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    Sunday, 10 November 2019

    Fitness trainer caught pants down on gym bench with GZU student

    Hehehede nhasi zvangu nachihera special paGym apo, makadiiko veZumba dance. Some are beginning to doubt whether this happened or not, yes HOTH can confirm with certainty and the video doing rounds is very clear kuti who was bonking the final year Psychological student. If you think HOTH is lying go the School of Gender along Josiah Magama Tongogara Avenue.
    Why HOTH has decided to be blunt and clearly name and shame the two nincompoops is because there have been com-plaints of late that HOTH is being lenient as a result the moral decadence is becoming worse with culprits knowing very well that their names will not be published. Heya, madzva.
     Not anymore the honeymoon is over. Gloves are off, it’s now time to name and shame, so if you have been eating the for-bidden fruit thinking kuti HOTH ava netsistsi, tsitsi dziya hakunachina, handei tiona chihera special.
    Game on, itai henyu.
    Vachihera chiedza kuyambuka rwizi mvura yakwira makomo totenda voMuchimbare, veGuruuswa vane nzangachena kunge mwedzi wejenachena. Kuziva zvenyu VaShava Mukonde, vari Gombe zvaonekwa vahombarume, zvaitwa Mbiru aiwa, zvaonekwa Sarirambi, zvaiitwa Nyashanu.
    Chakadero chisikana chashandigwa naiye who answers to the name of one of the famous Bible names or books in the Old Testament, nhasi zvangu nevatendi, especially those who like to read the books of Job, Proverbs and Amos.
    The picture is now clear you know him who is the fitness trainer at one of the many gyms in town at one of the sports clubs in town. He also trains various sports even ECD pupils hameno zvenyu vane zvana zviriko muchawana zvichi tirenenwa pabench regym.
    The incident happened on a Friday, daddy’s day after Tanya the final year student at GZU had finished rehearsal for the Miss Entrepreneurs where she was participating at Charles Austin Theatre. At around 10pm she could not forget the important ap-pointment with Amo the amorous young man with an insatiable appetite for GZU students. Iwo mastududu ane nharo last week it MSU in Zvishavane now GZU hahahada.
    Tanya the slim one who is dark in complexion and answers to a surname of one of the best football midfielders to emerge from the tea pot shaped country. He used to play for Rhinos Chauya Chipembere, come on Stix, those who know they know. She stays kuJombo Boarding House kwaMucheke.
    VaTanya vedu havo kuSports Club ku rendezvous for the night and Amorous Amo did not waste time as he started with fin-ger fucking and eventually they all undressed and one thing led to another. The good thing about Amo is he does not leave his condom. Always with the tools of the trade, aiwa anything can happen, pane vakadzi vevanhu who are slow learners so they may want to do it when other team members have left.
    Ivavo panogona kuwanikwa one anobvuma so Amo is always ready with condoms in the back pocket.
    What happened in the gym that night cannot be adequately explained as this remains a family paper and the purpose is to reduce immorality not to exacerbate it, but your guess is as good as mine, kamwana kakaitwa yese, all styles in the gym.
    Zumba yakatambwa pamusoro paTanya, get the video for the evidence if you think HOTH is being economic with the truth.
    I hope one of your many boyfriends has not landed on the video otherwise warambwa iwe.
    Asi Jassie usadaro, zvaungori zvapupu zvomusiki, munorohwa bag rikapera rasta.
    Till next Thursday makuhwa ngaauye!
    #Masvingo Mirror#
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