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    Friday, 8 November 2019

    Justice Mafusire leaves the High Court in Masvingo for bigger things


    MASVINGO – Justice Joseph Mafusire who made history by becoming one of the first two judges at the High Court in Masvingo has been transferred to Harare with effect from November 1, 2019.
    In Harare Justice Mafusire is tasked with spearheading two projects namely; the development of an integrated electronic case management system and the launch of a commercial court.
    Mafusire was appointed in January this year to chair two committees dealing with the above projects.
    Justice Mafusire and Justice Garainesu Mawadze became pioneers when the High Court opened for the first time in Masvingo on May 30, 2016. Justice Mafusire is being replaced by Justice Neville Wamambo.
    It was an emotional function when the respected Judge bade farewell to staff and a few selected outsiders at Court A on Friday last week.
    Before the arrival of the two judges, the High Court operated as a circuit with a judge visiting Masvingo for two weeks once every term.
    Members of staff described Justice Mafusire as a no-nonsense man who demanded punctuality, respected deadlines and whose motive in leaving private practice and joining the bench was to develop grey areas of commercial law.
    Justice Mafusire also tutored lawyers in Masvingo on the operations of the High Court when the court was first opened.
    Speaking at the farewell, Justice Mawadze described Mafusire as a brilliant lawyer and a perfectionist.
    “When the Commercial Court opens, it must actually be named Mafusire Commercial Court. It is his brainchild. Justice Mafusire is passionate about corporate law and this is what he specialised in when he was in private practice.
    “He left private practice and joined the bench not because he was looking for money, no, he had a huge corporate portfolio. He joined the bench because he felt that there were grey areas in commercial law particularly with regards to some judgments passed by the High Court.
    “This is what he wanted to deal with and now we have results as he is chairing a committee tasked with putting together the rules of the Commercial Court,” said Justice Mawadze.
    The Commercial Court is a division of the High Court. The rules for the Commercial Court are now complete and awaiting to go to the drafting division for them to be passed into law. A building that will house the Commercial Court has also been identified and it’s currently undergoing renovation.
    The integrated electronic case management system on the other hand is a project in which the judiciary system will go digital in the next three to five years. The ultimate goal is to make courts more accessible.
    Lawyers will file their cases through smart phones to a central server and this they will do from anywhere in the country. The judges will also pass their judgements via digital and video conferencing can be done for trials and this will see the courts going paperless.
    The tender to implement the integrated electronic case management system has been won by an Estonian company called Net Group. The results of the tender were announced three weeks ago.
    Rwanda is already using this system although the use of smart phones in that country is much lower than in Zimbabwe where 90% of the people are now on smart phones.
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