 200 complaints were directly received by the commission. To date, 82% of these cases have been resolved either by way of writing petitions or lobbying the State," Mugwadi said.
He said some of the heart-rending reports that the commission has so far received include the case of Bindura prisoners who were not being given clothing ,and the case of a family in Hauna area in  Mutasa  district which was denied relief food on grounds of political affiliation.
"We immediately intervened and both cases were resolved amicably," Mugwadi said.
ZHRC was expecting a budget of US$7,5million for conducting human rights programmes this year, but only US$1,3 million was realised from the Government.
Mugwadi told the Mirror that the Commission eventually sourced another US$1,4 million from international human rights partners which include the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Danish Government.local news