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    Saturday, 6 June 2020

    3 Masvingo prison officers contract Covid -19

    Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Service Commissioner General Paradzai Zimondi
    Morris Bishi

    Masvingo - Three prison officers attached at Masvingo Teachers’ College quarantine centre on the outskirts of the city have contracted Covid – 19, the Minister of State for Masvingo, Ezra Chadzamira has confirmed.
    Their results were released this week.
    Chadzamira said Government is trying to find out how they contracted the virus with full Personal Protective Clothing (PPC) provided. The Mirror has names of the affected officers and two are from Mutimurefu while the third is from the provincial offices of the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services.
    Officers on Whatsaapp groups for prison workers called for prayers for the three colleagues.
    Covid 19 cases in Masvingo have shot from 0 to 37 within two weeks and this is happening at a time when ruling Zanu PF MP for Gutu North Yeukai Simbanegavi has lined up rallies in her constituency where she is luring thousands of villagers to her meetings with donations of rice.
    A Mirror reporter who attended one of the meetings realized that the villagers attend the rallies without protective clothing and they don’t observe social distancing. Simbanegavi had a rally attended by over a thousand people at Mandeya Business Center in Nyazvidzi on Thursday and over 100 people at Chitepo School in Soti Source yesterday. She had another huge rally at Nharira Secondary School on Tuesday and had another rally attended by over 1 000 people at Zvavahera Business Centre a few days earlier.
    The Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Lovemore Matuke also attended the Zvavahera rally.
    Villagers who talked to The Mirror said there was no Covid virus in Zimbabwe.
    “Why should I wear a mask or observe social distance when our leaders are calling us to rallies. Simbanegavi would not be a fool to call us to a rally, she knows that there is no Covid. We are not worried at all. Covid is for those in towns and those who have boarded planes,” said Mbuya Mahuni.
    It is illegal and imprisonable to call for meetings that violate lockdown rules. It is also imprisonable to walk in public and crowded places without a mask.
    A senior Police Officer in Masvingo who declined to be named said that the force has no power to arrest Zanu PF politicians. Five Police officers from Mpandawana attended the Mandeya rally but left without making any arrests.

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    1. There is no evidence to suggest that when ever anyone other than the returnees has tested covid-19 positive the officials have traced and tested the individual’s family and contact to ensure they did not get the virus. It is therefore little wonder that most people believe the virus is only affecting those in quarantine centres and not everyone else.

      Common sense would dictate that anyone who show up at a clinic or hospital with covid-19 like symptoms must be tested for the virus, period. This should be a standing instruction to all our health care providers. And yet this is not happening!

      Now that the number of covid-19 cases are soaring because of the cold weather the nation is in for a big surprise as the number of sick and dying will soar! Covid-19 will infect and kill anyone, rich or poor, those who know about the virus and those who do not. Indeed, the virus will spread more widely among those who do not of the virus and therefore fail to take even the common sense precautions like washing one’s hands regularly.


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