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    Friday, 15 May 2020

    Gov promises $18billion, while the $600m is yet to come

    President Emmerson Mnangagwa.
    Comment-While discussing a different topic one veteran journalist wrote that the President must be unwell, we hope this is not the case, if the way he dishes out figures is anything to go by.
    It all started with mega deals with national broadcaster telling anybody who cared that the country is going to experience unprecedented growth.
    Whoever questioned the so called mega deals was labelled a sell out, unpatriotic, visionless, negative and sometimes naïve by the ruling elite or those feeding from the trough.
    Soon after announcing the first Covid-19 lockdown the Government went on to inform its loyal citizens that they will disburse $600 million to distressed small to medium enterprises and the vulnerable groups would get $200 each.
    This week we were told that the Government stopped the disbursements because they wanted to properly audit the beneficiaries and to increase the cash outs to $300 per individual from $200.
    This Government is keen on big figures, they just throw figures around with reckless abandon.
    When the President announced the extension of the lockdown by another two weeks he promised to dish out $18 billion stimulus package to companies without telling the nation where the money would come from considering that we are broke
    We suspect he just announced a figure to avoid being questioned of what measures they would take to rescue distressed companies during this Covid-19 lockdown.
    What makes the whole thing suspicious is they have failed to rescue the vulnerable with $200 which they have upped to $300 without any cent being disbursed and now they want to give companies $18 billion.
    Abracadabra. Hocus pocus.
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