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    Friday, 19 June 2020

    Senior female security officer offers sex for lunch

    Just for lunch at Reflections or Caravan Park then deal sealed, iii makaoma amai. Lunch here amana, vakatonyogwa pahuma.
    What does the acronym CIO mean? Some will say it is Chief Information Officer or Central Intelligence Organisation. HOTH has found out that the name CIO was coined by the then Rhodesian Governor Feld in 1963 and its first director was Ken Flower. The name CIO was dropped after the late strongman Robert Mugabe became executive President in 1987 and the team was referred to as the President’s Department. They are found everywhere, ndiwo maziso amudhara, vanochengeta nyika futi against the draxes of this world. The intelligence organisation consists of eight key branches which include internal, external, counter-intelligence, military intelligence, close security, technical and administration.
    Mazvihwira moga, vane mapazi akawanda vanhu ava, enough of history, maakutobhowekana kuti konhasi ndiyo HOTH yacho here, toda kuhwa kuti wakabatwa ndiani, nani, kupi, doing which style, not history?
    They are also found in every district, province even kwaChivi Growth Point variko.
    By the way they have a good gender policy. Although HOTH is sceptical about it, it seems to work in their favour but sometimes uuummm vamwe vacho, especially of the fairer sex, they are so generous with the forbidden fruit that you begin to wonder whether vanozoikwanisa kuichengeta nyika here, ivo vachitadza kuchengeta chiri pamuviri wavo.
    It’s a Wedding Day, by the late Brenda Mabrrrree Fassie. Wemwana One uyu. Chivi iwe. Growth Point iwee. Mucheke West.
    I hope you are going to follow this one closely dear reader because it involves the security of the number 1 citizen, the country, the province and the district.
    This harlot of a woman is a great cause of concern, she can sleep with any man you can think of for as little as lunch, chindiro chesadza chiya anogona kutengesa nyika nacho, Lobengula akatopiwa sugar urinani, iyo yonetsa kudai.
    MaChange money, mahwindi, maJega (headmaster Jega Joe murisei kwaGutu uko), tobacco farmers, sugarcane farmers (TUJ president how are you?), gonyeti drivers, tractor drivers, pastors, fake prophets, politicians haa uko ndokwakezve maBrrrree.
    This woman does not choose, so long money, she has huge appetite for sex and money such that HOTH does not see anyone from this province satisfying her and it is better to extend the call to other provinces and neighbouring countries to come and give a hand, mukadzi haagute uyu.
    Apa surname yacho ndeyemahara as if it’s a curse. The woman senior officer was stationed at Chivi and was transferred last year after being bashed by a politician’s wife yes a politician’s wife. Akazvindikitwa, akapwanyigwa mawindow ose epamba paairoja, landlord akati zvakwana rova pasi, baya, better uyende ukuwo vakuru vebasa vakati hatichakudzingi, chiyenda kuneimwe district zvekwaChivi zvakona.
    Unfortunately HOTH could not get the names of the politicians, hopefully the informer will bring the names, watch this space.
    This woman is light in complexion, well built, a lovely testimony of the artistic capabilities of nature, pane zvemwana asi isnooker yemubhawa that’s her weakness.
    At Chivi Growth Point akadhumanisa 4 senior politicians including MPs yes MPs from chivichenyu ikoko musandipikisa.
    She drives a red Runx, kaRunx so and she works in the operations department and she stays kwaMucheke uko where she dishes out the forbidden fruit with reckless abandon. If the boyfriend has no transport anonomutora neRunx yeRed, ko it’s a fuel saver.
    Mabrrr is in the habit of enticing men who are monied and she proposes marriage then later dump them and get a share after divorce, in short she is a gold digger.
     She has one kid from a failed marriage and ikozvino arikupengesana naShepy Honze based in South Africa who has offered to pay back lobola from her last marriage. Ari kuti ndakabata muCnumber saka he is head over heels, but rumour has it that Shepy could be insolvent as we speak because chimukadzi ichi chakaibadura too bad.
    Some are beginning to doubt her mental status, kwai waaakutopengeswa nayo mari.
    This is just a warning hence HOTH was doddering around, next week if maBreerrr does not repent, I will go into detail, blow by blow, each man for himself and the devil will take the hindmost. Till next week, makuhwa ngaatsve.

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