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    Wednesday, 24 June 2020


    ZEWU wishes to express concern over failure of Energy Companies to respond to the current demands for living wages by workers in the Energy Industry. It is unfortunate that the lowest paid worker earns less than 2000.00RTGS which converts to less than US$20 as compared to living wage which is about 10000.00RTGS and the regional Energy Sector average salary of about $US700.00.

    As a result of failure by employers to react to erosion of salaries, workers are living like scavengers. Despite pushing for engagement at works councils and National Employment Council, there was arrogance on the part of the employers who have failed to respond to the realities on the ground where there is continued skyrocketing of prices which have short through the roof.

    In as much as other companies in the Energy Sector have offered interim salary adjustments, the efforts have whatsoever, not addressed the situation in view of the current economic difficulties

    We are saddened by the attitude of employers towards collective bargaining as they are deliberately avoiding engaging with workers’ representatives and making efforts to delay negotiations, in violation of the Labour Act (Chapter 28:01). This unfair labour practice should stop forthwith.

    We demand a lasting solution to the current crisis in the Energy Sector which is to peg the salaries in US$. We demand that in the interim, employers offer cushioning allowance in US$ in line with Government’s move.

    The workers have been pushed to the corner and the only option is to rescue themselves from capitalists’ uncalled malpractices. As a last resort, we shall shortly mobilise our members and ignite our structures with the objective of confronting the situation. 

    Enough is Enough!

    Inserted by ZEWU secretary general, Martin Chikuni

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