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    Saturday, 21 December 2019

    Zaka MP caught pants down with married Ngundu woman

    From Zaaka to Chivi with love, lust shall kill you Mr Missing Person (MP), love for power, love for women, love for money haa makaoma mukuru. Dear readers thing are tough but HOTH wishes you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year, hameno ikoko.
    It is not HOTH’s habit to destroy honourable people’s reputation or to destroy marriages as one of our noble objectives is to preserve the few marriages in Zimbabwe especially Zaaka rinopisa.
    But if the honourable members are not honourable then HOTH is left with no choice but to expose, lay bare, kuzvifumura, kotodii hedu imwi muchikoromora. Ini ndini ndadii wakati the late great Dendera maestro Simon Chopper Chimbetu in one of his greatest hits.
    The wait is over the Missing Person HOTH is talking about answers to the name, Dhavidho Sviuuranai from one the four big Zaaka constituencies which HOTH will not labour to tell you because you all know it.
    This one is recent, it happened last week in Chivi, paNgundu Halt in Chivi. HOTH is reliably informed that most Zimbabweans who have travelled to South Africa by road have passed through this sprawling urban settlement which if properly manged can be a cash cow for the poor Chivichenyu Rural District Council.
    So, this Sviuuranai MP is in the business of hiding the golden sausage with this married woman from Ngindu Halt, ehe munoaziva Mabasa epa Ngundu, ungundu dzoga dzoga.
    On this very day gava rakadambura musungo, Dube chishongo nhasi zvangu bonga iwe.
    The Missing Person, Sviuuranai is of the famous manjenjenje totem ganda revasikana, chimama mabhanzi, vemastripes ivava.
    Sviuuranai was caught pants down with the married woman achideketera mutupo wake, the man is tall and Mai mfana had a torrid time because the lodge has small rooms.
    Sviuuranai likes putting on suits and that is what sold him out. After hangers on saw an unusual character nicely dressed in fitting suit, they tipped the husband who dashed to the scene with a fully charged smart phone.
    He went straight to the door and alas the two were having quality time, making all the noise as if there is no tomorrow. The husband being well schooled and one who respects politicians, yes he has immense respect for politicians, ask the local MP wekwa Ngundu he will tell you that it is true.
    He politely asked the MP to dress up and leave him to sort it out with his wife, not without filming him of cause. Your guess is as good as mine the video has gone viral nevanofudza madhongi kwaChivi vanayo, varoyi vekuZaaka vanayozve, nekuHarare irikutenderera muparamende izere.
    Sviuuranai is also having it with mbuya  Mazheketeresese veku Zaka futi, vakaonekwa mumota, enjoying the forbidden fruit last Monday usiku before he went to feast in Goromonzi, kunoita endorse.
    Apa dzakambodzingwa parufu rwemwana wegirlfriend.
    Meanwhile chimuChina chacouncillor vaya veZaka, haa cleared all the stuff from the Ndanga shop that the councillor was renting for her. Hakana tsitsi kamunhu aka chokwadi. Havo councillor vongombeya, satongombeya.
    Next week HOTH will do a review of the year and the winners will walk away with prizes, remember there are new condoms from National Family Planning Council, you could be the luck one keep your fingers crossed.
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