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    Tuesday, 19 May 2020

    Can esoteric words lift up Chitungwiza?


    Words have esoteric power.
    Words, especially written words, can make a man visualise and build a dream and make it come true.
    Words can also deride a man and can make him angry and even make him cry.
    lt depends on how they are used.
    lf words are used properly, they can make a man realise his errors and make him start to think and do things differently.
    Words, if properly used, can bring joy where there is much sadness.
    They can uplift a downtrodden man and make him stand on his feet again, whole.
    Great skill in the proper use of words is required, especially where the subject under consideration is a delicate and sensitive one, such as politics is.
    Politics divides men, but words can unite them.
    The politics of Zimbabwe today makes others happy, and others angry.
    Those who are happy are obviously deriving benefit from the way things stand, and those who are angry are frustrated by the way things have turned out.
    But both sides must broaden their outlook.
    Chitungwiza is a dormitory town which is approximately 23 kilometres South of Harare.
    ln the late 80's and 90's, it stood with pride. Functional clinics, a well equipped hospital in Zengeza 4, a soccer stadium, a modest and productive industrial site on its western horizon, wide clean streets, cheerful people, decent homes and a lively atmosphere.
    Life was good.
    Today, Chitungwiza homes dont have running water, the industrial site on its Western horizon has been completely shut down, the only thriving joint being an undertaker's business thereat situated.
    Chitungwiza streets can easily destroy a car which attempts to navigate and negotiate its treacherous potholes.
    lts hospital is a death trap for most of those who become bold or desperate enough to walk through its doors. lt has no medicine in it, the doctors have deserted it, and its floors are slippery with slime.
    The Chitungwiza families grapple with food shortages and their children grumble with the hunger.
    Most buildings and houses are dilapidated or desperately thirst and cry out for a fresh coat of paint.
    A gloomy cloud of sadness engulfs and threatens to swallow Chitungwiza.
    Things are bad.
    Thats the story of Chitungwiza, a symbol of the socio-economic woes of Zimbabwe.
    The men who are happy with Zimbabwe's politics of today, who advocate for the protection of one's own finances and pension at the expense of everything and everyone else, and deride the opposition's attempt to wrestle Zanu PF's stranglehold on power, are, whether wittingly or unwittingly, defending the decline of Chitungwiza.
    The men who decry the dearth of democracy in Zimbabwe and seek that the opposition be given a fair opportunity to compete in elections, dream of the revival of Chitungwiza.
    This then becomes an ideological conflict between the realists and idealists.
    ls there a chance, the realists will realise that the reality that sorrounds us is all about the decline and decay of Chitungwiza?
    ls there a chance the idealists will realise that the ideal they seek shall transform into reality, not from the magnanimity of State, but through strategic thinking and from the power ordained by these printed words?
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