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    Wednesday, 13 May 2020

    Liberator Synopsis preview

    Preview by Mabel  Nyahangare

    Great Britain has abandoned their rebel white Rhodesians as a bad colonial hangover. The Breadbasket of Africa faces a nationalistic onslaught from Robert Mugabe’s communist freedom fighters. The world’s last colony to fall opens racial conflicts that still rage in the new world today. But has there always been a hidden hand at play - a covert operation just behind the curtain - directing the play? From the coup that was not one - to a global pandemic of fear that wasn’t one either - have we been deceived into going back into those slave ships - but this time masked and ready to be marked as global slaves voluntarily? Experience the heroes who have resisted this rising tyranny in this not so new - New World Order - And a remarkable woman who lost everything and everyone she ever loved, and a general who won every battle he ever fought - Except one. The stage is set in an amazing country and people called Zimbabwe - from revolutionaries                                                                                                            Book Cover 
     to an unsung hero. The truths may blow up in our face - leaving the fragile balance of life and liberty hanging by a thread... The book will be launched next week on Amazon and Audio//The Mirror
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